The Ivy League Lawyers Behind Trump’s Bible

The Ivy League Lawyers Behind Trump’s Bible

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Flanked by a large entourage of Federal employees, The Donald walked from the White House to St. John’s Church, a few hundred yards from the protesters who surrounded the White House. Ivy League graduate and top lawman William Barr cleared a path for the Donald to walk from the White House to the church. A small army of G-men employed helicopters, tear gas and brute force to clear the crowd. Trump was able to safely walk past marble statues covered with graffiti to get to the boarded up St. John’s Church.

The Donald held a Bible in front of St. John’s Church, where he herded the press, and stated that “we have a great country… it will be greater than ever before… we will keep it nice and safe.” The Donald refused to answer any questions about what Bible he was holding and where he got the Bible. The Donald merely stated that he held “a Bible.”

In front of St. John’s Church the Donald was flanked by Columbia University graduate and top lawman US Attorney William Barr, Princeton University graduate and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley, Yale Law graduate and Director of the FBI Christopher Wray, Harvard graduate and Secretary of the Department of Defense Mark Esper, Harvard Law graduate and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The cream of the crop of the American meritocracy. No Blacks in the crowd. No Jews. All the people standing in front of St. John’s Church next to the Donald were 100% wonder bread white goyim. Bleached blondie Kayleigh McEnany was a little off white, she had just rubbed tanning cream on her face.

Two of the most prominent Orthodox Jews in America walked with the Donald, and his entourage, to St. John’s Church from the White House. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump walked with the President to the church but were not allowed to stand in front of St. John’s Church, for religious reasons. Orthodox Jews are not allowed to enter a church. Orthodox Jews are allowed to enter a mosque but are forbidden to enter a church. Figure that one out!

Jared and Ivanka are very machmir, very strict, and if they stood in front of the boarded up Church they may smell sweet incense burning inside and be tempted to use a crow bar to remove the plywood boarding up the church, enter the Church, and pray to Jesus, G-d forbid!

Ivanka was tasked with carrying The Donald’s Bible in her $1,500.00 Max Mara handbag. It was a big honor to carry the President’s Bible from the White House to St. John’s Church. Its not clear from the photos whether the Donald’s Bible was a Hebrew Bible or a Christian Bible. If the Bible was a Christian Bible, that would mean that Ivanka committed at least two aveiras (sins) when she carried it in her fancy handbag for more than two amos.

Bleach blond Harvard Law graduate and spokesperson for the police state, Kayleigh McEnany wore a military style jacket over her spandex pants and 6 inch high heels. She must have been a big hit at Harvard Law School. At least Kayleigh got into Harvard on her own merits, unlike Jared, whose father made a $30 million dollar donation to Harvard in order to get his son accepted. McEnany’s jacket was police state chic, a replica of a World War II German military overcoat, see below.

Speaking of World War II, on September 15, 1935 the Nuremberg laws were passed by members of the German parliament, ie., the Reichstag. The laws prohibited marriage and sexual intercourse between Jews and Germans. Only those of German blood were eligible for full German citizenship. The laws were supplemented a month later to legislate that persons with three Jewish grandparents were classified as full Jews and those with only two Jewish grandparents were considered Jews only if they practiced their faith or had a Jewish spouse.

The Reichstag consisted of Germany’s top lawyers. Prominent German district judge and lawyer Wilhelm Stuckart helped draft the Nuremberg laws for Hitler. Attorney Stuckart also drafted a decree regarding the “Reporting Obligations of Deformed Newborns,” which became the basis of Nazi policy of euthanasia for deformed children. A couple of years later, Stuckart’s one-year-old son, Gunther, who was born with Down Syndrome, was euthanized by the Nazi government. Attorney Stuckart advocated for forced sterilization of Germans mixed with some Jewish blood as opposed to full extermination. Attorney Stuckart was arrested by the Allies after the war and tried in Nuremberg. Attorney Stuckart argued that the racial laws he drafted were intended to thwart more severe Nazi racial laws. Four years later Attorney Stuckart was killed on his 51st birthday in a mysterious car accident. There has been speculation that the “accident” was a Mossad hit. To this day the Mossad has denied any involvement in Attorney Stuckart’s untimely demise. “Let’s kill all the Nazi lawyers!” William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.

Another prominent German lawyer who helped draft the Nuremberg laws was Bernhard Lösener. At the Nuremberg trials Attorney Losener testified that he pushed for the exemption of “mischling,” ie., those with one Jewish grandparent, from being classified as full Jews. Attorney Losener argued that classifying such persons as Jews would cost the German Army 90,000 mischling soldiers, who would have to be exterminated. The most famous mischling was German officer Ernst Bloch, a half Jew, who was chosen by the German army to help the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak, and his family, get through SS checkpoints and escape from Poland in 1939.

Attorneys Losener and Stuckart were both tried together before an Allied military court at Nuremberg. Losener, who testified against Stuckart, did four years in a military prison, while Stuckart got off on a mistrial. Losener obviously had a bad lawyer. He should have negotiated a better cooperation agreement.

The University of Michigan Law School has a program where law students travel to Germany to meet with German law scholars to study the moral role of lawyers in the Nazi regime. They recently studied Nazi lawyer Hans Calmeyer who was responsible for declaring who was and was not a Jew. He manipulated the statutes to save many Jews. Calmeyer was recognized by Yad Vashem as a righteous goy among the nations, although his righteousness is currently being reexamined. He may get kicked off the list.

You will not find a similar University of Michigan Law program at the Ivy League Law Schools. They don’t teach morals or ethics at the most elite law schools in America. The graduates of the top law schools in America are pictured above with the Donald, protected by helicopters, tear gas, billy clubs and submachine guns.

For God, For Country, For Skull & Bones, For Yale!

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  1. The Talmud is now in the Library of Congress … Justice Ruth Ginsburg lives by it, her inspiration to screw the goy before the high court.

    Note the Quoran has been in the Library since Jefferson was prez. Guess the librarians are not jooz.

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