The Goat Takes the Witness Stand

The Goat Takes the Witness Stand

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The old Goat was forced to take the witness stand yesterday, despite the numerous motions filed by his attorneys to keep him off.  The Goat has been trying to avoid the witness stand like the plague. For good reason.  The Goat’s performance on the witness stand was horrible.  He behaved like a goat.  He was argumentative.  He was evasive.  He made faces.  He shook his head.  He spoke down to everyone.  He even tried to correct the attorneys:  “This exhibit is out of order!” he bellowed.  Judge Shea had to explain to the Goat that the attorneys would handle the numbering of the exhibits and didn’t need any help from an ornery goat.

The Goat wouldn’t let Attorney Ponvert finish his questions before blurting out an answer.  Judge Shea had to instruct the goat to wait for the attorney to finish the question before answering.  The Goat kept asking Ponvert to explain words.  The Goat repeatedly bellowed: “Can you repeat the question?”  “What did you mean by that?”  “How do you define that word?”

The attorneys for the Goat, who are getting paid about $3K an hour between the three of them, failed Trial Practice 101 in law school.  The Goat was poorly prepared.  It’s not easy to prepare an ornery goat but there are ways to minimize the damage.  The Goat failed to look at the jurors.  Every time he spoke he faced either Judge Shea or the attorney asking the questions.  The jury got to see the side and the back of his head. The jury will decide the Goat’s fate.  You would think the Goat would at least make eye contact.  But the Goat was too busy arguing with Ponvert, and too busy trying to look important in front of Judge Shea.

The only time the Goat chuckled, which speaks volumes about the goat, was when Ponvert asked the Goat whether rabbis were entitled to respect and honor.  The Goat bellowed, “There is no commandment to honor a rabbi as such!”  Ponvert followed up and asked, “Are rabbis considered great men worthy of respect in the Orthodox Jewish community?”  The goat laughed and replied, “Depends on the rabbi.”

The Goat tried to throw Avi Hack and Rabbi Emmanual Gettinger  zt”l under the bus.  The Goat refused to concede that he acted as a spiritual advisor or rabbi to Mirlis.  The Goat said he did not provide spiritual support and guidance to Mirlis, all he did was try to help Mirlis get into college.  The Goat stated, “Rabbi Gettinger, who is now deceased, was the rosh yeshiva of the school, he was the rabbi.”  The Goat didn’t even say “may his memory be a blessing” after mentioning Rabbi Gettinger’s name, which is customary among Orthodox Jews.

The Goat said Avi Hack was responsible for everything else involving Mirlis.  The Goat said that his “dean” title was only an “honorific” title at the Yeshiva of New Haven.  It was Hack and Gettinger, zt”l, who were the ones running the show.  The Goat wouldn’t admit that he taught a single class to Mirlis.  The Goat took the Fifth Amendment when asked whether he taught ethics, theology and Jewish law classes that were listed on Mirlis’ report card.

More postings on the Goat’s testimony to follow, as well as postings about the videotaped testimony of Avi Hack that was played to the jury.  The printed transcript tells only half the story.  This poor man was practically in tears on the videotape.  Even Larry Noodles, a hardened criminal and soulless suspended attorney, was choked up watching Avi’s videotape.  Postings on the juror reactions to Avi Hack to follow.

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  1. What is your connection to those heinous people? Were you part of the shul? Or a student? I know them too, unfortunately. I remember the fucking goats.

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