Theranos Femme Fatale Has Bad Jewish Blood

Theranos Femme Fatale Has Bad Jewish Blood

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Number one female fraudster of all time Elizabeth “Nanotainer” Holmes

The biggest female criminal of all time has been indicted by the United States Department of Justice. The California office is handling the case. Holmes’ blood testing company Theranos was located in Palo Alto, California. The Justice Department of the Southern District of New York usually handles the most high profile criminal cases in the world. New York is home to the most high powered Jewish and non-Jewish criminals in the world. The Southern District of New York didn’t get this case because Elizabeth Holmes lives in California.

The crime rate for women is generally lower than for men. When a woman commits a crime it is usually one of extreme violence, usually committed against men. You don’t see many women getting convicted of massive financial fraud. Martha Stewart did six months in Club Fed for insider trading. Martha is small time. Leona Rosenthal Helmsley did some time in Club Fed for tax evasion. Martha Stewart, a Gentile, graduated from Ivy League Barnard. Helmsley is a full blooded Jewess who dropped out of school to go into the real estate business. The rest is history, or her-story.

Helmsely worked her way to the top by marrying and then divorcing rich and powerful men. Following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford. She used her student loans to start her company Theranos. Holmes is not a full blooded Jewess but she is descended from the illustrious Charles Fleischmann, founder of Fleischmann’s Yeast, which is the number one yeast used by Jewish mamas on a Friday afternoon to make challah bread for inmates in Otisville.

Elizabeth Holmes idolized Steve Jobs. She always dressed like Jobs with the black turtlenecks. She took on his mannerisms and phrases that he used. Watch her videos on YouTube, it’s creepy. Jobs is also a Semite. Jobs is not a Jew, but he is Semitic. His father is Abdulfattah Al-Jandali, a Syrian Arab. Abdulfattah did some jail time in Lebanon. Holmes’ father was an executive with Enron, but never got indicted by the Feds.

Much like Helmsley, Holmes also slept her way to the top. Holmes slept with Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, a successful Pakistani-born Silicon Valley high tech millionaire. Helmsley would never sleep with a Paki. Leona slept with members of her own Tribe. Sunny drove a black Lamborghini. Sunny was 19 years older than Holmes. After Sunny met Holmes when Holmes was 18 Sunny dumped his wife. Sunny secretly lived with Holmes while they ran Theranos. Sunny and Holmes solicited hundreds of millions from investors without mentioning to investors that Holmes was Sunny’s honey.

Holmes was Sunny’s femme fatale. She brought him down. Sunny didn’t know anything about blood testing machines. Holmes fooled everyone with her “nanotainer.” The nanotainer was a small plastic vial that held a few drops of blood. Holmes claimed she could run hundreds of blood tests from her nanotainer. Investors threw hundreds of millions of dollars at her and Sunny. Her company was worth $9 billion. But her machine could not run hundreds of tests from one drop of blood in her nanotainer. Holmes should know that one drop of blood cannot effectuate atonement for a chatas offering, you need at least four drops. Holmes wasn’t a Kohen, what did she know.

The Justice Department knows that a Kohen needs more than one drop of blood for atonement to be effective for a chatas offering. The Feds have Rod Rosenstein on staff. The Feds closed in on Holmes and Sunny in 2016. The relationship between Holmes and Sunny suddenly went dark. The sun set on Sunny. Holmes said she fired Sunny in 2016. Sunny said he quit. Expect these two defendants to point the finger at each other when they go to trial. They should have stayed together and presented a unified defense in front of the jury. Instead, the Feds will divide and conquer.

Holmes is by far the biggest female fraudster in human history. She is a complete sociopath. She must have known that the world would eventually come crashing down on her bogus nanotainer. You can watch her on old Youtube videos in her black turtlenecks giving interviews. In every video she is dressed in black from head to toe. She looks like villain Ursa from Superman II. Holmes is a low talker. She adopted a very unfeminine low voice. Former employees said that on occasion she would slip back into her feminine voice. Fast forward and watch Holmes in her deposition posted by ABC News. She trashed the turtleneck. She wore a white blouse with a black jacket. She admitted to the SEC that she was not entirely truthful about the nanotainer. She looks like a deer in headlights. Disturbing.

Women like Holmes give honest law abiding women a bad name. It would have been better if Holmes had stayed home and raised a family with Sunny, and cooked challah rolls on Friday nights with Fleischmann’s yeast, rather than cooking the books at Theranos.

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