The Goat Was Once a Loan Shark

The Goat Was Once a Loan Shark

Meet Alfred Kalfus, the owner of Kalfus Steel Corporation.  Alfred was once indebted to the goat in the amount of forty large.  The goat extended Alfred a short term pay day loan at an annual illegal usurious interest rate of 150%.  Alfred had to pay the Goat fifty large within two months.

I found a copy of these documents filed in the land records of the Town of Guilford.  Alfred gave the Goat a mortgage on properties he owned in Guilford.

I never realized that the Goat ventured out of his garage that he turned into a barn in New Haven. The Goat was not as territorial as I thought.  He wandered off into lands beyond the compound.  Mirlis alleged that he was raped by the Goat in a motel in Branford, CT.  The Goat took Avi Hack to Provincetown RI for romantic weekend getaways.

The Goat preyed on people who were desperate for money.  Alfred had some financial troubles at the time.  He had IRS and town tax liens filed against his properties.  He couldn’t get a traditional loan so he had to resort to using the Shylock Goat.

Tomorrow is the date in the child rape case that the discovery phase of the case is supposed to be completed.  Discovery refers to depositions and written requests for information and documentation.

The Goat didn’t conduct any discovery in order to challenge the child rape charges.  In most cases a Defendant would take the Plaintiff’s deposition and request records and documents that could be used at the trial. The documents and deposition would be carefully examined for inconsistencies in order to challenge the Plaintiff at trial.  The Goat didn’t do anything.

The Judge still has to decide whether the Goat can ask Avi Hack whether he had intimate relations with students after they graduated from the Goat school and were adults.  If the Judge allows the questions, the deposition of Avi Hack would be scheduled again.

The Goat school is still in business, but I heard a number of locals have recently left the compound.  I heard that Otis from Superman II left the Goat.  Otis is Jerry Paleface.  I referred to him as Otis because he was loyal to the Goat, just as Otis was loyal to the evil Lex Luthor in Superman.

When I first blogged about Otis, I got attacked by the head of the Connecticut Innocence Project Public Defender Darcy Quick Draw McGraw.  She defended Otis and the Goat.  She did not believe the Goat to be evil.  I am not sure why she defended Otis.  I never accused Otis of being evil.

I also heard that Lou from Goatcopy Printers also left the Goat.  He was probably getting pressured from his friends who long abandoned the Goat.  Plus the Goat probably urinated on his copier.

The Goat has been evicting everyone else.  One local told me that the Goat is evicting them in order to burn down his buildings to collect the insurance money.  I can’t see him doing that. The Goat wouldn’t want to risk burning his fur, or horns.

The only people left in the compound still supporting the Goat are Gary Lynes, Actor Bruce Altmann and his wife Darcy Quick Draw McGraw.  Some day they may too come to their senses.  In the meantime they are stars in the sick reality show called “Romancing the Goat.”




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  1. bsd

    the compound is a managerie: a goat, a shark, and a chicken hawk.

    what about the property in Hamden from the Motion?

    keep digging Noodles.

    Moshiach NOW!

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