Top Secret Meeting Held at the Compound

Top Secret Meeting Held at the Compound


Recently I was told of a top secret meeting that was held at the Greer compound.  The people who attended the meeting were Greer’s two sons and Rabbi Avi Hack, the man Greer raped as a child.  The meeting was held back in the Spring of 2015, about a year before the Mirlis rape lawsuit was filed.

The purpose of the top secret meeting was damage control.  These three men became aware of the Mirlis rape allegations.  They had to figure out what to do about Mirlis and what to do about Rabbi Muroff, a former teacher at the school, who was poking around and asking questions.

Rabbi Muroff was speaking with the rabbis from the Jewish day school organization Torah Umesorah.  Muroff was the rabbi who became instantly famous when he found $98K in a desk he purchased on Craigslist.  He returned the money to the seller of the desk.

Rabbi Muroff and Torah Umesorah were trying to get Greer to shut down his school.   Greer shut it down for one day.  Greer’s grandchildren, who comprised 99% of the school, skipped town and enrolled in other schools.  Two non-Greer children enrolled in the Greer House of Horrors the next day after Greer reopened his school, against the recommendations of Torah Umesorah.

The purpose of the top secret meeting was also to figure out what to do about the old goat.  Most likely the three men approached the old goat and suggested that he quietly settle the Mirlis allegations and step down from power.  Even though two of the three men at the top secret meeting were Greer’s own sons, and the other (Avi Hack) had years of intimate relations with Greer, these three men knew nothing about Greer.  They assumed the old goat was a rational human being.  They assumed Greer would do the right thing and step aside.  They did not realize that the old goat does not possess any human characteristics.  Greer is just an old goat controlled by his animal instinct.  He is not capable of making rational human decisions.

I have also been told that a student had secretly recorded this top secret meeting.  There apparently is a tape recording out there.  I have been trying to get a copy of this tape.

In the top secret meeting the three men also discussed highly questionable business practices at the compound.  Greer has a number of employees who work for him at his non-profit school.  He has cut his staff significantly since the child rape lawsuit, but he still has at least one Eastern European employee named Pawlik. In an earlier blog I had photographed Pawlik painting over the graffiti at the Greer office building.

Greer cannot use workers from his school to work on his rental properties, office building or personal residence.  When Greer solicits donations for his school he does not tell his donors that monies are being diverted towards the upkeep of Greer rental properties and Greer’s personal residence.


Greer regularly uses Pawlik to work in these multiple capacities.  Pawlik probably also cleaned the crayon graffiti that was all over Greer’s inside walls at his house on West Park Ave.  A few years ago Greer accused a 10 year old student at his school of breaking into the Greer’s personal residence while Greer was in Newport, Rhode Island.  Greer frequently travels to Newport during the summer, where he owns a condo.  Greer called the New Haven Police and accused the boy of breaking into his home and using crayons to draw all over the Greer walls.  In spite of Greer’s connections with the New Haven Police Department, nobody was arrested.  The family subsequently took their children out of the Greer school and moved out of town.

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