Trial of Rapist Rabbi Fool Set for April Fool’s Day, 2017

Trial of Rapist Rabbi Fool Set for April Fool’s Day, 2017




The attorney for Rabbi Greer and the attorney for Plaintiff Mirlis recently met and submitted a trial management scheduling order to Judge Shea, as required by the Federal civil rules.  The parties picked April 1, 2017, April Fools Day, for the trial of Rabbi Greer.  What better day to schedule the trial of Rabbi Fool?  Court dates are always subject to change.  The wheels of justice are very slow.  This court date will definitely be changed to some later date, as this date falls on a Saturday, and the Federal courts are closed on Saturdays. The clowns who scheduled this date obviously didn’t check their calendars.  Larry Noodles apologizes for calling the lawyers clowns.  Larry Noodles would hate to insult all the clowns out there.

The six page scheduling memorandum indicates that Plaintiff Mirlis plans on taking 10 depositions and Rabbi Greer plans on taking 25 depositions.  Depositions are when a potential witness is asked questions under oath by the attorneys with a court reporter recording everything that is said. Depositions can be very costly.  The court reporter charges a buck or two a page, and a typical deposition could cost hundreds of dollars.

Larry Noodles could be a potential witness to statements made to him by potential witnesses in the case.  Rabbi Greer may want to take the deposition of Larry Noodles in order to determine if there is any truth to anything Larry Noodles reported in this blog.  Larry Noodles will save Rabbi Greer the expense of the deposition, and will quote the immortal words of George Constanza:  “Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Rabbi Greer plans on taking 25 depositions between September of 2016 and January of 2017.  That’s five depositions a month.  Fuhgetaboutit!  Two busy lawyers will never be able to schedule 5 depositions a month.  Plaintiff MIrlis wants to take his ten depositions before August 30, 2016.  Fuhgetaboutit!  Both Greer and Mirlis indicated that they plan on calling expert witnesses to testify at the trial.  I can see Mirlis calling a psychologist to testify about the emotional trauma he suffered, and will suffer for the rest of his life, after being subjected to the depraved acts of Rabbi Greer.  But who is Rabbi Greer going to call as an expert?  Rabbi Greer may call a psychologist to question the findings of Mirlis’ psychologist.

The most unusual part of the trial memo contains the following statement:  “undersigned counsel have discussed the disclosure and preservation of electronically stored information, including, but not limited to, the form in which such data shall be produced, search terms to be applied in connection with the retrieval and production of such information, the location and form of electronically stored information.”  Rabbi Greer doesn’t own a cell phone or a computer, or anything electronic other than the toaster that he purchased in 1965.  I wonder what kind of  “electronic information” is out there that would be relevant to the Greer case.  I could be that Plaintiff Mirlis sent emails or text messages to persons connected with the case, such as Rabbi Avi Hack, who was also raped by Rabbi Greer.  But the memo also refers to “search terms.”  I wonder what that means?  The memo could be referring to web sites such as this blog, in which information about Rabbi Fool has been posted that could be relevant to the trial. This blog is the number one news source for reporting on the Greer case.  Greta Van Susteren doesn’t even come close.  And forget about that Georgia ex-prosecutor hick Nancy Grace.  After spending 18 months in the slammer, while depraved child predators like Rabbi Fool freely roam the streets of New Haven, Larry Noodles is no fan of prosecutors.

Rabbi Fool does not have to serve Larry Noodles with a Federal court order in order to preserve the electronic contents of this blog.  Larry Noodles promises Rabbi Fool that he will preserve this blog until INFINITY and BEYOND!    Put that in your search engine Rabbi Fool!e

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