The Goat Won’t Offer One Shekel to Settle Child Rape Case

The Goat Won’t Offer One Shekel to Settle Child Rape Case

The Federal District Court of Connecticut is trying to get the Goat to settle the child rape case.  The Goat dug in his hind legs and told his lawyers that he will not offer a dime to settle. The lawyers in the case reported to the Judge yesterday that the Goat has no intention of settling the case.  The Goat would rather go to trial on May 10, 2017 and roll the dice with a jury.

The Goat plans to raise the defense that he was blackmailed by Mirlis, Avi Hack and his own children.  He will claim the child rape lawsuit was filed because the Goat refused to turn over his school to Mirlis and Hack, and Goat boyz Ezi Greer and Dov Greer.  The lurid testimony by Mirlis and Hack in sworn depositions was part of this extortion attempt.

The Goat’s attorney has raised these questions: Why did Mirlis come back to the compound every year to see the Goat as an adult with his family?  Why would Avi Hack come back to the compound and get a job as the headmaster of the school?  Most people who have had any experience with the Goat end up leaving the compound, never to return, including members of the Goat’s own immediate family.  But Avi testified that he came back to the compound in order to continue his sexual relationship with the Goat, with his new wife on the side.

If Hack and Mirlis were so fond of the Goat, why would they concoct these elaborate tales of child molestation and adult homosexuality, exposing themselves, the Goat, and their families to public shame and humiliation?  Did they really want the school that badly?  They were already getting Goat money.  Avi Hack and his father were already on the Goat payroll.  Avi Hack has rental properties in his name, courtesy of the Goat.  Avi saved up a hundred grand to put down on a house he just purchased in Rhode Island.  The Goat was probably providing Mirlis with cash every time Mirlis came to visit New Haven.

The answers to these question should come out during the trial set for May 10th.  Here is a copy of the Court order where the Goat has refused to offer any settlement to Mirlis:

3/27/2017 98 NOTICE regarding settlement: Counsel have reported that a settlement conference is unlikely to be productive at this time. In the future, if counsel agree that such a conference will be helpful, they may request one by contacting the chambers of Judge Martinez or Judge Shea.
Signed by Judge Donna F. Martinez on 3/27/17.(Martinez, Donna) (Entered: 03/27/2017)

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  1. The last of the posturing. No deal, let’s go to trial. If the FDCC’s conviction rating is anything like its counterparts in the tri-state area, the goat is about to give his last bahhh-bye

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