Trump Closely Watching Manhattan DA Election

Trump Closely Watching Manhattan DA Election

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Long time Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has been investigating the Trump family for tax fraud, insurance fraud and bank fraud for the last two years. Vance won a big victory when the US Supreme Court ordered that Trump turn over his tax returns. Vance brought in some big guns to help him in this complicated white collar criminal case. Vance brought in attorney Mark Pomerantz, a prominent former Federal prosecutor who works for the white shoe firm Paul Weiss. Vance is closing in on the Donald. Trump’s camp has vowed to wage a “nuclear war” if Trump is indicted. Trump insiders have talked about asking Florida Republican Governor Rick DeSantis not to honor an extradition request by the State of New York if Trump is indicted.

Trump may dodge the bullet depending on who is elected the next election for Democratic District Attorney of Manhattan this year. Vance has declared that he will not run for DA this year. The most well healed, and well connected lawyer running for Manhattan DA is Tali Farhadian Weinstein, a Persian Jew whose parents escaped the “anti-Semitism of Revolutionary Iran” in her own words on her campaign website. Tali’s parents spent a few months in Israel before they decided to move to America. Tali “learned to assimilate as a Mizrahi Jew into the predominantly Ashkenazi populace of Englewood Cliffs.” Young Tali graduated from Yale University, Yale Law School and Oxford University, clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, and worked for the US Attorney’s Office. Tali ended up marrying a hedge fund tycoon named Boaz Weinstein, no relation to Harvey, although they both have the same haircut and stubble. They live in a $25 million penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side and have a few kids to teach them humility. The lawyer / writers at the website have been following Tali for years. The Ivy League grads at abovethelaw describe her as a “lush Persian beauty, easy on the eyes with stratospheric academic credentials” as opposed to Boaz, who only graduated from the University of Michigan. The abovethelaw elitists stated that if Boaz was an attractive millionaire hedge fund tycoon he wouldn’t be “seeking female companionship from the ranks of the Department of Justice.” Where would Boaz be seeking female companionship if he were an attractive tycoon? The Playboy mansion? Scores? I don’t know what the guys at abovethelaw are trying to imply.

Boaz Weinstein, whose parents are Israeli and American, runs a $2 billion hedge fund. Tali has been criticized for raising millions in campaign donations from friends on Wall Street, and employees of Boaz. Tali has refused to accept more than a dollar in campaign donations from criminal defense law firms or firms that mostly represent criminals. She claims that accepting such donations would be a conflict of interest. I wonder if Tali would accept a $2 donation from a convicted felon like myself. I should send her a $2 check with my RAP sheet and see if she returns my donation. Boaz ran various departments at Deutsche Bank for 12 years. Deutsche Bank has been accused of lending money to Iran and other countries that were subject to US sanctions over the years, as well as laundering money for Russian criminal syndicates. Deutsche also extended at least $2 billion in highly risky and questionable loans to the Trump organization over the years. During World War II Deutsche financed the construction of concentration camps as well as financed the manufacture of poison gas. Deutsche Bank sold gold fillings for the Nazis. Deutsche cut off all ties with the Donald in January of 2021 after it got served with subpoenas from Congress looking into the Trump organization.

Tali has the biggest war chest of all the candidates running for Manhattan DA. Will Tali protect the Donald if she is elected? Is Tali a Trojan horse? Boaz Weinstein is a big time gambler, he must know the Donald. Boaz was banned from the Bellagio for counting cards. Boaz won a Maserati at a poker game sponsored by Warren Buffet.

Harlem native Alvin Bragg, a graduate of Harvard Law School is also running for DA. Bragg brags on his website that he took on the Trump administration when he was Deputy Counsel for the Attorney General of New York State. You can be sure that Bragg will bring criminal charges against the Donald. Dan Quart, of the Upper East Side, a St. John’s Law graduate, and former Legal Aid attorney is also in the running for DA. Dan’s website has a picture of himself with his wife Miriam and two kids holding up their hands waving and smiling. Dan seems like a nice guy, too nice. Nice guys finish last. Dan doesn’t have a chance. Eliza Orlins, a public defender, who graduated Fordham Law School, is also in the running. Orlins has appeared on the Survivor show a few times. Eliza is the first woman in a New York state race to accept cryptocurrency donations, no questions asked. In 2017 Eliza tweeted: “I am a Jewish woman and a public defender and I am calling Trump a White Supremacist.” If Eliza is elected Trump will be indicted, tarred, feathered and forced to appear on the Survivor show with Michael Cohen, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jed Bush, and Mitch McConnell.

Tahanie A. Aboushi is a Palestinian-American civil rights attorney, one of ten children, who graduated from Syracuse Law School. Tahanie is a proud Muslim and wears a head covering, a hijab. Tahanie defended Muslims who were held up at Kennedy airport as a result of Trump’s Executive order that targeted Middle Eastern travelers from Muslim countries. If Tahanie is elected you can expect Tahanie to deport Trump to a hostile Middle Eastern country. Tahanie has been endorsed by Rashida Tlaib. Tali Weinstein has been endorsed by Gloria Steinem.

Larry Noodles has endorsed Tahanie Aboushi. Tahanie is the frummest looking contender in the race. Even though she didn’t graduate from Yale she will devote herself to God, country, truth, justice and Moshiach! NOW!

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