The Greer Slaughterhouse

The Greer Slaughterhouse

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At least once a year the Goat’s son Ezi was in charge of slaughtering a young cow.  Ezi would drive to a farm in Connecticut and pick out a young bull.  The farmer would back up his truck to Ezi’s fenced in back yard.  The bull would be secured by ropes.  The farmer would drive away. After the farmer left, the bull usually broke through the ropes and ran around in the backyard, coming close to trampling adults and young children.  Ezi and the teenage boys from the Goat school would chase the bull around the yard until the bull was caught and secured by the rope.

The bull would spend the night in Ezi’s garage with the other farm animals, such as the rooster, ducks, and chickens.  Ezi would play classical music overnight in an attempt to relax the bull before the kill.  Ezi only played the music of Jewish composers Mahler or Mendelssohn.  Gershwin was considered too modern for the compound.  Wagner was banned.  The Goat only played Gershwin on his antique phonograph that he kept in his residence. Ezi purchased a wind up phonograph for the Goat as a birthday present. The Goat played Gershwin while he seduced teenage boys in his living room while the Ewe was in the kitchen baking cookies.

The next morning Ezi and the boys from the Goat school would herd the bull back into Ezi’s backyard.  They tied the bull up to a tree.  The boys would sit on the bull to hold him still.  Ezi would take out a giant knife and saw through the bull’s neck.  Blood would gush out of the bull’s neck like a geyser.  The entire compound would bear witness this slaughter, including babies and toddlers, who were encouraged to attend. Ezi would cut off most of the bull’s head while the bull groaned and kicked.  Eventually the bull settled down and stopped moving.

The entire spectacle made the Goat uptight.  The Goat didn’t stay til the end.  The Ewe, on other hand, enjoyed every minute of the slaughter.  She had a permanent smile painted on her face.  The spectators from the compound looked quesy.

The Ewe seemed to take pleasure in watching her son Ezi kill and gut the behemoth.  She spoke about how her father was a shochet, ie., ritual slaughterer, in Upstate New York.  The Ewe’s father handed down his slaughtering knife to the Ewe.  The Ewe gave this blood stained family heirloom to Ezi.  The Ewe was proud that Ezi used her father’s knife to chop off the bull’s head.  The Goat gave a speech before the kill about how he and Dov spent ten hours sharpening and examining the Ewe’s father’s knife.

Ezi cut up the goat on a table.  Ezi would provide explanations as to what he was doing.  The most important part of the butchering was when Ezi checked the lungs.  Ezi had to make sure the lungs were free of blemishes and punctures.  If the lungs are punctured then the animal was considered treif, ie., not kosher.  The picture above shows Ezi holding the lungs.  Ezi would place the lungs in a bucket of water.  Ezi would then use his mouth to blow on the bloody windpipe.  If bubbles came out of the lungs, Ezi would deem the behemoth treif, unfit for consumption by a Jew.

Ezi would sell the treif meat to a local Gentile.   If the meat was deemed kosher Ezi would serve the meat during Passover.  The meat never came out right.  Ezi didn’t know how to age the meat, or cook the meat for that matter.  It always came out gamey and rubbery.  Most people didn’t want to eat the meat after witnessing the slaughter.

Ezi also slaughtered a dozen or so chickens after he killed the bull.  He would hold each chicken tightly.  With his knife he made a quick cut of the chicken’s little neck.  Ezi’s wife Rena would hang the chickens upside down on the eight foot high fences in the back yard in order to let the blood drain from their necks.  The soft chickens quickly turned stiff.  An old man who worked for the Goat, who was from Eastern Europe, plucked the feathers off the chickens.  Ezi’s wife Rena, who is also Avi Hack’s sister, never enjoyed hanging up dead, bloody chickens all over her fence.

The women in the compound served drinks and refreshments while Ezi chopped up the bull.  There was plenty of leftover food.  Nobody was in the mood to eat.

In other news, I haven’t received any messages recently from “Subterfuge Dirge.”   But somebody has been leaving orange peels next to my automobile. I do not know the meaning of these orange peels. This could be another clue from SD concerning the Goat.  My guess is that you cannot see the fruit of the orange behind the orange peels.  This has some significance to the Goat.

Recently the Goat has installed blinds on all the windows of the Nightmare on Elm Street building.  The Goat doesn’t want anyone to see what is going on behind the blinds.  I wonder why.

10 thoughts on “The Greer Slaughterhouse

    1. LOL when a Lubavitcher shows up to pretend it’s only other kinds of Orthodox Jews whose views and practices are medieval – in the very same breath, no less, that he makes a derogatory generalization about Muslims AND deifies a flawed human who died in 1994.

    1. Good question. I have no idea. I know that Dov was a trained mohel. He practiced on Arab babies in Israel.

  1. Why the preoccupation with greer? Your descriptions give lawyers evidence for an insanity defense for Mr. Greer. In his delusions he was operating an independent Jewish community as in the shtetel of old, with his own shochet, his own mohel, his own butcher, his own tavern etc. I still do not quite understand the involvement of the late Rabbi Gettinger, and his wife whom I believe served as principal of the elementary school. I know he was a brilliant scholar, perhaps he was unworldly enough not to notice the abuse…..

    1. why not (be preoccupied with greer)? he and his coterie are part of a larger picture of what is the underbelly of orthodox judaism. i guess that would be an answer. it attests to the “old boys network” that is functional in many rabbinic circles that hold powerful positions. i guess that would also be an answer. he was the man ( and hack) who taught my son torah and talmudic studies while raping mirlis who was in a room all of his own right next to my son’s and his roommate’s. i guess that is also an answer.
      second, any knowledge as such will not support and insanity defense, because legally the definition of insanity is very different from the psychiatric. and greer definitely does not meet the legal definition; not for that matter the psychiatric.

  2. bsd

    why the pre-occupation? then you go on to hypothesize about the nature of evil.

    why there was no previous pre-occupation is the puzzle.

    Paul Bass had the skills and the intelligence to go further into the shit stink 20 years ago.

    Ambivalence and destruction prevailed for too long.

    Pre-occupation works like Arm & Hammer on this funk.

    Moshiach NOW!

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