The Goat’s Revenge

The Goat’s Revenge

People have been wondering why Daniel Greer is vigorously fighting this lawsuit and bringing himself, Avi Hack, and members of his own family down. During his deposition the Goat referred to his daughter in law Reena Greer as “my son’s wife.”  The Goat’s attorney asked Avi Hack whether he had sex with Reena Greer, who is Avi’s sister. To explain the Goat’s irrational behavior one has to look at the deposition of Avi Hack.

Avi testified that he spoke with Greer about Mirlis back in 2015.  Avi told Greer that Mirlis was not going to “go away” and his claim, which was still a secret, could not be “quashed.”  Greer told Avi that if Avi defended the Goat, nobody will “believe it.”

The Goat was engaged in criminal behavior for many years at the compound.  The Goat saw Avi as a co-conspirator to his many criminal activities.  Avi testified that when the Department of Children and Youth Services came to investigate the Goat for child abuse, Avi failed to tell them about Mirlis.  Avi testified that when the Goat told him to lock up students in rooms with no heat, Avi complied.  Avi testified that the Goat was “known for serving alcohol to underage students.”  Hack stood by while the Goat humiliated, abused and otherwise destroyed the lives of countless teenage boys.

The Goat supported the Hack family for many years.  The Hacks were involved with the Goat since 1977.  The Goat testified that he knew Avi since he was 2 1/2 years old.  The Goat groomed Avi to worship the earth the Goat trotted.  The Goat paid the Hack family many hundreds of  thousands of dollars over the years, in cash, jobs, and real estate.

The Goat demanded absolute loyalty from his followers, especially Avi Hack, a man whom he groomed for years.  Avi still seems enamored by the Goat.  Avi testified that in high school he had tremendous “respect, reverence and awe” for Rabbi Greer.  I cannot understand how Avi Hack, also a rabbi, can even refer to this depraved monster as “Rabbi” Greer.

Avi testified that his reverence and respect for the Goat grew during high school, along with his “emotional” connection.  Avi testified that his relationship took on a “sexual angle” on a “nice, beautiful spring day on a Friday.”

Avi was the Goat’s greatest achievement.  Avi was similar to the Goat in every way.  The Goat went to Yale.  Avi went to Yale.  The Goat was a rabbi.  Avi was a budding rabbi.  The Goat was power hungry and focused on money.  So was Avi.  Avi testified that the Goat referred to Mirlis as having a more manly body than Avi, or “gvarsdick”, while the Goat thought Avi had more substance.  Mirlis was the bimbo, while Avi was the “special” one, as Avi testified.

Avi eventually was forced to rat out the Goat.  Avi saw the writing on the wall.  If Avi defended the Goat, Avi would have went down with the ship.  Other students would have come forward. Avi admittedly stood by while the Goat commit many crimes.  Avi would have been named a defendant.  Avi would have faced a grilling far worse than the one by Greer’s attorney. The Goat’s sons Dov and Ezi, along with Avi’s father Harold, would have been dragged into the case as witnesses and asked many uncomfortable questions.  Avi’s sister is married to Ezi Greer. She could have been dragged into court.  Avi wasn’t going to let that happen.  Avi was going to take the fall.  Avi the martyr, Greer the monster.

Avi turned on the Goat in early 2016.  Up until then Avi must have been on the fence.  Avi was named in the first Mirlis lawsuit as a defendant in early 2016.  This lawsuit was never filed in court.  Shortly thereafter Avi flipped. Mirlis filed a new lawsuit which only named the Goat as the defendant. After 30 years of undying loyalty, Avi dropped the dime on the man whom he revered and respected “tremendously.”

Avi did not show any hostility towards the Goat during his entire deposition.  Anyone in Avi’s shoes would have harbored nothing but contempt for the Goat.  Avi is not showing any emotion because if he expresses hatred towards the Goat his credibility would be called into question.  But at this point it doesn’t matter.  The Goat took the Fifth Amendment during his deposition.  The Goat refused to answer any questions about whether he raped Avi or Mirlis.  The Goat is obviously guilty of raping Avi and Mirlis.

This is the thanks the Goat gets after 30 years of bankrolling the Hack family?  Nobody double crosses the Don.  This is the reason why the Goat has refused to settle.  The Goat has objected to Mirlis introducing the videotaped deposition of Avi Hack in lieu of Avi’s live testimony.  This has forced Mirlis to send a Federal marshal looking to serve Avi with a subpoena to appear in court.  To force Mirlis to drag Avi into Court is the Goat’s long awaited revenge.  A dish best served in the cold, stuffy corridors of the Federal Courthouse.

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    1. bsd

      Hack is a lying cunt, and would eventually be extradicted from whatever weasel-hole he hides in.

      Moshiach NOW!

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