Two Jurors Picked In Goat Criminal Trial

Two Jurors Picked In Goat Criminal Trial

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Daniel Greer AKA the Goat, walks out of the New Haven Courthouse with Sarah Greer AKA the Ewe after a long day of jury selection

The Goat’s criminal trial commenced at 10 AM this morning in Courtroom 4B before Judge Alander at 235 Church St, New Haven. Attorney Willie Dow was there with the Goat along with a law student who was serving as his assistant. David Grudberg, who defended the Goat in the Civil Trial, was there to assist Dow, but then left when Judge Alander refused to grant Dow a continuance of the trial that he had requested. Dow used Grudberg to argue to Judge Alander that he needed to bring in Grudberg because Grudberg was familiar with all the players in the Goat case. Grudberg said he was in the middle of a big “complex litigation case” and Grudberg needed more time to prepare for the Goat trial. Judge Alander wasn’t going to delay the Goat case any further and told the attorneys “FUHGETABOUTIT!”

Dow also argued to Judge Alander that he originally thought that the State was only going to present the testimony of a few witnesses, but now that the State just added a few more expert witnesses to the case Willie said that he needed more time to prepare. Dow further argued that the naming of Avi Hack as a witness, along with two other witnesses to testify about uncharged misconduct, “opened up all kinds of doors.” Dow mentioned that the Goat was going to claim that Avi Hack tried to take over the school and Dow needed more time to develop this line of defense. Dow argued that 8 days of evidence was not enough time to try the Goat case, and the trial would run into the Jewish holidays in September. Dow told Judge Alander that if the Goat were an “ordinary Orthodox Jew” this wouldn’t be a problem. But because the Goat was ordained a Rabbi back in 1975 and was a leader of a Jewish community, he leads the celebration of the high holy day in his Edgewood community, he could not risk having the trial conflict with the holidays. Dow failed to mention that all of the Goat’s followers left New Haven and the Goat has been paying young Jewish slackers to show up at his defunct synagogue. I wanted to point this out to Judge Alander, but thought it was more prudent to remain in my seat next to members of the press. Chris Peak was there from the New Haven Independent along with Randall Beach of the New Haven Register.

Dr. Michael Ben-Avie, of the Yale Child Study Center, was named as a new witness that the Goat intended to call in his case. Dr. Ben-Avie used to be a big fan of the Goat, until he realized that he was played for a fool. Ben Avie must be the dumbest PhD in child psychology on the planet if he couldn’t figure out that the Goat was a pedophile. After the Goat was exposed as a predator Dr. Ben-Avie fled the compound and moved to Cheshire. Dr. Ben Avie currently works at Quinnipiac College. He wrote a few books on children. Ben Avie would not help the Goat if he testified. Ben Avie is one of the angriest people I have ever met, even worse than the guys in Ed Stein’s Anger Management Class in Otisville Federal prison. He has a permanent scowl on his face with giant bug eyes. Most of the time he looks psychotic. Ben Avie frequently talked about numerous physical ailments and food allergies that he suffered. Dr. Ben Avie’s friend Dr. Siev told one of my sources that Ben Avie’s ailments were all a fiction of his own imagination. I’m not sure why Ben Avie would pretend to be sickly. I guess he was a hypochondriac. The Goat didn’t name Dr. Siev as a witness. The Goat named Siev as a witness in his civil case, but Siev hired a lawyer and refused to show up. Dr. Siev initially defended the Goat when rumors were spreading that the Goat was a pedophile. Eventually Siev realized the truth and moved out of the compound to Baltimore.

Dr. Ben Avie was named as a witness by the Goat in the Goat’s criminal case

The States Attorney Maxine Wilensky told Judge Alander that Willie Dow knew about the State’s witnesses for many months. She told Judge Alander that the recently named expert was an expert in Orthodox Judaism, not a scientific expert, and was going to explain Jewish culture and religion and how people act within that realm. 

Judge Alander told the lawyers that the trial would start on September 17th and that there would be nine days set aside for the trial, which would continue until September 27th.  Judge Alander said that he was confident that the trial will be concluded before the Jewish holidays.  Alander said that Willie Dow is a preeminent trial attorney and should be able to handle this case, and told the attorneys to move with alacrity.

Willie Dow told Judge Alander that he didn’t want the Goat to be referred to as “Rabbi” Goat, but then changed his mind. Dow said he wanted the Goat to be referred to as “Rabbi.”

Judge Alander heard arguments about Dow’s request to take the deposition of Rebbetzin Gettinger. In 2002-2003 Eli Mirlis testified in his civil trial that he was molested by the Goat at 777 Elm Street. According to the Goat, Rabbi Gettinger and his wife resided at 777 Elm Street during those years. The lawyers couldn’t figure out whether 777 Elm Street was a single family house or a multi family. After some whispering between the Goat and Dow, Willie told Judge Alander that 777 Elm was a multi family house with three apartments and the Gettingers resided in one of the apartments. Judge Alander said that her testimony would be relevant to the case and granted Dow’s request to take her deposition in Chicago.

Willie Dow requested that Judge Alander exclude Larry Noodles from all proceedings because I was named as a witness as part of the Goat’s case. Alander told Dow he needed a very good reason to exclude a member of the public from court proceedings. Dow said that I made electronic statements on line about one of the witnesses the State intended to call, and that Dow may want to call me to rebut the witness. Alander told Dow that Dow had a motion in limine pending to try to exclude that witness from testifying. If that motion was granted the issue would be moot. Alander asked Dow why I should be excluded from jury selection. Dow argued that I should be excluded from jury selection because I may hear some of the Goat’s defenses. Motion to Exclude Noodles DENIED. Judge Alander said he would reconsider the motion when the State’s witness appears to testify. I had filed an objection to Dow’s attempt to kick me out of the courtroom. Judge Alander sneered and announced to the Court that he received a motion from one “LAWRENCE DRESSLER.” I was sitting in the courtroom right in front of Judge Alander but he didn’t even acknowledge my existence. I’ve argued cases before him many years ago. He spoke with the attorneys and completely ignored me. Larry Noodles gets no respect.

Sequestration of a witness is in the discretion of the Judge depending on the risk that watching a witness testify will cause another witness to give false testimony to match the other witness. Dow would not be able to sequester me if I worked for the Office of the State’s Attorney for the State of Connecticut. I asked the State’s Attorney if she would deputize me as a special prosecutor and restore my law license just for the Goat’s case. She told me if I spoke to her again she would call the State marshals and have me locked up. It was worth a shot. See my motion below:

Judge Alander introduced the case to the panel of jurors. Alander told the jurors that the Goat was charged with 4 counts of sexual assault in second degree and 4 counts of risk of injury to a minor in 2002 and 2003. Alander told the jurors that there has been significant publicity about the Goat’s criminal case as well as the Goat’s related civil case. Alander said that both claims involve the same victims and the jury ruled against the Goat in the civil case. Alander didn’t mention that the jury awarded Mirlis $15 million. Alander told the jury that the standard of proof in a criminal case is beyond reasonable doubt which is a higher standard than in a civil case. 

The State’s Attorneys Karen Robart and Maxine Wilinsky introduced themselves to the potential jurors. The State’s attorney told the jury they expected to call the following witnesses: Inspector Dennis Kelly, Shira Mirlis, Harold Hack, Mordechai Biser, Zachery Resnick, Bennett Bergman, Dr. Fagen, Lisa Melillo, Eli Greer, Sarah Greer, Mr. Shapiro, Noam Muroff, and Officer Chris Cuddy. 

Willie Dow introduced himself to the jury and asked that the Goat stand up. Dow stumbled and told the jury that “David Greer, er, I mean Dan, Daniel Greer…” was a 78 years old Rabbi and worked to restore the Edgewood neighborhood. The Goat looked down when Dow spoke. Dow stumbled again and said that the Goat was married to “Sheryl Greer, er, I mean, Sarah Greer…” Dow proclaimed that the Goat graduated from Yale and had 5 children and 25 grandchildren.  Dow didn’t mention that all these people moved out of New Haven and haven’t spoken with their Goat father in years. Dow mentioned that he lives in Westville and his wife taught at the St Brendan’s school on Ellsworth Avenue, down the street from me. St Brenden’s was taken over by a big Lewbowski Yeshiva, er I mean a mean a big Lubavitch Yeshiva. Dow named other members of his law firm, such as Nick Presto who lives in Wooster Square and Joe Dasser. I don’t know where Joe Dasser lives. The Goat kept his head down.  Dow has a side kick named Lori, who is in law school. Dow mentioned that he was going to call the following witnesses: workers at DCF, Department of Public Health, the NJ Department of Health, Dr. David Mantel, Sarah Greer, Dr Thomas DeRosa, Goat secretary Jean Ledbury, Rosyln Gettinger, Lawrence Dressler AKA Larry Noodles, Avroham Notis, and Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormick.

Half the jury panel was excused because they were in college and planning to go back to school. State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensky asked the first juror, who was a male, some questions. She asked whether you have to be gay to commit male on male sexual abuse. The older male juror answered, “no, anyone can commit sex assault regardless of whether they are gay.  I wouldn’t like to listen to it but I would listen to it.” Max asked him if he would have a difficult time viewing pictures that were graphic in nature, such as body parts and pictures of the male genitalia.  The juror said he would have no problem viewing such pics.  But this juror said if the allegations involved the molestation of a child he would have a problem and not be completely fair to the Goat.  He said, “I could be fair but it would be hard.”  This juror was excused for cause. The next juror also said he would have a hard time being fair to the Goat when the allegations involved child abuse. This juror spent four months in jail for getting a number of DWIs. This juror was also excused for cause. I think Dow wanted to pick this juror because he had a criminal record and thus may be more sympathetic to the Goat. But if this potential juror did jail time he would have observed first hand that inmates hate child molesters, who are known as “diddlers” in State prison.

The Goat looked glum through most of the proceedings. He kept his hand over his head and his head down. His Ewe looked happy. When the Ewe arrived in the afternoon she sat alone in the Courtroom with a smile pasted on her face. There was a mystery Goat extended family member who showed up. This person was there to support the victims of the Goat’s heinous crimes. Other Goat family members should be ashamed of themselves for protecting the Goat for so many years while they knew that he was a pedophile. They are just as guilty as the Goat and should also be on trial.

An African American woman with a few kids who works at Yale was questioned by Willie Dow. She had some exposure to the criminal justice system and to the Department of Family Services because some of her friends and relatives were involved with these institutions. She rents an apartment in the Edgewood neighborhood but her landlord is not the Goat. She said she knows of the Goat’s school but doesn’t know the Goat. She said she may have seen the Goat’s wife driving around the compound. She said that the criminal charges against the Goat were shocking but understood that the Goat was innocent until proven guilty.  She said her interests include reading “inappropriate books” such as “50 Shades of Grey.”  If she thinks 50 Shades of Grey is inappropriate, wait until she hears the evidence in the Goat case. State’s Attorney Wilinsky asked this woman whether she has heard of any stereotypes about Jews. Talk about a loaded question. Many stereotypes were running through my head but I didn’t want to give this juror any suggestions. Plus I didn’t want to get kicked out of the Courtroom. The juror looked a little uncomfortable with the question. She said, “I never paid attention to the stereotypes, they say Jewish men are controlling, I don’t know, they say hello to me.”   Max asked her if she would keep an open mind if someone explained the differences between the various Jewish denominations.  Max asked her if she knew anything about Orthodox Jewish clothing, the thing they put on the doorposts, and asked her whether she had ever been to Jewish celebrations.  The potential juror said she would keep an open mind and listen to the evidence. Max asked her whether priests, rabbis, or ministers were incapable of lying under oath?  The juror laughed.  I also laughed. Does anyone still believe that Priests and Rabbis are more honest than civilians? The juror said she didn’t want to sit in the case, but she would if she had to. She was accepted by the State and Dow.

The next juror was a young man who worked at Stop and Shop in New Haven, not far from the Goat compound. He said he read about the Jeffrey Epstein case as well as other headline cases of sexual abuse. He said he saw many Orthodox Jews who shopped at Stop and Shop and met the Rabbi who certified the food at Stop and Shop as kosher. But he said that sexual assault of children was upsetting and that he would probably hold it against the Goat if the Goat refused to take the witness stand and testify in his defense. He said he wanted to hear both sides of the story.  This was the first time Dow mentioned that the Goat may not testify in his defense and take the Fifth Amendment and sit in his chair like a coward. This juror was excused for cause.

The next juror up was a woman who owns a nail salon.  She has a husband and a few kids.  She said she knew of a friend who was a victim of sexual assault.  Willie Dow told her that Orthodox Jews wear yarmulkes, such as his client and “the gentlemen sitting in the back of the courtroom.” This juror asked Dow whether Orthodox Judaism is “at a higher level” than other denominations.  Dow said some Orthodox Jews think they are at a higher level. This juror said that she has a few clients who are Jewish who share with her what they do on the holidays.  She was asked what she thought of a Rabbi being accused of having sex with a young boy. She said it was her duty to believe that he is presumed innocent.  She said she had no issue with seeing pics of male genitalia. She also said that you can’t assume that men who have sex with each other are necessarily gay. I’m not sure why the attorneys were asking about gays, a minor cannot consent to sex with an adult, regardless of whether anyone is gay. This juror was not familiar with the Goat’s yeshiva and said she doesn’t spend much time in New Haven. She said she didn’t read anything in the media about the Goat case. She was accepted as Juror Number two.

After the second juror was picked Judge Alander told everyone to go home. It was late in the day. More jurors will be picked in the morning. I took a video of the Goat leaving court walking arm and arm with his Ewe. Graduates of the Ewe’s Tikva school who saw my video commented that the Ewe was not wearing her normal skirt to her ankles, not tznius (modest) at all for the ultra frum Ewe. They also commented on my Facebook page that her grey sheitel (wig) made her look like a pre-historic dinosaur. The only benefit to being a religious woman is these frum wigs, which make a 70 year old woman look like 50. The Goat and the Ewe walked across Church street and went up Wall Street and turned towards the New Haven Green. I turned and walked in the opposite direction on Elm Street. As I waited on the corner for the light to change the Goat pulled up next to me in his beaten up black Mercury with his window down and waved and smiled at me as if he was running for President. I was speechless. Flattery will get the Goat nowhere!

For God, For Yale, For Country!


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