The Goat With Children on Purim

The Goat With Children on Purim

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This is a picture of the annual Purim eve party held every year at the son of the Goat’s house.  The son calls himself “Ezi” if you are Jewish, “Eli” if you are a Jewish or non-Jewish tenant of the Goat, “Eliezer Greer” if you are a reporter from the New Haven Independent, and “Rabbi Eliezer Greer” if you are a reporter from the New Haven Register.  This son of the Goat managed all of the Goat’s rental properties.  When your last name is Greer you need to have at least one alias.  It is not clear why the New Haven Register still refers to him as “Rabbi.”

Notice that the Goat surrounded himself with young children.  The man with the red beret is an adult.  His name is Gary Lynes. He is a veteran of the Korean War.  Gary supports the Goat like a loyal soldier.  I recently ran into Gary walking into the compound.  I rebuked him for supporting a child rapist. He said the Goat was his “friend.”  With friends like the Goat, who needs enemies.

Gary wrote the music to the 1957 hit single “Love Me Forever.”  Here are the lyrics for the 1957 Gary Lynes hit song:

“Love me, love me forever……………Take me, make me your own…………… Promise, promise you’ll never leave me lost and alone………………………… Kiss me strongly and sweetly, tell me you will be true…………………………. Love me, love me completely now and forever, as I love you……………….”

The Goat keeps an old phonograph on display in his living room. The Goat probably listens to Gary’s 1957 love song on this old record player while he courts teenage boys.

The boy standing in the corner with the white painted face is a former student whom the Goat ratted out to the New Haven Police Department a number of years ago.  The Goat is not only a lowly goat, but he is also a despicable rat.  The Goat called the police to report that this 10 year old boy broke into the Goat residence on West Park Avenue and used a crayon to scrawl graffiti all over the Goat’s walls while the Goat was in Newport RI.  The police investigated but nothing ever came of it. Case closed.  The family of the boy took everyone out of the Goat school and left town, never to return.

Last year the Goat had a Purim feast at the goat house.  Not many people showed up.  Most people in the compound went to the Purim feast hosted by the Goat children.  After years of verbal and mental abuse, and who knows what else, the two sons of the Goat had finally broken ties with the Goat.  A month or so after Purim, right after Passover, the Mirlis child rape lawsuit was filed against the Goat.  At this point all the Goat children left town, never to return.

You will notice two bottles of wine on the table in front of the Goat.  The Goat used to get so inebriated on Purim that he had no idea where he was or what was going on. You will also notice that the Goat’s wife is nowhere to be found.  The Goat preferred the company of small children.  The Goat’s wife still supports him and believes that the Goat haters are jealous of the Goat’s success.



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