The Goat’s Pipe Breaks

The Goat’s Pipe Breaks

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The recent frigid weather has caused pipes to freeze up and break in apartments all over the City of New Haven.  One of the main pipes at a Yale dorm burst.  Yale rugrats were relocated to other buildings on campus.

The frigid weather did not spare the 40 apartment buildings owned by Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA the old goat.  Recently one of the Goat’s tenants, a woman named Alexandra Duncan, refused to pay the Goat rent because her basement was flooded from broken pipes, and her furnace shut down.  Alexandra was living in an apartment with no heat and a flooded apartment in the months of December and January, when temperatures dropped below zero.  She was lucky the flooded basement didn’t cause an electrical fire.  It’s only a matter of time before a tenant is killed in one of the Goat’s run down apartments.  Over the last couple of years there have been two bad fires in which Goat tenants narrowly escaped death.

Alexandra refused to pay rent to live in a death trap.  The Goat started an eviction.  The Goat hired the same cast of Jewish characters whom he normally hires to evict tenants, ie., attorney Stuart Margolis and marshal Winik.  Margolis is married to a Connecticut Federal Judge.  Winik wrote a best seller about how he lost his dog.

Alexandra recently filed her defense to the Goat’s eviction.  Alexandra claimed that the apartment’s basement was flooded and she had no heat.  Alexandra should have contacted LCI and paid her rent into the court, rather than live in a death trap.  Alexandra does not have an attorney.  I would volunteer to defend her against the Goat, but my license to practice law is still suspended.  It’s only been ten years since I committed a Federal crime, you would think that the government would cut me a break already.  Depraved Goats get to roam the streets of New Haven for 40 years committing crimes, yet I cannot defend victims of this monster.

I reach out to Connecticut attorneys to help out Ms. Duncan.  You will get favorable coverage in the Larry Noodles blog, which is priceless.  There is another Goat tenant victim who sent me a private email message with a similar story.  I can refer two Goat victims for the price of one. I expect no referral fee, that would be illegal, I don’t want to go back to Federal prison.

Edgewood Village Inc is the Goat entity evicting Ms. Duncan.  On the Board of Directors of Edgewood Village Inc. are the following individuals:  Daniel Greer, Sarah Greer, James McAdam, Architect  Jay Brotman, and Accountant Matthew Reinecke.  I never heard of Reinecke.  I have seen Brotman at the compound in the past.  I believe McAdam is deceased.

The Goat entity that owns the most rental units is F.O.H., Inc., which means “Friends of Ha-Gan.”  The name of the now defunct Goat rape school was “The Gan.”   On the board of directors of FOH, which appears on the Connecticut Secretary of State website, are the following individuals:  Daniel Greer, Sarah Greer, James McAdam, and “Honorable Elizabeth C. McCormack.”  Honorable McCormack used to be an alderwoman in the Goat neighborhood many years ago.  The dishonorable Goat and McCormack were, and still are, political allies.  McCormack still has a crush on the Goat.  She was recently spotted with the Goat at a rally to stop the closing of a firehouse.  McCormack stood right next to the Goat smiling.  I wonder if McCormack collects a salary from FOH as a member of the Board of Directors.  Why else would she publicly appear next to a child rapist smiling?

Ezi Greer used to manage the Goat properties.  Ezi left the compound after Mirlis filed his child rape case back in Passover of 2016.  Goat properties are not getting the same attention they got when Ezi was the property manager. Ezi used to keep the heat on in the winter.  Today the Goat could care less whether his tenants have heat during a deep freeze, or whether his tenants live or die.

For many years the Goat was surrounded by his sons Ezi and Dov, and his right hand man Avi Hack.  These guys protected the Goat, enabled the Goat, and made sure the Goat’s pipes didn’t freeze and break in the winter.  The Goat’s pipes were fine in the winter of 2015 / 2016.  In the Spring of 2016 the Goat’s pipes exploded after Mirlis filed his Federal child rape lawsuit.  The Goat hasn’t been the same.  I think the Goat’s head exploded along with his pipes.

Avi Hack helped manage Goat properties.  But Avi was not involved in the day to day operations.  Avi ran the Goat school on a daily basis.  Avi recruited students to the Goat school, mostly referrals from other Jewish day schools. Avi told other schools that the Goat school specialized in helping teenage boys with emotional and family problems.  The tiny Goat school was far removed from the bad Jewish kids living in New York City.  The Goat school also provided a quality education.  After all, Rabbi Greer and Avi Hack both graduated from Yale University.  They knew the value of a good education.  Students got personalized attention from the Goat and the Goat’s hand maiden Avi Hack.

Avi’s father Harold Hack was also a Goat protector.  The Goat set up Harold with a lucrative job with the City of New Haven.  Harold had no marketable skills.  He had a PhD in Greek history.  Harold had no experience in politics, other than the menial tasks the Goat assigned to him to help local power brokers such as Ed Zelinsky or Liz McCormack.  Yet Harold landed a high paying job with City Hall, and retired with a full pension.  Talk about Goat privilege!

Harold Hack eventually had a falling out with the Goat in the early 2000s.  The Goat claimed that he gave Harold and Avi full check writing privileges on the Goat’s bank accounts, blank checks with the Goat’s paw print on the signature line.  The Goat accused the Hacks of abusing this privilege.  You can’t blame the Hacks for wanting to get paid as much Goat gold as possible.  How much should one get paid to sell his body to the Goat?  The Goat preferred Mirlis’ body.  Mirlis was more muscular than Avi.  Avi shops in the petite section of the Greenwich Village shopping mall.  The Goat referred to Mirlis as “gvarsdik,” a made up Hebrewish word which means strength.   The Goat was probably trying to nickel and dime the Hacks because Avi didn’t work out at the gym.  Talk about a cheap Goat!

Some months ago I spoke with a former Goat student named Rafi.  Rafi said that when he was 14 years old the Goat tried to seduce him with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts in Edgewood Park.  The Goat kissed Rafi on the lips. Rafi was horrified.  Avi knew all about the Goat’s crush on Rafi.  Avi also knew about the crush the Goat had on Mirlis.  Avi objected when the Goat told him to bring Mirlis to his hotel room at the Agudas Israel convention, where the Ewe was also checked in.  Avi said that he was not going to assist the Goat in his rendezvous with his “mistress” Mirlis at the Agudas convention while the Ewe was lurking about.  Yet Avi enlisted the Undertaker to pick up Rafi at the train station and deliver Rafi to the Goat. The Undertaker had no idea what was going on.  The Undertaker simply picked up Rafi in his hearse and drove him to the compound.  Actually, the Undertaker never drove a hearse, but he did drive an old station wagon with wood paneling that was bigger than any hearse out there.

Rabbi Avi Hack is currently teaching at a public high school in Providence, Rhode Island.  This school knows all about the Goat lawsuit.  This school is desperate for teachers.  English is a second language for most of it’s students.  Avi doesn’t even speak Spanish.  How is Avi teaching at this inner city school?  While I was in law school I taught in the inner city schools of Bridgeport, CT.  Not much teaching goes on in these “schools.”  Most of the really bad kids skip classes.  For the rest of the kids the administrators sets very low expectations.  If you can babysit the kids all day, and not get stabbed, you are considered a good teacher.

Rabbi J. David Bleich and Mordechei Biser are big names at Agudas conventions, where Avi Hack said that he was not going to assist the Goat in his rendezvous with his “mistress” Mirlis.  Biser used to run the Goat school, but left long ago.  I tried to get Biser to disclose Goat secrets but so far he has refused.  Biser seems like a decent guy, he may still be frightened of the Goat.  Bleich is still listed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva of New Haven.  I tried contacting Bleich but so far he has failed to return my messages.  Bleich may be embarrassed that he befriended a depraved pedophile.  An important Rabbi with a cult like following such as Bleich is completely infallible.  The Grand Rebbe never makes mistakes.  Unlike the Communist Pope Francis.

The Goat was spotted in his usual spot in his window on the second floor of the Nightmare on Elm Street this past Shabbos.  The young men at his New School for Social Misfits could be heard singing from the building, even with the windows shut, and plastic sheets covered over to prevent the Goat from getting cold drafts on his fur.

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