The Goat’s Motions to Overturn $21 Million Jury Verdict DENIED

The Goat’s Motions to Overturn $21 Million Jury Verdict DENIED

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A few months ago Daniel Greer, aka “the Goat” filed two motions asking Judge Shea to overturn the $21 jury verdict.  The grounds for the new trial were completely ridiculous.  I am surprised that Judge Shea even granted the Goat’s attorneys a hearing on the motions, and did not just deny them from his chambers.

The Goat’s attorneys argued that the verdict was too high.  It was a runaway verdict.  The Goat’s attorneys claimed that rape victim Mirlis kept coming back to the compound to honor the Goat.  Throughout the trial the Goat’s attorneys questioned why Mirlis came back to honor the Goat.

These lawyers must think Judge Shea is stupid.  The Goat attorneys have never handled a high profile child rape case involving a powerful member of the clergy.  To raise this argument in front of Judge Shea reveals their lack of experience in this area of the law, and their lack of knowledge about Judge Shea’s background.

Before Judge Shea became a judge he worked as an attorney for the mega law firm of Day Pitney, with hundreds of lawyers working in offices located around the world.  None of the Goat’s attorneys even come close.  Attorney Ward works out of his refurbished barn in Litchfield.  Attorney Grudberg works for a mid sized firm with offices only in the State of Connecticut.  Attorney Sklarz works for a seven lawyer office which claims to specialize in tax law.  Attorney Margolis works with two other lawyers in a small office with outdated furniture.  Margolis hasn’t changed his hair style since 1975.

When Judge Shea was an attorney he defended St. Francis Hospital against almost a hundred claims of child sexual abuse committed by a doctor.  Judge Shea told these neophyte attorneys: “Mirlis’s continued run-ins with Greer was not unusual for an authority figure who’d exploited his victims’ trust. That’s exactly the pattern I heard when I deposed sexual abuse victims of Dr. George Reardon, an endocrinologist at St. Francis Hospital.  For a long time, the victims went back to Dr. Reardon for advice because he became like a father figure to them, as with them, one could infer that need for Greer’s guidance and the community in New Haven, despite what Greer had done, only exacerbated and deepened the guilt and shame.”

After getting shot down by Shea, Grudberg tried a different argument.  Grudberg argued that Mirlis was not suffering from PTSD.  He argued that there wasn’t enough evidence of emotional distress.  Grudberg argued that whatever marital problems Mirlis suffered were no different than marital problems found in most marriages.  Once again Grudberg revealed his inexperience in this area of the law.  Grudberg has never spent one minute in family court.  Grudberg never handled clients with highly charged emotional cases.   Judge Shea once again shot down Grudberg.  Shea said that Mirlis may be a good provider, and seemed like a nice guy, but Shea also said that Mirlis was a bit of a robot, distant, lacking emotion.  It was clear from the testimony that Mirlis was suffering tremendously.

I watched the testimony of Mirlis.  Mirlis came off as very stiff.  His voice was monotone.  He was not emotional.  The Goat was making faces at him as he testified.  Avi Hack was also quiet, reserved and withdrawn when he answered questions during his videotaped deposition.  Both Avi and Mirlis clearly suffered from a deep sense of shame, embarrassment and humiliation.  What could be worse for a guy then to get raped by another guy?  Guys are supposed to be strong and fight off predators. But teenage pubescent boys from broken homes, living far away from home in a boarding school, rely on the people running the school to provide them with the stability and support that they lack at home.  Greer advertised his school as a place to help boys from troubled backgrounds. But this monster named Greer used his school to prey on these young men.

Mirlis and Hack were both forced to testify in front of the Goat.  The Goat constantly made angry faces at Mirlis and tried to get Mirlis to crack under pressure.  The Goat made the same faces at me when I was sitting right across from him, in the press box, while the attorneys were conducting jury selection.  The Goat stared right at me with daggers in his eyes, shook his head, and acted as if we were the only two people in the room. This went on for hours.  I couldn’t believe it.  The Goat and his Ewe put on the same act with another person who was in the courtroom, whom they despised.  I sat right next to this person.  The Goat and the Ewe walked near us, stopped suddenly, folded their arms, shook their heads and looked at this person with disgust.

Grudberg’s final argument was that there is a mystery witness ready to come forward, a guy who taught math at the Goat school ten years ago, who had contacted Goat Attorney William Ward and told Ward that he saw Mirlis sit on Avi Hack’s desk.  He also said he heard Mirlis should out, “Kill all the Christians!”  This person never signed an affidavit or revealed his identity.  Ward signed an affidavit.  The affidavit is hearsay.  Judge Shea once again shot down Grudberg.  Shea told Grudberg that whatever information the mystery witness told Ward was not relevant to any defense that that Goat tried to raise at trial.  The Goat’s only defense was that Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis were trying to blackmail him in order to take over the compound.  The Goat presented no evidence of extortion other than an unsigned quit claim deed that he said Avi and his son Ezi tried to get him to sign.

Next month Judge Shea will hear arguments about whether the Goat’s financial information should be made public, and whether Avi Hack’s videotaped deposition should be made public.  Judge Shea has given me the opportunity to appear and address the Court.  Some of the Goat’s financial information has already been made public.  Attorney Beatman told Judge Shea that the Ewe took $220K out of a Goat-Ewe bank account right after the $21 million jury verdict. Judge Shea stated:  “Is the defendant, through a close relative, taking steps to deplete his ability to satisfy the judgment? It seems like some small evidence that, without any other explanation, suggests that he might be suspicious conduct.”

The Ewe is just as mentally unbalanced and despicable as the Goat.  They deserve each other.  They will take all their dirty money with them, right to Gehinnom.

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