Top Yale Doc Caught With Stolen Money & Haitian Boy Toy

Top Yale Doc Caught With Stolen Money & Haitian Boy Toy

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Dr. Alexander Neumeister is top in his field in neuroscience and psychiatry.  Neumeister graduated from the University of Vienna Medical School with top honors in psychiatry.  After medical school Neumeister went to work on projects all over the world.  Neumeister worked for the National Institute of Mental Health and conducted studies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Neumeister went to work for Yale School of Medicine in 2004.  Neumeister left Yale in 2010 after it was discovered that he had stolen close to $100K of grant money.

Yale never reported Neumeister’s thievery to the authorities lest Yale look stupid for hiring such a goniff.  Yale didn’t want to tarnish it’s reputation.  This multi billion dollar non-profit organization only pays $4 million a year in property taxes to the City of New Haven.  Yale owns $2.5 billion of real estate in New Haven.  Rabbi Daniel Greer’s non-profits own about $10 million of real estate in New Haven, most of it also tax exempt.

While at Yale, Dr. Neumeister purchased a $630K house in Hamden, a suburb of New Haven, where he lived with his wife and three children.  After Neumeister started to work for Yale in 2004, he got his wife, who has a medical degree from some unknown foreign country, into a post doc program at Yale.  Neumeister paid for her program and eventually got her a job at Yale.  Dr. Neumeister’s mother and siblings, who live in Austria, do not talk to the doctor, for some unknown reason.

After getting kicked out of Yale, Neumeister landed a gig at the New York University School of Medicine, where he stole grant money from NYU.  Yale never told NYU that Neumeister was a goniff, a crook, a thief.  Yale should have warned NYU about this crook.  NYU is not an Ivy so Yale couldn’t care less if Neumeister pilfered from a non-Ivy.

While at NYU Dr. Neumeister stole money in order to support his boyfriend, a 20 year old Haitian boy toy, whose name has been kept under seal in court documents.  Neumeister funded an all expense vacation in Miami Beach for his boy toy.  The boy toy liked to drink, so Neumeister picked up his bar tab with the University credit card.  Neumeister also paid to have his boy toy flown to New York City for a rendezvous.  According to court documents Dr. Neumeister and his wife had a “non traditional relationship.”  They didn’t live with each other most of the time.  They each had a side piece.

There is a sketchy description of the boy toy, referred to as “P”, that I was able to get off the heavily redacted court documents:  “At the time they met, P was in his early twenties, P had been the scion of an aristocratic Haitian family whose father was an official in Duvalier Regime, which ruled Haiti from 1959 to 1986. After the fall of the dictatorship, Haiti experienced military rule and violence associated with the rise, and subsequent ousting by coup, of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. P grew up in the midst of this political chaos, with his family’s fortune and security rising and falling with each shift in power. P ’s family ultimately sent him and his brothers to live with a relative in Miami when he was a teenager. There, without any guiding parental figure, the young P.  Dr. Neumeister was taken in and sympathetic to the profound trauma and chaos that this young man had experienced, and he determined to try to take care of him.  Although P dreamed of being a professional ballet dancer, when Dr. Neumeister met him, P was still partying hard and allowing people to take advantage of him…  It was in the context of this toxic relationship that, after P moved to North Carolina and later Salt Lake City, Utah, to dance with two different ballet companies, Dr. Neumeister misappropriated his research funds, including federal grant money, both to travel to see P and to pay for P to travel to New York, in addition to stays at various hotels.  In early 2015, NYU confronted Dr. Neumeister about suspicious charges on his corporate credit card, known as a “P-card.” Dr. Neumeister readily admitted that certain of the charges were fraudulent and agreed to pay them back to the university. However, when he was asked about P, Dr. Neumeister was unable to admit their relationship, and instead said that P was a research subject. At a subsequent meeting with attorneys present, Dr. Neumeister further accepted responsibility for his conduct, but again denied his relationship with P.  Shortly thereafter, Dr. Neumeister agreed to resign his position at NYU.”

The credit card Neumeister used to steal from NYU and pay his Haitian boy toy was called the “P- card” in court documents.  Court documents do not reveal what the “P” stands for.  I would guess it means “Prostitute.”  It should have been an “HP-card” for “Haitian Prostitute.”

Dr. Larry Noodles has diagnosed Dr. Neumeister as a goniff kleptomaniac suffering from an Oedipal sexual dysfunctional disorder triggered by the presence of young male Haitian goats.  Unfortunately NYU Medical School did not come to such a diagnose before hiring Dr. Neumeister.  After he got kicked out of NYU, Neumeister went to work at the Institute of Mental Health at the Royal, in Ottawa, Canada along the New York border.  Dr. Neumeister lived in New York and crossed the border every day to go to work.  The Feds closed in.  Neumeister got busted.  Neumeister had to surrender his passport.  While Neumeister was asking the Feds if he could get his passport back so he could continue to work in Canada, the Royal royally fired him.  Neumeister moved back to Hamden.

Dr. Neumeister was sentenced in the Southern District of New York.  Neumeister said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again.  The Feds wanted him to go to jail for a year.  His attorney argued for probation and a $50 donation to the United Way.  Neumeister’s attorney argued that Neumeister was not some low life criminal who liked to rob old ladies.  Neumeister was a highly respected neuro-scientist and psychiatrist, top in the world, and led major research in PTSD in the Congo.  Neumeister also worked at a soup kitchen in Hamden called Christ the Bread of Life Parish.  In spite of living in America for decades Neumeister only has a green card.  Neumeister cried that if gets a jail sentence of more than a year the green card would be revoked and he would be deported back to his homeland of Austria.  This cannot happen to man of such a high reputation.  Only Mexicans are supposed to get deported. Someone should rat this creepy doc out to Donald Trump.

Dr. Neumeister is one of only three non-Jewish members of the American Psychiatric Association.  Somehow he has achieved success in the field of psychiatry in spite of this genetic disorder.  His Austrian parents told him he had to work twice as hard as the Jewish doctors to break through the glass ceiling reinforced with a layer of noodle kugel.

Federal Judge Analisa Torres, an Obama appointed judge and Harvard graduate, sentenced Dr. Neumeister.  Neumeister’s attorney had her Harvard degree in mind when he argued:  “Dr. Neumeister is highly intelligent, refined, and cultured. He has had a sterling scientific career, marked not only by academic achievement and peer recognition, but motivated by a genuine passion for alleviating suffering. By all appearances, his life, both professional and personal, has been a great success. But beneath the surface, there is a man who carries tremendous guilt and shame, and who, in an inexplicable manner approaching compulsion, took repeated action to sabotage his own success and breach the mores of society for little personal gain. Alexander Neumeister is a tragically flawed person, whose all-too-human frailties overtook him during critical periods of his life, and have already acted to destroy and devastate his career, reputation, and family.  He comes before this Court as a man whose life has been shattered by his actions. He recognizes that the blame for that falls squarely on his shoulders and he is in the process of trying to rebuild his life. He will no doubt continue to punish himself long after his sentencing in this case occurs.”  Give me a break.  The only reason he feels shame is because he got caught.  This guy is a career crook who flouts the mores of society with his Haitian boy toy on the side.

You can read the entire memo submitted by Neumeister’s attorney by clicking this link.  Make sure you have a barf bag at your side.  You can read all the character letters submitted by his wife, kids, the soup kitchen, neighbors, and his doctor friends by clicking this link and this link.  Not one letter was submitted by a Yale doctor.

Judge Torres went easy on Dr. Neumeister.  They are both part of the Ivy League Illuminati.  No jail time.  Probation only.  Neumeister was also ordered three years of hard labor:  Neumeister is required to play the piano at least twice a week at old age homes for three years in Bridgeport, Waterbury, Hartford and New Haven.  Torres didn’t go so easy on Eric Givens, who embezzled $100K from Amtrak union funds.  She threw him in jail for 16 months.  But at least she didn’t require him to play piano in Waterbury or Bridgeport, of all places.

Ordering a defendant to play piano is one of the stupidest sentences I have ever heard of.  But it is a good start.  Sentencing judges should be more creative and not just rubber stamp the prosecutor’s request.  Judges should require the government to either construct humane prisons or shut them all down before locking up non-violent offenders.  Today’s American prisons are medieval.  Prisons are run by gangs.  Guards let the thugs rule the cages, as long as they keep the peace.  The guards don’t want to get their hands dirty.  Prisoners who work and get paid 10 cents an hour to produce license plates for the government is legalized human slavery.  Larry Noodles for President!


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