The Goat Suddenly Offers To Send Mirlis Monthly Checks

The Goat Suddenly Offers To Send Mirlis Monthly Checks

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The prospect of spending many years behind bars has brought about a sudden change in the Goat’s behavior.  The Goat has now offered to pay Mirlis monthly checks towards the $21 million jury verdict.  This is very unGoatlike behavior.  After the verdict the Goat filed a motion to set aside the verdict and argued that the verdict was a “miscarriage of justice.” By now offering to send Mirlis money, the Goat has implicitly admitted that he is guilty as charged.  Has the Goat finally had a change of heart?  Is the Goat doing repentance for the new month of Elul?

Attorney Ponvert, who represents rape victim Mirlis, filed motions last month to attach the Goat’s bank accounts and take the Goat’s deposition and answer questions about where the Goat was hiding his gold.  Mirlis was forced to file these motions because the stubborn, ornery Goat refused to offer Mirlis one Goat cent towards the $21 million judgment.   Judge Shea issued an order to show cause, a demand that the Goat respond to these motions or suffer the consequences. The Goat hired the high priced Sklarz bankruptcy attorneys in order to protect his Goat gold.  Shortly after he added the Sklarz boyz to his wet dream team of overpriced attorneys, the Goat got arrested by the State of Connecticut and charged with two counts of sexual assault on a minor.

The Goat has now had a change of heart.  The Sklarz boyz just filed a “Proposed Plan of Action”  with Federal Judge Shea in which they offered to send Mirlis a monthly check towards the $21 million verdict.  What brought about this 360 degree change of heart on the part of the depraved Goat?  Survival.  The Goat is only thinking about self preservation.  The Goat could care less about Mirlis or any of his many other victims.  The Goat only cares about himself.  Right now the Goat’s only concern is whether he will get five years or ten years in the slammer.  His high priced criminal defense attorney Willie Dow must have read the Goat the riot act.  Dow must have told the Goat that if the Goat appears at sentencing and hasn’t paid a dime toward his victim, while he is sitting on top of a pile of Goat gold, he will be strung up on the New Haven Green in a New Haven minute.  On the other hand, if the Goat tells the sentencing judge that he compensated his many victims, the judge may cut the Goat a break.  The sentencing judge may not cut the Goat much of a break, but it could be the difference between five or ten years in jail.

The sentencing judge shouldn’t cut the Goat any breaks for his last minute teshuva.  The Goat has fought victim Mirlis every step of the way.  The Goat’s attorneys called Mirlis a “liar and a cheat” during the civil trial.  In his motion to set aside the $21 million verdict the Goat argued that the sexual abuse did not occur, and that if it did occur it did not cause Mirlis harm because Mirlis associated with the Goat long after high school, such as when the Goat went into a rage when Mirlis forgot to bring back the Goat’s special Shabbos toothpaste from Israel.

The Goat has not indicated in his “proposed plan of action” how much money he plans to pay Mirlis each month.  The Goat has proposed that Federal Marshals cease from cleaning out the Goat’s bank accounts and that the deposition of the Goat be put on hold while the Goat makes monthly payments to Mirlis. The Goat’s attorneys also requested that all of the Goat’s financial information be sealed from public view. The Sklarz boyz indicated that one of the banks erroneously disclosed banking information about the Goat’s non-profits that were not part of the Mirlis lawsuit.  The Sklarz boyz stated: “On August 21, 2017, Defendants learned that a bank subpoenaed by Plaintiff provided account information concerning non-debtors to Plaintiff. This information should be immediately purged and protocols put in place to ensure such disclosures do not happen again.”

The Goat’s new Sklarz bankruptcy attorneys have taken a different approach than the Goat’s wet dream team of trial attorneys William Ward, Amanda Nugent and David Grudberg.  The Goat’s trial attorneys engaged in all kinds of unethical behavior and hardball tactics during the civil proceedings.  They tried to bully rape victim Avi Hack by serving Avi with a lawsuit during his deposition, and even stooped so low as to ask Avi whether he had sex with his own sister.  They yelled at Mirlis during the civil trial, calling him a “liar and a cheat!”  They even tried to get blogger Larry Noodles thrown out of the courthouse with a bogus restraining order.  The Sklarz bankruptcy boyz have set an unGoatlike conciliatory tone in their first court filing:  “While Defendants do not object to the merits of Plaintiff’s Motion for Order, Defendants assert that collection activity should proceed in a way that takes into account the pending Criminal Matter, Defendants’ New Trial Motion, and applicable law. Not only would the following course of action minimize costs for the Plaintiff, it would allow Plaintiff to collect faster and without extended legal proceedings.”




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