The Original 1998 Paul Bass Article Exposing the Goat, the Hacks, the Zelinskys, Wendell Harp, William Gallagher and Other Reprobates

The Original 1998 Paul Bass Article Exposing the Goat, the Hacks, the Zelinskys, Wendell Harp, William Gallagher and Other Reprobates

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Paul Bass was a hard hitting reporter back in the day.  He has since turned into a bit of a snowflake.  But I still admire and respect the man.  Back in 1998 Paul Bass worked for the now defunct New Haven Advocate. In 1998 Paul Bass dropped a bomb on the compound with the infamous article he wrote about the Goat. Locals still talk about the article, but nobody has a copy.

In 1998 the New Haven Advocate was distributed in boxes all over New Haven.  The goat enlisted his followers to remove copies of the New Haven Advocate from every box in New Haven.  It was very hard to get a copy of this article back in 1998, let alone trying to get a copy today.  Paul Bass won’t even give you a copy.  Today I was handed a rare copy of this 1998 article exposing the Goat and his many crimes.

In the 1998 article Paul Bass introduced readers to the Goat:

“Greer has enormous political pull, with the mayor and up at the state capital.  It was groups directly connected to Greer that were buying up the neighborhood with millions of state-backed dollars…”

Paul Bass attempted to interview the Goat for his article.  This is what Bass reported:

“As the 57 year old rabbi fled from me, I did manage to get one reply.  I asked Greer why he wouldn’t sit down to talk, ‘Because I don’t want to,’ he said.  Later, when I tried to enter the building to make another appeal, he rushed at me, shoved me out the door and threatened to call the cops.”

Paul Bass wrote extensively about the Goat and his relationship with Doris and Edward “Spite Fence” Zelinsky.  It was the Zelinskys who got the Goat established in New Haven:

“Greer chose New Haven for his mission.  He knew the place from law school.  He had friends like Ed Zelinsky, a law professor and alderman with political pull.  Zelinsky got then-Mayor Frank Logue to appoint Greer to the city police commission… Two years later DiLieto became the city’s mayor.  Greer and Zelinsky grew close to Mayor DeLieto, so much so that DiLieto practically gave them a building from which Greer could launch his new community by starting a Jewish day school.  DiLieto declared Roger Sherman school a ‘surplus school’ – even though it had hundreds of students in it.  That meant the city would move the students elsewhere and sell it to Greer, without putting it out to bid, for a mere $35,000.00. A DiLieto ally on the Board of Alderman went further.  He changed the proposal to give it to Greer’s Gan School for just $1.”

Paul Bass wrote about how the Goat sent a letter to his African-American neighbor Gracie White.  The Goat demanded that Ms. White take down her Christmas decorations, and remove number stickers on her house.  The letter contained a veiled threat if she didn’t comply with the Goat’s orders:

“Loud, garish decorations are not in keeping with this neighborhood.  We want things to work out for you and hope you will act accordingly. If you take a look, you will also observe that no house uses stick-on numbers for the address. Some type of raised lettering is appropriate.”

Paul Bass ominously wrote about how the Goat lured boys into his school and the surrounding buildings of the compound.  At the time the article was written in 1998 Avi Hack was a teenager, and was getting raped repeatedly by the old Goat, while his father Harold Hack served as the Goat’s trusted lieutenant.  Paul wrote:

“Back at the Gan, Greer lured students from abroad to fill slots in an elementary school and a high school.  He bought some surrounding buildings for dorms and apartments for his community.”

Paul Bass excoriated the entire Greer family, including Sarah and his number one son:

“Back at home Greer turned students into dependable campaign workers.  Greer’s eldest son, Dov, frenetically whooshes black-hatted voters to the polls and keeps track of which voters need rides or reminder phone calls.  Gan girls in their ankle length dresses cheerfully hand out palm cards at the polls and maintain voter lists at headquarters…”

Paul Bass wrote about his personal experiences with the Goat’s family.  He opened up for his 1998 article, revealing some things about his psyche that he probably now regrets:

“I tried to ask Dov, a Yale undergraduate and increasingly his father’s public face in New Haven, a few questions.  No luck.  I put my face an inch from his;  he stared blankly as though no one was speaking to him.  I’ve had that dehumanizing experience when I tried to engage in conversation with stone-faced Nation of Islam guards frisking me outside a speech organized by Scot X, and once when I tried to ask questions of Wendell Harp, an architect and a version of Danny Greer in the black community – a Yale-educated, visionary power broker active at all political levels, ethnically driven and highly distrustful of outsiders he can’t control.”

According to Paul Bass, the Goat worked with Harold Hack and Ed Zelinsky in order to squeeze the government for every grant dollar possible:

“Greer has tightened his control of the neighborhood dramatically over the past few years, fueled by three sources of government assistance.  Backed with the tax expertise of law Professor Zelinsky and the accounting expertise of Harold Hack, a city finance official, Greer has mastered the details of getting government assistance, in some cases better than anyone in Connecticut… Greer’s methods have forced the State to change its rules…”

It is now possible for the public to receive accounting expertise from Harold Hack.  He works at Jackson Hewett on Whalley Avenue.  When you go there to get your tax return filed, tell them that Larry Noodles referred you.

Paul Bass wrote about how the Goat kicked a large impoverished family of Orthodox Jews out of the compound.  The Goat wouldn’t even let the Loeb family eat a free kosher chicken that was given to them:

“Miriam Loeb’s family moved from Washington Heights to the Gan’s neighborhood in response to an ad in the Jewish Week.  She says the Gan promised her a teaching job and health care… Loeb’s Gan contract forbade her from working for any other Jewish school within 30 miles, for two and a half years.  She says she wasn’t earning enough at the Gan to feed her six children.  One night, the neighborhood Chasidim brought her a chicken for a Sabbath meal.  A Gan official saw the delivery, then yelled at her for 45 minutes and forbade her from having further contact with the ‘evil’ group, Loeb says.  That official, who has since left the Gan and moved to Brooklyn, declines comment.  Not long after, the Loebs fled to Baltimore.”

Who was this Gan “official” whom Paul Bass refers?  Was this official none other than Mordecai Biser, the same man the Goat is accused of having a homosexual relationship with in the Mirlis child rape case?

The Goat is famous for the 8 foot high fences that are located all over the compound.  The fences were not built in order to protect people living inside the compound.  They were constructed in order to hide the many crimes committed by the Goat.  Paul Bass ominously wrote about these fences back in 1998:

“It was Greer’s people who were lovingly restoring rundown old houses in the neighborhood.  But there was an eerie side to the renovations… many of the houses seemed to be painted the same colors – olive green, with brick-red trim.  They all seemed to receive these 8 foot-high stockade fences, too.  You could see nothing through or over them.  Not even on tippy-toes… Like many other New Haveners, Esdaile wanted a figurative peek over the fence, a chance to learn some of the secrets of the mysterious Rabbi Greer… Greer disappeared into the permanently locked doors of fortress Gan, the fenced-off brick building with a security camera out front.”

The mystery of “Rabbi” Greer, after 20 years, has finally been revealed.  The Goat was a depraved child rapist all along, causing pain and suffering to numerous victims in the tri-State area.

The entire Paul Bass article is available on this website, and ONLY on this website.  You will not find this article anywhere else.  The Goat destroyed all copies back in 1998.  Larry Noodles does not have permission from Paul Bass, the New Haven Advocate, Daniel Greer, William Ward, Mr. Robot, Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw, or President Donald Trump to publish this 1998 article.  Download it now, for free, before the Feds try to shut me down!










3 thoughts on “The Original 1998 Paul Bass Article Exposing the Goat, the Hacks, the Zelinskys, Wendell Harp, William Gallagher and Other Reprobates

  1. Why is it necessary for Larry Noodles to bring up Rabbi Dov Greer in such a negative light in this piece? He was a very young man during the times mentioned above, possibly under the influence of his evil father, and has completely renounced his father since the Mirlis case broke. How are his political actions of over two decades ago relevant today?

    1. Dov’s name was in the article that I quoted. Why did all the people in the people in the compound wait so long to leave the compound? Had Mirlis not filed his lawsuit, which as highly embarrassing for them, they would still be there. They could care less about Mirlis or other victims. Nobody from the compound publicly “renounced” the Goat. From what I hear, when asked about their father, they tell people that they have nothing to do with him, and they advise people to check with their rabbi before going to the compound. Basically “no comment.” Having known Dov for many years I don’t believe he was under the influence of his evil father. He graduated from Yale and had a mind of his own, he rarely told the truth and was condescending of others, much like his father. At one point when he was in his late teens he had a problem with his father and left the compound and went to Lakewood. Nobody put a gun to his head and told him to move back to New Haven. Before he left New Haven last year he was actively involved in New Haven politics, along with his father and brother.

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