Transgender NY District Atty Sentenced To Female Prison

Transgender NY District Atty Sentenced To Female Prison

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John Chambers Awaits Female Prison

Former Brooklyn District Attorney John Chambers was sentenced to one year in prison. John’s birth name was Susan DeSanto. Susan got her law degree and a job in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s in 1983. Susan left the DA’s office in 1986 to go into private practice. On her 46th birthday, in 2001, Susan DeSanto changed her name to John Chambers. John specialized in obtaining gun permits for his clients. John was an impassioned defender of the Second Amendment. John got busted by the Feds for bribing New York City Sgt. David Villanueva with watches, clothing and cash to help John’s clients obtain gun permits. John is not a Jew. Neither is Susan. John went to trial and got convicted. John didn’t plead out. John is a real criminal. No charges were filed against Susan.

At sentencing John’s attorney Steven Brounstein argued to sentencing Judge William H. Pauley of the Southern District of New York that John’s status as a transgender required special consideration. Attorney Brounstein is a Jew. At sentencing Attorney Brounstein played the transgender card. Brounstein’s strategy worked. Judge Pauley sentenced John to only a year and a day in jail as opposed to multiple years sought by the Feds.

Judge Pauley is the same judge who sentenced President Trump’s rat Michael Cohen to three years in Otisville prison. Attorney Brounstein complained to Pauley that the Office of Adult Probation and the US Attorneys Office ignored the “elephant in the room,” ie., John’s status as a transgender. Brounstein argued the following: “The Probation Department avoided discussion of “the Elephant in the room,” ie., Mr. Chamber’s transition from female to male. His gender reassignment is an extremely relevant factor in considering sentencing for several reasons. This was an extremely private and solitary issue with which Mr. Chambers struggled throughout his entire life. In order to maintain his gender identity, Mr. Chambers receives hormone treatments on a regular basis. They are necessary in to maintain his identity as a male. If he is incarcerated he will need to continue to receive that treatment during the time he is incarcerated. The Bureau of Prisons, under Obama, issued guidelines entitled “Transgender Offender Manual” related to the treatment of transgender inmates in January of 2017. This document recognized the special needs of transgender prisoners, physically, medically, psychologically, and it addresses the serious safety concerns. However, In May of 2018, the current Trump administration issued an amended manual which in many ways upended the prior manual. These revised rules shifted the focus more towards institutional concerns and away from the health, safety and welfare of incarcerated transgender individuals.”

The Department of Justice under Obama issued guidelines in January of 2017 to allow the Bureau of Prisons more flexibility in sending a transgender inmate to a prison of his or her choice. A man who was once a woman can request a cell in a men’s prison. A woman who was once a man can request a cell in a woman’s prison. In January of 2017 Obama commuted the 35 year sentence of Wiki leaker Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, who was locked up in a men’s prison in Fort Leavenworth. In 2018 Donald Trump changed the rules. The Bureau of Prisons now has more power to put a convict who was born a woman, but became a man, into a woman’s prison. A man who became a woman will now be forced to sit in a man’s prison. The Donald didn’t change the rules regarding Jews going to Otisville. If you were born a Jew and went off the derech, off the path, and identify as a Christian, a goy, you will still be permitted to go to Otisville, join the shul and have your Shabbos meal. If you were born a goy, and you became a Jew, had a bris, ie., kosher circumcision, and dunked yourself in the mikvah, ie., ritual bath, like Ivanka Trump did, you are considered a full fledged Jew with a cell waiting for you in Otisville.

Attorney Brounstein argued to Judge Pauley that his client will be subjected to abuse whether he goes to a male prison or a female prison. Brounstein argued: “Mr. Chambers is small in stature and 63 years old. If placed in a
male facility, we need not speculate as to his fate. And even if designated to a female facility, the risk of physical violence will still be acute as will the ridicule, bullying and isolation which are sure to follow him. By virtue of his gender, stature and age- he is extremely vulnerable. Prison is difficult
for any one, but for this defendant it would be a living hell.”

The Federal prosecutor didn’t seem to care whether John would be raped, killed, bullied, or ridiculed in prison. The prosecutor argued to Judge Pauley: “Transgender factors necessarily are weighed against the defendant’s conduct, which involved bribery of a sworn law enforcement officer, abuse of his position as an attorney, and helping clients to obtain or maintain gun licenses they should not have had—or, at best, should not have had so quickly and without appropriate oversight and evaluation. Such conduct is alarming, corrosive to the integrity and trust of public institutions and of law enforcement, and potentially very dangerous.”

John filed an appeal of his conviction and sentence. The Bureau of Prisons has not yet assigned John to a prison. John is still out on bond. John may end up in the Danbury woman’s prison, which also has a facility for men. Federal correctional officers are not the brightest bulbs in the tool shed. If John checked into the men’s facility in Danbury, and his paperwork said he belonged in the building for females, the guards will take one look at him and think that the paperwork got mixed up. They may just keep him on the men’s side.

I refused to give Michael Cohen prison advice because he ratted out Trump. I am not a fan of Trump, but I am not a fan of rats. Because John Chambers is not a rat, and because he went to trial, he is a real criminal. John has street cred, even though he was once Susan. Therefore I will give John words of advice. John should convert to Judaism and request Otisville prison. A conversion for John would be easy. John wouldn’t need to undergo a painful circumcision because he doesn’t have a shmeckle. All he would have to do is take a dunk in the mikvah in front of a court of three rabbis. John already has a full beard. All he needs is a yarmukle, which he can buy on the commissary. John will soon be singing Shabbos songs on Friday nights with Mshuuuulem in Otisville. Mazel Tov!

You can read what John argued to Judge Pauly by clicking below:

You can read what the Feds argued by clicking below:

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  1. Larry once again you provide a through and funny bloug ,about the individuals ( thrrre were 2)
    But actually 1 ) Interesting keep up the great work.

  2. John chambers is a good person he or she do’nt matter to the fact .jail is the worst place to be in I retired 20 yrs ago from my doc .he should not be in jail . He should get probation ,he’s not a dug

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