The Goat Tries to Get Larry Noodles Thrown out of Federal Courthouse

The Goat Tries to Get Larry Noodles Thrown out of Federal Courthouse

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Yesterday when I entered the courtroom I was given the honor of being seated in the press box. Today when I entered the courtroom Judge Shea called me to the front of the courtroom and told me that the Goat had obtained a restraining order against me.

The Goat’s attorney Ward handed Judge Shea a set of documents signed by Judge Abrams of the New Haven Superior Court entitled, “ORDER FOR AND NOTICE OF COURT HEARING RETURN OF SERVICE CIVIL PROTECTION ORDER.”  Attorney Ward told Judge Shea that I had chased the goat down the street and yelled at him after court yesterday. Attorney Ward told Judge Shea that he got a restraining order against me and that I had to stay 100 yards away from the Federal courthouse from May 10th until May 18th.

When I was standing in front of Judge Shea I noticed that Ward had a giant blown up picture of me at counsel’s table.  He had the picture of me in my prison sweats pumping iron, the picture at the top of my blog.  He cropped out the pictures of my convict friends Willi and Jeff.

I had been served with the Goat’s restraining order paperwork the night before by the goat’s newest marshal Brian Mezick.  Usually the Goat uses Marshal Winik, but last night he decided against using Winik, probably because Winik recently threatened to kill me.  The Goat cannot obtain a restraining order against a dead person.  The Connecticut General Statutes do not allow it.

I indicated to Judge Shea that although the document was signed by Judge Abrams, there was no order of protection contained in the document.  The document had scheduled a hearing for the restraining order on May 22nd.  Judge Shea read the document carefully and looked at Attorney Ward and said, “He is right.” Attorney Ward shuffled through his paperwork and acted like he didn’t realize that he had just lied to a Federal Judge.  It was Ward who notarized the restraining order that was signed by the Goat.  Ward played dumb and said to Judge Shea, “sorry Judge, I thought it said…”  Judge Shea admonished Ward and said, “Don’t let this happen again!”  I tried to thank Judge Shea, and explain to him that the Goat and Attorney Ward were pure evil, but Judge Shea told me to sit down in the bleachers.  There was no special seating for the press today.

Attorney Ward committed multiple violations of the Connecticut Rules of Professional Responsibility, the ethical rules that lawyers must follow.  Rule 3.3 states, “A lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal… The comments to Rule 3.3 state:  ” legal argument based on a knowingly false representation of law constitutes dishonesty towards the tribunal… a lawyer’s knowledge that evidence is false can be inferred from the circumstances…”

The Goat stated in his application for the restraining order that “Mr. Dressler has followed me and lied in wait for me outside my home, my office, my grocery store, my neighborhood and my synagogue on several occasions.”   I didn’t realize that the Goat owned the Stop and Shop Supermarket.  I also didn’t realize that the Goat owned the streets and sidewalks in the compound.  I thought Elm Street was a public thoroughfare.

The Goat continued:  “He has taken photographs, followed me in my neighborhood, written extensively about a civil case in which I am involved.”  I didn’t realize that you can get a restraining order against a blogger.  The Goat failed to mention to Judge Abrams the nature of the civil case in which he is “involved.”

The Goat further stated in his affidavit:  “As a result of Mr. Dressler’s actions, I fear for my physical safety.  Specifically, Mr. Dressler’s actions have a predatory feel to them.  Mr. Dressler’s  actions resulted in a physical confrontation at my synagogue.  His abnormal obsession with me has caused me a great deal of concern for my own safety at this time.”  The Goat is referring to the time that I went to pray at the Yeshiva of New Haven and the Goat physically attacked me and kicked me down the stairs.  Darcy McGraw and Bruce Altman were witnesses to the Goat’s act of violence against me.  I will have to subpoena them to the restraining order hearing in order to show Judge Abrams that it was the Goat who caused the “physical confrontation.”  I should be the one getting the restraining order against the Goat.

The Goat concluded:  “My civil trial will begin on May 10, 2017 in the United States District Court, I suspect that he will lie in wait for me and I fear for my physical safety based on his earlier actions and writings…”  The Goat refers to the child rape case as “my civil trial” as if it is something to be proud of.

Today the Goat testified for most of the morning.  The videotape deposition of Avi Hack was played all afternoon.  Shira Mirlis testified after the videotape of Avi Hack.  Larry Noodles will be providing a full summary of these witnesses in the next few postings….  stay tuned….


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  1. Down with the goat!
    Noodles for President 2020!
    The world needs a man who is committed to the truth and doesn’t back down from Goats.

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