The Goat’s Scar

The Goat’s Scar

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The court date for the criminal case of State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934, was originally scheduled for Friday, August 11.  It was rescheduled for Monday, August 14th.  The Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow probably wanted to take a long weekend in the Hamptons rather than hang out at the Elm Street criminal courthouse with the drug addicts, wife beaters, burglars, sex offenders, gang bangers and unruly farm animals such as the goat.

The New Haven Police Department released to the press affidavits from the Goat’s criminal file.  I was not provided with a copy of these affidavits.  Bloggers like myself still do not get the kind of respect they deserve.  As much as it repulses me, I must rely on reporting by Yale Illuminati Skull & Boner Chris Peak, who works for fellow Yale Skull and Boner Paul Bass.  Paul Bass doesn’t report on the Goat anymore.  Bass has been hiding under his desk in his little cubicle on Orange Street ever since I wrote about how he dropped the ball thirty years ago by failing to follow up with his investigation of the Goat.

The affidavits released to the press reveal that Eli Mirlis told the cops that he knows about a scar located on the Goat’s body that runs from the Goat’s thigh to his betzim.  I watched Mirlis testify about this scar at the Federal civil trial.  This scar was not the result of a knife fight but was caused by two hernia operations.  In defense of the Goat, the Ewe testify that “everybody” knew about the Goat’s two hernia operations in 2001 and 2005, because the Goat was “limping.”  She implied that Eli Mirlis was using this public scar information in order to bring down the Goat.

If “everybody” knew about the Goat’s scar, as the Ewe testified, how come nobody from the compound, not even the Goat’s own children, showed up to testify about the Goat scar.  The Goat’s only other witness was his long time secretary Jean Ledbury.  Ledbury didn’t mention anything about a hernia scar.  The Goat coached the Ewe and Ledbury while they were being cross examined by Attorney Ponvert.  They both stared at the Goat from the witness stand while the Goat nodded or made a face after each question.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.  As an experienced trial lawyer with a criminal mind, I was able to pick up on the this illegal behavior immediately.  I went out in the hall during break and alerted Ponvert’s team of attorneys.  I would advise the Office of the State’s Attorney to keep an eye on the Goat during his criminal trial.  From my own experience, the best way to counter this activity would be to stand in front of the Goat, blocking his view of the witness, while asking the questions.

Mirlis also described the Goat’s master bedroom in detail.  How would Mirlis know the details of the Goat’s master stable unless Mirlis was actually in there getting raped by the Goat?  The Ewe testified in the Goat’s defense that during parties at the Goat house “everybody” wandered upstairs into the master bedroom.  I have been at many parties at the Goat house.  Nobody ever went up to the second floor of the Goat house.  The Goat never offered a guided tour of his master bedroom, nor did the Goat offer a public viewing of his hernia scars.

Most of the Goat parties occurred outside in the Goat’s sukkah.  I cannot imagine why anyone would have a reason to venture into the Goat’s master bedroom.  The Goat kept his parties under tight control.  The Goat was a neat freak, he was very anal.  The Goat had workers at his parties making sure everything was kept clean and nobody got out of hand, other than the Goat, who would get completely hammered. There was no way the Goat was going to allow someone to go to the second floor and risk soiling his master bedroom.

This Shabbat the Goat had a crew shipped in from Lakewood, New Jersey to help make his minyan.  I spotted a few clueless Lakewooders wandering around town.  They looked like they were in their late teens, or early twenties.  The Goat has a lot of money to spend on these male prostitutes, while he stiffs his rape victim out of $21 million.  The Goat will soon be in jail living in close quarters with other guys charged with sex crimes 24/7.  This may not be much of a punishment for the gay goat.


4 thoughts on “The Goat’s Scar

  1. What’s wrong with the Ewe that’s she’s still standing by her Goat even after the Kids (pun intended) have abandoned ship? She could even gain financially by head butting the Goat out of her life.

    1. that is a very good question. there must be something really wrong with this woman, some sort of loss of any independent thinking and a slavish devotion to greer that excludes any other true attachments. sort of someone who does not have an independent sense of self and cannot exist outside the gravitational force of the object of her devotion; sort of like a planet in relation to the sun.

  2. i did not leave any comments for the past few weeks , because i am just flabbergasted at the details of the abuse. i hope to G-d that mirlis gets his due and that greer will go to prison. it reminds me of slavery in the worst sense of the word, with avi hack ( at the age of 28!!! or more) acting as a pimp and being able to live with the harm the he is permitting. i personally do not believe that avi hack disclosed the extent of his abuse over the years and that he “whitewashed” his involvement with greer. i really cannot stand avi hack, because he did not rise to the occasion and i am not willing to simply see him as “sick” and give him a psychological “out”. he was my son’s teacher — as was greer — but greer seems to be so beyond redemption that i can accept this more than the role that avi hack played. avi hack had the power to stop this maniac; he did nothing. he grew up in “modern times” and was well aware of what was right. to put it briefly: he became a pimp for greer . i assume there are other victims that are not coming forward because of family honor and all that stuff. my son called his roommate to let him know ( my son was right next to mirlis) but never got a call back. i just hate the pretense in orthodoxy and the need to look good.

  3. Being gay has nothing to do with being a pedophile. I applaude your coverage and read this blog a number of times a day. However, at least as I read some of your narrative, pedophiles and gay men are pushed close in kind. I hope you will reflect on my comment and choose your words more carefully.

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