The Goat’s Former Flame is a Book Dealer

The Goat’s Former Flame is a Book Dealer

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In 1969 the Goat was engaged to a gal by the name of Bleema Rubin.  The Lincoln Square Shul bulletin ran an announcement on page ten.  The bulletin listed Steven Riskin as rabbi, Leon Bergman as Executive Secretary, with the Goat a member of the Board of Governors and chairman of the Hebrew School Committee.  Leon Bergman is the father of Sarah Bergman, the Ewe who eventually married the Goat after Bleema and the Goat parted ways.

The bulletin announced that a youth seminar was recently held in which hundreds of teenagers were put up in the Monsey Park Hotel, in Spring Valley, NY.  I wonder if the Goat, as chairman of the Hebrew School Committee, was there lurking the halls of the hotel.  Avi Hack testified that the Goat wanted to put Mirlis up in the Friar Tuck Inn, in the Catskills, in order to rape him.  Mirlis testified that the Goat showed him pornos and raped him at the Branford Motel.  The Goat testified that he never went to the Branford Motel.  The Goat corrected Mirlis and the attorneys and told them that the proper name of this seedy flea bag motel was the Branford Motor Inn.

The Lincoln Square Shul bulletin announced that the Ewe Sarah Greer ran a Chanukah program in which 25 teens were put up in local houses for Shabbat / Chanukah, page 7 of the bulletin.  The Goat and the Ewe had a lot in common back then.  They both enjoyed the company of teenagers.

I do not know the reason why the Goat and Bleema broke off their engagement.  Two years later, in 1971, the Goat was married to Sarah Greer.  The New York Times ran an article about the Goat’s wedding.  The Times reported that “Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik performed the ceremony at the St. Moritz, where he was assisted by Rabbis Emanuel Gettinger and Steven Riskin.”

Rabbi Riskin is a well known Rabbi in Israel.  Bleema Rubin is now Bleema Posner, and is a well known book dealer in Englewood, New Jersey.  Bleema’s husband Simon Posner recently edited a kinot (prayer book) based up the works of the great Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik.  The only claim to fame for the Goat is that he was hammered with the largest jury verdict in the history of the State of Connecticut for child rape.

Coincidentally, the criminal trial of rapist Bill Cosby has started today.  Bill Cosby is accused of acts of sexual assault that occurred in 2004.  The Goat’s trial involved acts of child rape that occurred in 2004.  Bill Cosby was sued civilly before the criminal trial.  Cosby was smart and settled the case with the victim, unlike the Goat.  Cosby is refusing to testify in his criminal trial.  The Judge cannot force a defendant to get on the witness stand in a criminal trial.  But the deposition of Cosby from the civil case is going to be entered into evidence in his criminal trial.

If the Goat is charged with a crime, the testimony from his civil trial could be entered into evidence in his criminal trial.  The Goat did a very poor job testifying before the civil jury.  I was there.  Jurors had looks of horror on their faces while the Goat barked at Attorney Ponvert.

Cosby gave his victims alcohol and quaaludes in order to make it easier to rape them.  The Goat gave his victims a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  I wonder if the Goat’s peanuts were laced with a sedative.  Cosby and the Goat should share the same jail cell, they have a lot in common.

The Cosby case is being tried in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, not far from where the Goat raped Mirlis in a hotel room in Paoli, PA.  Montgomery County is also the county where the Goat’s son Dov moved. Dov lives in a modest rental in the town of Bala Cynwyd, not as spacious as his former home on Elm Street in the compound.  That house is now occupied by Rabbi Notis, who is in charge of keeping an eye on 20 teenage boys lest they get raped by the Goat.

Hopefully Notis will do more to stop the Goat from raping teenagers than Ezi Greer, who merely banged on the locked door to try to stop his father from raping Mirlis.  Ezi even allowed his own children to be regularly tutored by the Goat in the Goat’s private locked office, one after the other, in a room with no windows.  Mirlis and Dr. Jullian Ford testified that Ezi may have been raped by the Goat.  I have been told that the door to the Goat’s office has been recently replaced with a door that has a window.  Notis doesn’t have to bang on a double locked door in order to stop the Goat from raping teens.  Notis can now look through the window to make sure nobody is getting raped by the Goat.

4 thoughts on “The Goat’s Former Flame is a Book Dealer

  1. Larry, I have to hand it to you how you manage to weave everything together. Is there perhaps any more to the Greer-Cosby nexus? Maybe Greer was not 100% pornographically inclined & was also showing “Fat Albert” cartoons to Mirlis? Hey, hey hey!

    On a more serious note, it is interesting that Riskin seems to be Greer’s first rabbinic mentor. Riskin has gone off the deep end engaging in all kinds of non-Orthodox practices such as ordaining women as “rabbis” & not requiring mitzvah observance for conversion. There were efforts underway to have him expelled from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel which would have defrocked him as the Chief Rabbi of Efrat. After a huge pushback from Riskin’s wealthy supporters in Manhattan, Riverdale & beyond with threats that the Prime Minister’s Office will be leveraged to punish anyone in the Rabbinate involved in removing Riskin, the effort has been pushed to the back burner.

    It would be interesting to see if Riskin will repudiate the Goat or not if cornered about it. If Riskin does not repudiate the Goat he will lose much of his support.

  2. There is no reason to write about this.

    Now anyone who googles her name is going to see this.

    The decent thing to do is delete this post

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