The State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934

The State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934

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The Goat is scheduled to appear in Court on August 11th.  The Goat made the Jewish Community Watch Wall of Shame and also made the State of Connecticut criminal court docket.  The caption of the Goat case:  State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934.

The New Haven Jewish community maintains its vow of silence with regard to the Goat.  Judy Alperin, CEO of the New Haven Jewish Federation told the New Haven Register: “The organization is supportive of New Haven in its pursuit of justice. A child’s safety is paramount, and children should never be placed at risk.”  Yet the Federation has done nothing to protect children from pedophiles.

Alperin recently organized a large event with Jewish leaders and members of Federal and State law enforcement to address an increase in bomb threats at Jewish institutions after Trump became President.  Alperin got a certificate in “an active shooter and awareness training program.”  Jewish organizations are asking for State and Federal protection money to better prepare for Armageddon. Rapture is near!  So far the only guy arrested for bomb threats has been a Jewish guy named Michael Kadar who lives in Israel.

At the Alperin event the Anti Defamation League (ADL) reported an increase in people drawing swastikas and an increase in bullying against Jewish children since the Presidential election.  While Alperin has been investigating swastika scribbles, the Goat has been violently attacking Jewish children.  The Goat has caused more damage to his victims than any Jew hater in the last 30 years in Connecticut.  Alperin and the ADL should spend their donor dollars on pedophile protection training rather than scapegoating Trump supporters.

The Goat has been able to carry out his crimes without any protest from leaders of the Jewish establishment. The Goat employs an army of prominent Jewish lawyers.  Yet the Goat despises these liberal Jews.  The Goat wrote a letter to the editor of the Jewish newspaper Hamodia where he bashed Obama for hosting a Chanukah party in the White House.  The Goat referred to Obama as a showman, an entertainer, a minstrel:  “Obama is willing to engage in smoke and mirrors and Madison Avenue tactics…  It is about time that we Orthodox Jews learn to accurately and maturely assess political realities and forego being naively farglutzt, bedazzled, by show and tell.”

The Goat employs an army of Jewish lawyers who will gladly cash in gold gold while Mirlis has to hire collection attorneys to send the Goat dunning letters.  Attorney Stuart Margolis, whose wife is a prominent New Haven  judge, cashes in goat coins.  Skarz and son, who are partners with the Starter Corp. Beckerman family, the biggest name in Jewish philanthropy in New Haven, need Goat dollars to make ends meet.  Business is tough out there, you can’t turn away a client.

William Dow, one of top criminal defense attorneys in Connecticut, has no qualms about getting a six figure retainer to defend the Goat.  My attorney friends have admonished me for coming down so hard on attorneys who defend the Goat.  The first thing you learn in law school is that everyone is entitled to a defense.  The lawyer is defending the process to make sure the process is fair and honest.  The first thing you learn when you get out of law school is that the process is unfair and corrupt. The Goat is giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys while his victims forage for scraps.

Donald Trump asked the top four law firms in DC to represent him in his legal battle with the Feds.  These top four law firms declined to represent The Donald.  If the top law firms in DC refused to represent The Donald, whose alleged crimes pale in comparison to the Goat, why would the top lawyers in Connecticut defend the Goat?

The Donald was not left without lawyers to defend him.  The Donald’s first lawyer was scrappy New York street lawyer Marc Kasowitz, whose family started a scrap business in West Haven.  Kasowitz had to quit because he threatened a guy who wrote him an email, and he couldn’t pass security clearance because he was in drug and alcohol rehab.  Kasowitz was replaced by Messianic Jew lawyer Jay Sekulow.  Sekulow runs of number of shady non-profits on behalf of powerful evangelicals who seek to convert Jews like Trump’s children and grandchildren.  Trump had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with Sekulow, but at least he has a competent attorney representing him.

The Goat doesn’t need a Willie Dow or a Mark Sklarz to defend him.  The Goat could easily hire the Jewish family of lawyers in the Bershtein Law Center on Dixwell Avenue, in Hamden.  They are known to be scrappy street lawyers like Kasowitz.  Or the Goat could hire Jewish lawyer Joe Mirsky from Bridgeport.  Mirsky represented a self proclaimed witch in a statutory rape trial.  Mirsky gave a statement to the press defending the witch:  “What woman wouldn’t want to have sex with a 15 year old?” Mirsky and the witch lost the trial.  Unfortunately for the Goat, Mirsky passed away a few years ago.





5 thoughts on “The State of Connecticut vs. Daniel Greer, CR17-0177934


    The most comprehensive Wall of Shame by far, of molesters who are Orthodox or who are not Orthodox or even Jewish but have abused Orthodox victims, is now this website run by Florida activist Eric Aiken, with the backing of some Yeshiva University rabbis.

    They also have the Goat up. But there is a huge conspiracy where these notification websites are being supplied with pictures of Greer having a human head instead of a goat head. Larry Noodles is so far the only media outlet who has uncovered the truth.

    I heard that Aiken’s site is also considering to post Aviad Hack. Are there any pictures of Hack floating around?

  2. But is EM the only person who claims to be a victim of Mr. Greer? Or are there others coming forward? Has Rabbi Hack (ordained by Mr. G?) been accused as a perpetrator or just an enabler, or a homer victim who then became an enabler?
    A victim who develops an extreme dependence on his molester and derives his sole income from him, running a miniscule student body, should be considered still in the victimhood stage and therefore should not be targeted by you or other shaming websites.

    1. “should be considered still in the victimhood stage and therefore should not be targeted by you or other shaming websites”

      Hack still has no right to abuse others.

      The Nazis thought they had a good excuse too to exterminate Jews. They were just “victims” of their superiors. They were “just vollowing orders”, for if not they would be killed themselves. This goes against Judeo-Christian principals that Law in Western societies is based on. That’s why the judges at Nuremburg sent these sniveling murderers to the hangman to exact justice.

    2. there is limit to how much we can and should excuse behavior: avi hack was an adult male ( 28 years old) and allowed to be a pimp to greer and sacrificed mirlis without any qualms ( at least as behaviorally exhibited). my son was one year younger than mirlis, and shared a room next miles with another kid, mirlis had a room of his own. there are many kids who have a rotten wrong up life: but that does not excuse them when they are adults. responsibility has to start somewhere, otherwise we are all victims of circumstances: ” my father beat me, so i am justified to beat my child, my mother was a whore, so that justifies me pimping out my younger sister”. get real, mr. lumiere, and call a spade a spade. avi hack was a victim who became a pimp, and who should be held accountable for misusing his role of principal. ( let us face it, he had the choice of NOT going back to new haven, but i guess it all comes down to money)

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