The Goat, Zelinsky, Rats and Reprobates

The Goat, Zelinsky, Rats and Reprobates

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The Goat recently dropped his eviction case against a Jewish Yale Law student living in the compound.  I reported last week that the Goat filed two evictions against Jews living in the compound.  I wrote about how one of these tenants was a Yale Law student.  The Goat also graduated from Yale Law School, along with his right hand man from the early days of the compound, ie., Mordy, who went on to be counsel for the major Jewish organization Agudath Israel.   Mordy’s position was taken over by Avi Hack, also a Yale graduate.

I wasn’t sure if the Yale law student even knew about the eviction filed by the Goat.  Goat’s eviction attorney Stuart Margolis along with his marshal Winik, who once threatened to kill me over the Goat, served this budding female Jewish lawyer via “abode” service.  He never placed the paperwork in her hands.  Marshal Winik merely placed the paperwork on her doorstep of her second floor apartment.  A dog could have eaten the paperwork and the budding lawyer would have never known the eviction case was pending against her.  Speaking of dogs, the Goat’s Marshal Winik wrote a best selling novel about his dog, a heartfelt emotional story from the pen of a man who threatened to physically attack me.

The budding lawyer never filed paperwork in court contesting the eviction or even an appearance form requesting notices.  It would be easy for the Goat to win the eviction case if the budding Yale lawyer never knew about it and the Goat filed a Motion for Default.  This budding lawyer must have learned about the sleezy Goat’s case from my blog.  The Goat’s attorney Margolis quickly withdrew the eviction case right after I blogged about it.  The Goat must have renewed her lease. The Goat didn’t want the bad press, not with his criminal matter pending.  I am sure the Goat’s criminal defense attorney Willie the Dow, also a Yale grad, advised the Goat to quietly settle the case without any further negative publicity.  Many of my blogs get picked up by the New Haven Independent, the New Haven Register and the Associated Press.  My blog about how the Goat’s boarding school licenses expired ten years ago got picked up by the international press.  Yet I did not get any credit from the mainstream media.  Not that I am looking for recognition by the mainstream media.  Such recognition would completely destroy my credibility.

The Goat had filed an eviction earlier this year against a Jewish couple whose lease had expired.  The Goat wouldn’t renew their lease.  The Jewish couple didn’t want anything to do with the Goat so they moved out of the compound.  Yet the Goat continued to file paperwork in the eviction case, long after they moved out.  The tenant’s attorney Shanique D. Fenlator filed a Motion to Dismiss stating to Judge Avallone that the tenants vacated the premises and had turned over control to the Goat a long time ago.  The Goat’s attorney Margolis filed an objection stating, “the plaintiff does not concede that the Defendant vacated the premises.”  Judge Avallone scheduled a hearing. At the hearing the Goat’s attorney agreed to withdraw the case.  After the hearing the Goat’s attorney sent the Goat a big bill for legal services.

The Goat is currently looking to take my deposition in the defamation case he filed against me last year for writing about how he paid a rape victim millions in “hush money.”  I was told by the most honest man, and rabbi, in America that the Goat paid his victim hush money “in the millions.”  The Goat never alleged that my calling him a child rapist was defamatory.  At this point in time, after a $21 million jury verdict and a pending criminal prosecution, it is hard to imagine that I caused any damage to the Goat’s reputation that he didn’t inflict upon himself.  Yet the Goat is looking to ask me questions about hush money.  I suspect that the Goat thinks that I have information about his victims, or his criminal prosecution, that could help him in his criminal case. The Goat’s criminal attorney, ie., Willie the Dow, must have asked his former law partner and the Goat’s civil attorney David Grudberg to fish around.  Even if such information existed, the Goat cannot ask me questions that have nothing to do with hush money.

The Goat is also trying to subpoena a local New Haven attorney in the defamation case and ask him questions about the child rape victim and about me, which is very bizarre.  I haven’t figured out why the Goat is trying to ask this attorney questions, who had nothing to do with the child rape case.  The Goat’s mind must be completely rotted out from years of senility, dementia and alcohol abuse.

The son of the Goat’s former buddy law professor Ed Zelinsky made national news today.  US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky was quoted by the mainstream press as saying “The criminal justice interest being vindicated here is there’s a large-scale ongoing investigation of which this case is a small part.”  Zelinsky said these words to the judge at a secret court hearing when Papadopouos pleaded guilty to lying to the Feds about whether he had contact with the Russians.

Zelinsky is working on the team of lawyers headed by Special Counsel Mueller to investigate the Russians meddling with the elections.   Even though Zelinsky only has 3 years of experience as a US Prosecutor, he was appointed to this team of veteran lawyers.  His political connections landed him this job.  When the Russian investigation first started Attorney General Sessions had to recuse himself because he had some contact with the Russians.  US Attorney Rosenstein took over and appointed Mueller as Special Counsel.  Zelinsky worked under Rosenstein at the US Attorneys office.  Mueller appointed Zelinsky to his team, obviously at the urging of Rosenstein, as Zelinsky is a rookie attorney with no experience investigating the Russians.  Rosenstein needed someone he could trust on the inside.  The US attorneys who prosecuted me had more experience than Zelinsky.  Whatever happened to Trump’s promise to drain the swamp?

Papadopouos pleaded guilty back on October 5, at a secret hearing closed off to the public.  Zelinsky was the attorney who told the judge that the guilty plea was part of a “large scale ongoing investigation.”  Why would the Feds let this rookie speak to the Federal judge in the biggest case of the century?  If he were at a Wall Street law firm he would be drafting motions in a cubicle for 12 hours a day.

Papadopouos was busted by the Feds back in July.   The public didn’t know about it.  The Feds kept everything under seal.  The Feds love to play this cloak and dagger game.  They watch too many reruns of The Untouchables.  Papadopouos has been cooperating with the Feds since July.  In other words, Papadopouos is a rat.  He has probably been wearing a wire since July.  The Feds have had four months to put together a case against big shots in the government, with the help of this wired up rat, and all they come up with is a tax evasion case against Manafort?  Even the Goat would not be impressed.  If Papadopouos was getting good dirt on the politicians the Feds would not have called him in after only four months.  They would have let the rat do more work.   Instead they fired the rat, and parade Manafort around as their big fish.


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  1. Looks like Attorney Fenlator gave veteran Attorney Margolis a little lesson on housing law 101. You can’t evict someone who doesn’t live in the premises.

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