The Goat, The Forward & Saifullah Khan

The Goat, The Forward & Saifullah Khan

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Rabbi Daniel Greer aka “the Goat” got his criminal case for child rape extended yet again, for another month.  The Goat is scheduled for another court appearance on Thursday May 24th.  I didn’t see the Goat anywhere in the criminal courtroom.  All I saw were a bunch of Black and Spanish defendants.  These defendants are required to attend each court date, by definition they cannot be trusted, they are minorities.  I heard of White privilege but I never heard of Goat privilege.

The criminal justice system is especially harsh when it comes to the disparity of sentencing between White and Black people.  Black criminals get sentenced not only for the crime they are charged but they also get hit with an upward enhancement for destroying Black neighborhoods.  As if Black criminals are the only ones responsible for drugs and poverty in the hood.  White drug dealers never get blamed for destroying White neighborhoods.  When drugs get out of control in White society, as is currently happening with the heroin and opioid epidemic, the politicians talk about treating the problem medically with rehab and other soft measures.  No new jails or heavily armed police departments.

The Goat eventually will have to face the music.  With the help of Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Dov Greer, and Ezi Greer the Goat has evaded justice for over 30 years.  The Goat still operates a school for teenage boys.  There is nothing to deter the Goat from attempting to rape teenage boys at this point, his legal troubles cannot get any worse.  Plus the Goat is pushing 80.  He might as well go out of this world with a bang, no pun intended.

In other news, one of my blog postings made it to the pages of the Jewish Forward.  The Jewish Forward has been printing articles about Jews since the late 1800s.  The Forward is a Communist publication.  I am not honored to make it into the pages of the Forward.

The Forward ran an article entitled, “A Muslim Student At Yale Was Accused Of Rape, The People Who Stood By Him Were Jews.”  The Forward stated that the alleged victim was Jewish, and had a link to an article written by Cynthia Garrett. I don’t believe Garrett has any reliable information that Anita is in fact Jewish.  I think Garrett’s only source that Anita is a Jewess is from my blog.

I sat through the Khan trial with Cynthia Garrett.  She used some material in her article from my blogs.  She wrote: “the accuser appeared conservatively dressed with little or no makeup, dark circles under her eyes, and barely combed long wavy hair. I had to admit, she did look like a victim.”  I pointed that out to Cynthia during the trial, and blogged about it before she did.  Yet I never got any credit from the mainstream media.  I was the one who discovered that the Goat’s school has been operating without a license for the last 12 years, which was picked up by the Associated Press.  The AP never gave me any credit.  No respect.

I believe Cynthia relied on my blog post when she stated that Anita was Jewish. But I wrote that I wasn’t sure whether Anita was Jewish.  After the trial I was told that Anita once claimed to be Jewish in order to get a free trip to Israel on Birthright, but I cannot verify this information.  I am hoping someone from inside of Birthright will read this blog and provide me with further information.

If it is true that Anita lied to Birthright Norm should have cross examined Anita on her honesty. There are some old on line postings about Anita, but none of them offer clues about her religion or nationality, other than she came from a poor village in Russia.  There is a posting that Anita made to a local newspaper in 2010 in which she stated, “My mom is good with plow and my sister is number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan.”  Actually I think that was from Borat.  

The Forward’s article was wrong when it wrote that the “people who stood by Khan were Jews.”   This is totally false.  Fake news from the Forward.  Only two people testified for Khan.  Attorney Norm Pattis called Rabbi Shmuly Hecht to the witness stand to testify for Khan.  Shmuly wasn’t the best witness for Khan.  Attorney Norm Pattis told the jury he was very disappointed Shmuly’s testimony and questioned Shmuly’s sanity.  The other person to testify for Khan was Khan’s girlfriend Wasabi, a young attractive Muslim who lived in Maryland.  Khan’s girlfriend was key to convincing the jury to acquit Khan.  Wasabi testified that she spoke with Anita on the telephone after Khan had sex with Anita, and Anita sounded fine.

Richard Gayler, a fellow member of Shabtai with Khan, testified for the State against Khan.  Is there any loyalty at Shabtai?  Whatever happened to the Shabtai blood oath ceremony with the prick of the shmeckle?

Gayler testified that he was a high stakes poker player.  Norm Pattis tried to get evidence before the jury that Gayler owed Khan money, but the judge wouldn’t allow it.  Gayler is also a professional gamer.  Richard is an American Grandmaster Protoss, whatever that means.

Richard Gayler’s nickname is “Eifer” which is derived from the German word eifersüchtig which means jealousy in German.  Richard said that he chose this nickname because he gets jealous of other gamers.  Norm Pattis should have brought this up in the trial, as Norm argued that Richard threw Khan under the Yale shuttle bus because he was jealous of Khan’s relationship with Anita. Richard was mad that Khan was Anita’s Grandmaster.  I don’t know why Khan wanted Anita anyway.  Wasabi is far more attractive than Anita.  In court Anita looked as if she just got run over by the Yale shuttle bus.

In other rape news, 19 year old White college girl Nikki Yovino is scheduled for another court date in May in Bridgeport, CT.  Yovino is an accused of making the false claim that she got  gang raped by two Black football players at Sacred Heart University.  The Black men lost their football scholarships and were expelled.  Yovino’s name is the misspelled Italian Iovino. Nikki is an Italian puttane from Long Island, the same area as Joey Buttafuoco.  If Spike Lee makes a movie about this case may the record reflect that I blogged about it first, and I am entitled to royalties.

After Nikki Puttane Yovino accused the Black men of gang rape she changed her mind and admitted she made up the accusation because she was trying to hook up with a White guy. After Nikki slept with the Black men she was damaged goods.

In court Nikki tried to apply for accelerated rehabilitation, which would lead to a dismissal of the charges.  The judge denied her request.  Now Nikki’s lawyer is claiming that Nikki thought that certain things were done to her against her will, so she was raped after all.  When you agree to enter a bathroom for the purpose of having sex with multiple men you lose your right to pick and choose which parts of the encounter are consensual and which parts are not consensual.  It’s in the law books somewhere, check it out.

Khan was acquitted because he convinced a jury that Anita consented to having sex with him.  The Black football players were never charged with rape because Nikki admitted she had consensual sex.  The only way to beat a rape charge is to claim consent.  The Goat cannot claim consensual sex with Mirlis when he goes to trial for rape.  Mirlis was a minor and was unable to consent to sex with the Goat.  Statutory rape.  You would think that the Goat, a Yale law graduate, would know that there is no defense to statutory rape.  The Goat might as well skip the country with his Ewe and run to Israel, where the State protects all Jews, even pedophiles.

5 thoughts on “The Goat, The Forward & Saifullah Khan

  1. Cynthia did claim a lot from your article especially “performance worthy of an Oscar” The claimant did admit to her Jewish heritage under cross examination from Pattis.

    1. I thought I watched the entire cross examination of Anita. I don’t recall her mentioning that she was Jewish. I hope to get the transcripts

      1. It’s was the part wheee Pattis was asking about her return to Russia after the incident. He was trying to draw out of her a financial incentive for her complaint. He asked about the lawyer she met in New York as a tie in.

        1. I listened to that part. He didn’t get anywhere with her. I don’t remember her mentioning anything about being Jewish

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    Albeit that was a time when every new rapper wasnt a jew. lmao. Rememeber when they were content with just making all the $ and staying in the background (Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, Jerry Heller, Rick Rubin)
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