Trump Pardons Miami Convict Philip Esformes

Trump Pardons Miami Convict Philip Esformes

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Miami based Philip Esformes was one of 20 convicted felons granted commutation of prison sentences by Donald Trump. Philip was released from Federal prison a couple of days ago. Philip was busted back in 2016 for Medicare Fraud. The Feds accused Philip of conspiring to defraud Medicare in the amount of $1.3 billion through nursing homes that he ran in South Florida. The Justice Department said it was the largest health care fraud case brought in its entire history. Philip was convicted after a jury trial of conspiracy to pay and receive bribes and kickbacks, money laundering, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and health care fraud. Philip was accused of putting violent drug addicts in his nursing home, which got reimbursed by Medicare. The drug addicts were promised a steady supply of Oxy’s at the nursing homes. The problem was that the violent drug addicts were put in rooms with elderly patients who were on Medicare. In one case a drug addict beat and killed an elderly patient. Philip was sentenced to 20 years in 2019. The Feds asked for 30 years.

Philip’s wife Sherri Esformes, pictured above, filed for divorce in the Florida Civil Court in 2015 after having been married for 20 years. The divorce was finalized in the summer of 2020. The divorce was messy. Numerous motions were filed between the parties attacking each other. The case dragged on for 5 years. Philip filed a motion to see his kids on rotating Shabbats. Philip filed a motion for sole decision making authority on his children’s extracurricular activities. Sherri filed a motion to have Philip subjected to a psychological examination. Philip filed a motion to compel his wife to utilize My Family Wizard for all communications between him and Sherri.

In September 2019 Sherri Esformes filed a character letter for her husband Philip at his sentencing. Sherri wrote the following: “My name is Sherri Esformes, and I am writing to you as the soon-to-be ex wife of Philip Esformes. Given all of the ugliness that comes with a messy divorce, I would imagine that you might be surprised to hear from me. Please allow me to explain why I have decided to write this letter. I believe that Philip has a good heart. Unfortunately, he is the product of a very difficult childhood. The trauma he experienced has remained with him throughout his life. Despite this, he spent many years trying to, in his own words, ‘fight the demons.’ Unfortunately, he got off track for awhile and experienced what seems like an extreme mid-life crisis. He tried to buy happiness with fancy cars and other toys, but nothing could fill his inner void. However, even while his world was crashing in around him, he always managed to be generous to others. He gave more than 10% of his annual income to charity, and always wanted to help those in need. Ironically, having the last three years of time to self-reflect has humbled Philip tremendously and allowed him to grow into his full potential. While locked in the federal detention center, he has become the man I always knew he could be.”

Sherri stated that Philip went through an “extreme mid life crisis.” Sherri didn’t mention that Philip drove a $1.6 million Ferrari. Prosecutors allaged that “high-end escorts” were flown to Orlando and chauffeured in limousines for liaisons with Esformes at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Sherri Esformes stated that her ex husband Philip suffered a difficult childhood in which he “fought the demons.” Philip’s father wrote a character letter for Philip but nowhere did he mention a difficult childhood. Philip’s father wrote the following: “My name is Morris Esformes, an ordained rabbi, but more importantly, the father of Phillip Esformes.This letter is the most challenging task of my life—because I am asking you to consider leniency for my son Philip. I raised Phillip to love his fellow man based on the most important principal in the bible, to love thy neighbor as yourself. From the time he was a little boy his love for his fellow man was manifested in so many ways. He showed incredible respect for everyone, especially to the elderly, which included his grandparents, great uncles and aunts, also to his teachers in the religious and secular world. As a student he took nothing for granted. He studied with such an intensity that I, his father, had never seen anything like. When it came to work, the same tenacity he used in school he used in his business endeavors. Ultimately, raising his children was done in the same manner. His discipline to see things through was unwavering. So I am questioning how the son I raised put himself in the position in which he now finds himself. As I followed his case, I was deeply disturbed by what I learned about my son’s behavior. Philip had veered from the path that his family had paved for him. Since his arrest, Philip has been paying the price every day, 24 hours per day, confined to a maximum-security jail with limited contact with his children whom he adores. By the time you sentence Philip, he will have spent 1,147 days there without a deep breath of fresh air or a ray of sunlight on his skin. I am now entering the end of my life, as is Phillip’s mother. So the length of Phillip’s sentence is our greatest fear. No parent wants to die knowing that his child is still in a prison.We want to see him reunited with his family and able to begin his life again. I beg Your Honor to impose a sentence that will allow us, in our lifetimes, to see Philip outside a prison, showing the world that despite everything he did wrong he is still a good man and son who can do something positive.”

Rabbi Morris Esformes sued a guy named Leonard Krane out of South Florida last year for defaulting on a $5.5 million personal loan. Krane avoided service of process. Esformes is still looking for Krane. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Leonard Krane please contact Rabbi Esformes.

Philip has a son named Morris Esformes. Sephardic Jews name their children after living relatives as opposed to Ashkanazi Jews who only name their children after deceased relatives. The Feds investigated Philip into whether he paid bribes to get his son into the exclusive Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. No charges were brought against Philip or his son. Philip’s son Morris wrote the following letter at sentencing: “I know you heard throughout the trial that I did not deserve to be at the University of Penn. I want you to know that I will be graduating with a 3.6 GPA and hopefully Magna Cum Laude, despite all that has been on my plate. I excelled at Wharton because of what my dad instilled in me. His lessons, both through words and action, are what have made me the man I am today. Judge Scola, I am asking you today to find it in your heart to be as lenient as possible in your sentencing of my father. I ask you, not only to consider the immeasurable punishment he has already endured – from losing over 70 pounds, to not being there for major milestones in his children’s lives, to being in maximum security prison for almost three years, to the immense public embarrassment, and so on but to also consider what his absence means for his family.” Morris didn’t mention that the Feds accused Philip of paying $300K to the basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania in order to get Morris admitted on a basketball scholarship. The basketball coach pleaded guilty to laundering money and testified against Philip.

Philip offered to post a $50 million bond to stay out of jail when he first got busted in 2016. The Feds argued that Philip was a flight risk and a suicide risk. The Federal Judge denied Philip’s request to be released on bond. Ghislaine Maxwell has requested to be released on a $25 million bond from Metropolitan Detention Center. Her motion is still pending. Bernie Madoff was released on a $10 million bond when he got busted. Bernie was confined to his Manhattan apartment.

Philip is now free as a bird thanks to The Donald. Philip did about 3 years in super max and another year in a Medium prison. Hard time by any standards. Trump saved Philip about 16 years in prison. Mazel Tov Mr. Esformes. Happy Chanukah.


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