The Orthodox Union Declares the Goat Treif

The Orthodox Union Declares the Goat Treif

The Orthodox Union (OU) is the largest Jewish kosher food certifying agency in the world.  The OU certifies over 800,000 products and ingredients in over 8,500 plants in 100 countries around the world.  It is hard to find a product on the shelves of a major supermarket that does not have the OU symbol.

The official Yale Jewish student organizations provide Yale students with a list of local New Haven Jewish organizations and resources.  In light of the child rape case against the Goat, Yale was not sure whether to continue to refer teenage male students to the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Yale decided to contact the Orthodox Union for advice.  In response, the OU deemed the Goat treif.  “Treif” refers to an animal that is rendered not kosher because of some defect.  An animal with missing body parts, or torn body parts, is deemed treif.   This religious law is based on a passage in Exodus 22:30, which states, “You shall be a holy people to Me, and flesh torn in the field you shall not eat, you shall throw it to the dogs.”  One can logically conclude that the Orthodox Union has deemed the Goat defective.

The Orthodox Union has a list of synagogues around the world on their website.  If you type in New Haven you will find the name of the Goat shul and the address.  But there is no name next to the word “Rabbi.”  There is no link to any Goat website.  There is just a phone number and an address.

The Goat shul has been around for 30 years.  The OU probably had the name of the Goat listed at one point as rabbi, and then defrocked the goat and deleted his name.  The Goat building is now being rented out to a Yeshiva for teenage boys for a dollar a year.  The OU may be waiting for the Rabbi from this new yeshiva to give them information about the change in management.  I doubt anyone from this new yeshiva will be contacting the OU anytime soon.  It is not clear who is running this yeshiva.  I heard that this yeshiva has a revolving door of adults from New Jersey who come to New Haven to supervise the juvenile delinquents who make up the school.  Nobody wants their name affiliated with the Goat.  They leave New Haven before Larry Noodles has a chance to conduct an interview.

The Goat was proud to be a graduate of Yale Law School.  The Goat always looked forward to Yale teenage male students visiting his synagogue and school.  Mordechai Biser was one such student.  Biser went on to stay at the compound for a number of years.  He was accused of having a homosexual relationship with the Goat by Plaintiff Mirlis in the child rape case.




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