The Old Goat Makes Mad Money at Edgewood Corners, Inc.

The Old Goat Makes Mad Money at Edgewood Corners, Inc.


Edgewood Corners, Inc., was formed in 1996.  Greer, his wife and Jay Brotman were named on the Board of Directors of this non-profit organization.  Jay Brotman is a partner at Svigals & Partners, a high profile architecture firm in New Haven. Svigals designed the Sandy Hook school.  Svigals partners with New Haven real estate development firm Centerplan Construction Company.  Robert Landino is the CEO of Centerplan.

Robert Landino was supposed to be the man who was honored at the Greer annual fundraiser this past summer, called the “Gathering.”  The Gathering was supposed to be held at the Yale Law School.  A few days after the old goat sent out invitations to the gathering, the child rape lawsuit was filed.  The gathering was postponed.  The Yale Law School kicked the old goat and his gathering out of it’s building.  The gathering ended up being held at a haunted house, called the Betts Mansion.  Landino also bailed.  I am sure Jay Brotman has nothing to do with the old goat either.  But Jay’s name is still listed on the corporate paperwork.  Jay probably doesn’t even realize it.

On the Edgewood Corners tax returns William Gallagher is listed as a corporate officer along with Greer and his wife.  William Gallagher was the attorney for the old goat before Gallagher died and left a $2 million dollar hole in his client’s trust accounts.

Edgewood Corners is a cash cow for the old goat.  Edgewood Corners listed about a quarter of a million dollars in real estate and cash on hand at the end of tax year 2013.  Edgewood Corners generated $127K in cash donations and another $67K in rental income for 2013.

But Edgewood Corners “donated” most of it’s revenue to other Greer entities.  $76K went to FOH, Inc., $12K went to Yedidei Hagan, $6K went to Edgewood Elm Housing, $38K went to Edgewood Village and $1K went to the Yeshiva of New Haven.  After all these “donations” Edgewood Corners claimed a net profit of about $6,500.00.

The mystery remains as to why Greer formed 5 separate non-profits, all with the same stated purpose.  Greer reported to the IRS that Edgewood Corners, Edgewood Elm Housing, Edgewood Village, FOH Housing and Yedidei Hagan were all formed in order to “support low and moderate income housing.”   But having 5 separate entities doing the same thing is duplicitous.  What’s the point?

I have a theory.  There are probably limits on how much money an organization can get from government agencies in the form of grant money.  But if Greer submits multiple applications for separate non-profit entities, he may be able to double or triple his money.  Greer was famous for manipulating the system in order to get government grants.  The old goat was known to hire guys to sleep overnight in order to be first in line at government buildings to apply for this free monopoly money.



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