The Prod Father Getting Transferred To Devens

The Prod Father Getting Transferred To Devens

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75 year old Rabbi “Prod Father” Mendel Epstein is doing 10 years for directing his Israeli strongmen to kidnap and torture Jewish husbands who refused to sign bills of divorce. The Prod Father applied cattle prods to their genitals until they signed gets for their wives. The Rabbi was sometimes paid $50K a prod. Not all women could afford to pay the Prod Father $50K a prod. The Prod Father had a sliding scale. At times the Prod Father accepted a noodle kugel in lieu of payment. Tzedakah!

Epstein self surrendered to Otisville Federal prison a few years ago. The Prod Father requested that he be released to home confinement because he contracted COVID19 in Otisville. The US Attorney objected and argued: “On April 14, 2020, Defendant complained of a cough and shortness of breath. When his condition did not improve, he was sent to the hospital the morning of April 16, 2020. Defendant was discharged from the hospital on April 22, 2020. At that time, he was again placed in FCI Otisville’s Isolation Unit, where he was monitored and treated, and his condition rapidly improved. Otisville’s ability to successfully treat him weighs heavily against his application for home confinement. Defendant’s medical conditions are appropriately managed at the FCI Otisville, which is also engaged in strenuous efforts to protect inmates against the spread of COVID-19. Indeed, the fact that the medical staff at FCI Otisville was able to successfully treat Epstein for COVID-19, despite his medical conditions, is the best possible evidence that they are well-suited to treat him again even if it is possible that he could be re-infected.” Request for release to home confinement DENIED.

My sources told me that the Bureau of Prisons is going to transfer the Prod Father to Devens medical prison in Massachusetts. I guess Otisville is turfing COVID19 inmates to Devens. The Prod Father will join $150 million insider trader Raj Rajaratnam of Galleon Group who is doing 11 years in Devens. The Prod Father will also join Brooklyn pedophile Richard Goldberg who is doing 20 years in Devens. 87 year old Frank Locascio, the underboss of John Gotti, is doing life in Devens. The Prod Father will not have a minyan in Devens.

Devens is set up for male inmates who require specialized or long-term medical or mental health care. Devens has a medium as well as a camp, with about a total of 1000 inmates. According to the Bureau of Prisons, Devens “has regular onsite specialists in cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, surgery, neurology and pulmonology. Inmates often leave the facility to see outside specialists and for tests and medical procedures not available in the medical center.” According to the inmates, the medical facilities at Devens are one step above the medical care you would receive in a third world country.

Devens is a long way from the Prod Father’s family, who live in the Orthodox Jewish enclave of Lakewood, NJ. Otisville started visits again. Inmates are allowed two visits per month. Visits are conducted between a plexiglass. If you touch a visitor you get quarantined for two weeks. Two weeks in the SHU. A big price to pay for kissing your wife in the visitors room.

Former Brooklyn politico pervo Anthony Weiner was locked up in Devens medical prison. Weiner told fellow inmates that Devens was depressing. Weiner said he saw many inmates die. Devens is hospice for old, decrepit and sick inmates. Weiners medical condition was “sexual compulsivity” disorder. At sentencing Weiner submitted a doctor’s letter that stated Weiner wanted to continue his sexual compulsivity treatment in jail. I highly doubt Devens offers therapy for sexual compulsivity disorder.

The Prod Father will be very bored in Devens. The Prod Father is currently bored in Otisville. Ten long years staring at the four walls. If you want to write to the Prod Father to cheer him up, his inmate number is 65960-050, and his address is Otisville FCI, Two Mile Drive, Otisville, NY 10963.

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One thought on “The Prod Father Getting Transferred To Devens

  1. However misguided, Rabbi Epstein thought he was heroically freeing women from rapacious ex-husbands. He was a little greedy and became boastful in a television program. If not for that the government would have turned a blind eye, but he cane across as running a vigilante alternative divorce court and the feds don’t like competing judicial systems. He probably also didn’t declare the $ to the IRS and that didn’t help.
    But somehow he never got a chance to tell of the good he did. I watched how kind he was to the old yekkes in the rundown German synagogue under the tracks on McDonald Ave. I know that when he came out of the hospital after a heart attack the first thing he did was rush to visit a widow whose husband had just died. He is not like your friend the goat, he is basically a good guy who got carried away mixing justice with profit.

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