The Goat Wants to Fire His Attorney

The Goat Wants to Fire His Attorney

The Goat is unhappy with the quality of legal advice his attorney has been providing.  The Goat hired William Ward to defend him in the child rape case last year.  Ward has an office located in the rural hills of Litchfield.  The Goat liked Ward because Ward’s office was located near a goat farm.

I suggested that the Goat hire a real attorney, like New Haven Attorney Joseph Merly, who I hired to defend myself against the frivolous defamation case the Goat brought against me.  So far the Goat has done nothing in the defamation case other than to file a complaint against me.  The Goat and his attorney must be sleeping on a hay stack in the Goat garage.  The Goat’s wife hired big firm attorney David Grudberg.

The Goat filed paperwork in Court today asking for a further delay of the child rape case.  The goat wanted the Court to delay the telephonic conference that was scheduled for today at 2 PM.

The Goat’s attorney stated in his motion that the Goat hired “additional counsel on January 23, 2017” and needs further time for this new attorney to argue the case.  Attorney Ward stated that this new attorney has yet to file official paperwork in the court to show that he, or she, is representing the goat.  Ward failed to mention the name of this new attorney.

Who is this mystery attorney that the Goat hired on January 23, 2017?  And why does the Goat need this attorney to argue the motion rather than Ward?  Is the Goat going to fire Ward?

The Court denied the Goat’s motion to delay the telephonic conference.  This is the Court order:

ORDER. The Defendant’s Motion to Continue Oral Argument is DENIED. The telephonic status conference will proceed as scheduled at 2:00 pm.

ORDER: By 2/6/17, counsel shall submit to Judge Martinez’s chambers ex parte memoranda setting forth the status of the case; summarizing any efforts to resolve the litigation; stating whether a settlement conference with a Magistrate Judge is likely to be productive; and, if so, listing any scheduling conflicts.





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  1. bsd

    Maybe the goat fired Ward because of the typos in the previous Motion?

    I wish the goat would kill himself.

    Moshiach NOW!

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