UCONN Law Professor Defends Goat Enablers

UCONN Law Professor Defends Goat Enablers

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UCONN-Jew-CONN Law Professor Steven Wilf, and Yale Law School graduate, wrote an editorial to the New Haven Register defending local Jews, such as Ezi Greer, Avi Hack, Harold Hack, and Dov Greer, who harbored, protected and enabled the Goat to rape, pillage and plunder New Haven Jewish children, New Haven Jewish taxpayers, New Haven Gentile taxpayers, and State of Connecticut taxpayers of every race, color, religion and sexual orientation.

A local law professor, and prominent member of the New Haven Orthodox Jewish community named Steven Wilf recently wrote an article to the New Haven Register about Rabbi Daniel Greer, aka “the depraved child molester Goat.” Wilf and the Goat both graduated from Yale Law School. Wilf went on to teach at UCONN Law School. I guess Wilf wasn’t smart enough, or freaky enough, to get a job as a professor at Yale Law School, unlike crazy rich Tiger Mom Amy Chua and her freak Jew husband Prof Jed Rosenfeld. Chua handpicked the most attractive female Yale Law students to send to Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his personal enjoyment. Wilf never wrote an article about Kavanaugh.

Wilf wrote an editorial in the New Haven Register condemning the Goat yet defending the Jews who harbored the Goat for 30 years. Wilf waited four long years to write an article about the Goat. It was easy to write an article attacking the Goat after the Goat was convicted. Most of Wilf’s writings have focused on copyright & trademark law and legal codes of the late 18th century. Wilf’s article about the Goat is completely out of his expertise. Wilf has entered into Noodles world. Wilf has a lot to learn about this dark, depraved world of crime, rape, violence, and prison. I wouldn’t give Wilf more than a C+ for his Goat article. Wilf is a very talented legal writer but his article lacks substance. Wilf should have stayed in the Patent Office.

This is the second article written by a prominent member of the New Haven Jewish community, post conviction, condemning the Goat. None of the post conviction articles have given any credit to Larry Noodles for helping to bring down the Goat. Against my immoral code as a convicted felon, I spent half the summer in the Office of the State’s Attorney tracking down, and convincing witnesses to testify against the Goat. What did Wilf do all summer? Wilf is a teacher. Wilf had the summer off. Wilf was at Lighthouse Beach soaking in the sun with Willie the Dow. You can tell by his dark tan. Larry Noodles didn’t get a tan this summer. Larry Noodles got blinded by cheap florescent lights at the State’s Attorneys Office.

I was impressed with the female dream team at the Office of the State’s Attorney. They set aside their entire conference room for the Goat case. They had boxes of goat files spread out throughout the office. They even had a flow chart on the conference room wall, like the Feds do in mafia investigations, with the Goat on the top of the pyramid, with Avi Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer and Harold Hack at the next level. I was surprised they asked a criminal like myself to assist them in putting away the Goat. I learned in law school that sometimes you need to employ a criminal to catch a criminal. I wanted the State to arrest Avi Hack, whom I believe is capable of far more future molestation than the Goat, but Avi was outside their jurisdiction.

New Haven Jewish leader Joseph Fleishman was the only other New Haven Jew who wrote an article, post conviction, attacking the Goat. You can read Fleishman’s article if you click this link. Members of the Board of the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Community Center, and Rabbis of all denominations in New Haven County have continued to remain silent about the Goat. The President of the Jewish Community Center, Attorney Mark Sklarz, has continued to defend the Goat against multiple lawsuits brought by rape victim Eli Mirlis. Not my President. Impeach the Mother Pucker.

I heard from my moles in the Jewish mafia that the Jewish Dons in the non profit world have issued a fatwa that all Jews must take an oath of silence, omerta, with regard to the Goat. Not everyone must be happy with the party line if Jews on the inside are reaching out to complain to convicted felon Larry Noodles. Fleischman, Wilf and Sklarz are all high level capos of the Jew Mafia. A message to those who run the New Haven Jew Mafia: You are not in the mafia. You are not hip. You are not cool. You are a bunch of nerds in suits. No matter how smart you think you are at over billing legal clients and ripping off medical insurance companies you will never be as smart as the Mathematician or Dark Matter, or Dark Matter Jr. for that matter and Dark Matter Jr. is still in diapers. Not by a long shot. That very thought may cause you to rethink your entire existence. I don’t want to be responsible for the untimely demise of another Jew. Jeffrey Epstein offed himself after reading my blog in Federal prison. The suicide hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

Professor Wilf wrote the following: “The question that loomed over the trial was why Mirlis did not report the sexual abuse earlier and why he maintained contact with Greer after his marriage and even honored him at his son’s circumcision. Much was made of the charismatic authority of rabbis, religious sexual repression and the Orthodox Jewish insistence upon remaining isolated from the outside world. But this is a caricature. Chastity is not necessarily repression. Jewish tradition celebrates sexuality within marriage. And Orthodox Jews are often urban and professional well integrated into civil society. Nothing inherent in this particular set of beliefs enables the sexual exploitation of minors The most striking feature of Greer’s abuse was that he chose victims who he could dominate because their families were fractured -as in the case of Mirlis – or poorly equipped to intervene. The community is a victim rather than an enabler.”

Wilf basically argued that Mirlis was a screwed up out of State kid from a “fractured family” whom the Goat could easily manipulate. Mirlis must have been messed up, after all, Mirlis “maintained contact with Greer after his marriage and even honored him at his son’s circumcision.” There was nothing that the New Haven Jewish community could have done to prevent Mirlis from getting raped by the Goat. Wilf in effect blamed the 15 year old victim from the messed up family for getting raped by the Goat. Blame the victim. Wilf lets the local New Haven Jewish community off the hook. Wilf is just as bad as the lawyers who defended the Goat in civil court and referred to Mirlis as a “liar and a cheat.” Wilf didn’t disclose that he is not impartial when he defended the New Haven Jewish community, of which he is a prominent member. Real writers disclose whatever personal connection they have to their subject. Wilf never tried to contact Mirlis and speak with him about the case. Does Wilf even care about the victim? Or is Wilf more concerned about protecting the reputation of the leaders of the New Haven Jewish community? I have the phone number for Mirlis. Wilf could have asked me for his number. For shame Mr. Wilf.

Avi Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, and Harold Hack, and their wives were all members of the New Haven Jewish community that enabled the Goat to operate for 30 years. These people all knew about the Goat. How could they not? The Goat did not try to hide his pedophilia for 30 years. The Goat raped his best friend’s son, ie., Avi Hack. The Goat didn’t discriminate. The Goat didn’t just try to rape boys from “fractured families.” Avi Hack did not come from a fractured family. The Goat was well known to grope boys at his yeshiva. The Goat has continued to grope young men who show up to his rape center to this very day. I heard that one guy recently left because the Goat was getting too close for comfort.

Did Wilf ever try to determine why so many prominent members of the Jewish community pulled their kids out of the Goat school in the middle of the school year without any explanation? Wilf knows all the players. Wilf had his own kids in the Goat school for a very short period of time. Wilf does not disclose this important fact in his article. Why did Wilf pull his kids out of the Goat school?

The State’s Attorney reached out to many prominent members of the New Haven Jewish community for information about the Goat. They all refused to speak. Omerta. What reason would anyone have to protect a lowlife pedophile rabbi? Embarrassment? Shame? The State’s Attorney reached out to former Jewish Federation President Sidney Perry, who pulled her kids out of the Goat school. Omerta. Members of the Scherban family, who own substantial chunks of New Haven real estate, were contacted. They pulled all their kids out of the Goat school. Their response: Omerta. One Scherban tribe member recently worked with Ezi Greer at Navarino Property Group.

Top Yale Psychiatrist Andres S. Martin pulled his kid out of the compound. Omerta. I met the Martins before I went to Otisville prison. I asked Dov Greer why this normal upstanding family from Woodbridge wandered into the compound. Were they lost? Dov looked at me as if I had three heads. Dov knew that I knew that the compound was a freak show. Dov said that they were there to learn about Yiddishkeit. I laughed. They were there because they didn’t get the memo from Jewish tiger moms Sidney Perry, Mazi Scherban, Batsheva Greer, Adelle Hack, Rina Greer, Chanie Greer, Esther Greer, Doris Zelinsky, or Amy Siev. These Jewish tiger moms hated the Goat with a passion. Yet they all remained silent. Conspiracy of silence. Omerta. They were married to the mob.

Former Goat friend Dr. Michael Ben Avee of the Yale Child Study Center was contacted about testifying in the Goat trial. Ben Avee refused to get on the witness stand. Omerta. Former Goat friend Dr. Moshe Siev, a Yale pediatrician, who had kids in the Goat school was contacted about testifying in the Goat civil trial. Siev refused to get on the witness stand. Omerta. Former Goat friend, business executive Ari Melka, whose son was falsely accused by the Goat of breaking into the Goat’s house, also refused to take the hot seat. Melka pulled his kids out of the Goat school. Omerta.

Why is pedophilia such a taboo topic in the Jewish world? Why won’t Dr. Ben Avee, of the Yale Child Center, and Dr. Siev, a Yale pediatrician, host a lecture to educate the Jewish public on pedophilia? What’s the big deal? I’ve had guys who read this blog who were raped as children contact me and discuss how they struggle with getting aroused by children. They hate the Goat because they were victimized but they want me to know that this is a serious psychological issue that is not being addressed by Jewish community. I don’t have any answers for them. I can only solve one world problem at a time. Perhaps Dr. Siev and Dr. Ben Avee can talk to them.

The State’s Attorney reached out to members of the illustrious Zelinsky tribe for assistance on the Goat case. Ed Zelinsky is a Yale Law graduate and law professor and was sued for absconding with a million bucks from a trust account. Ed’s wife Doris “spite fence” Zelinsky serves on the Board of many Jewish non profits. Zelinsky son Assistant United State’s Attorney Aaron Zelinsky landed a prestigious job on Mueller’s Special Counsel’s team with little legal experience under his belt. At one point in the 2000s the Zelinskys pulled their kids out of the Goat school and cut off all ties with the Goat after having owned hundreds of thousands of dollars of real estate with the Goat. The Zelinskys response to the Goat case: Omerta. You would think that Assistant US Attorney Zelinsky would offer assistance to the Connecticut State’s Attorney to bring down the Goat. Is there no honor among State and Federal law enforcement agencies? Zelinsky worked hard to investigate the Donald for political high crimes and misdemeanors. Why didn’t Zelinsky work with the State’s Attorney to bring down pedophile rabbi Greer? Is child rape by a Rabbi not a serious enough crime for Zelinsky to investigate?

There are many children of less prominent Jewish families who were pulled out of the Goat school and skipped town. They are also guilty of Omerta. But only Wilf is guilty of both omerta and stupidity for writing such a stupid article about the stupid Goat. Wilf knows nothing about the Goat. Wilf never sat through the Goat’s civil or criminal trials. Wilf never even spoke with, or attempted to speak with Mirlis. The only source of information about the Goat that the Wilf has read has been from this blog, the New Haven Independent, and from the New Haven Register. Wilf should stick to reading copyrights and legal codes from 18th century England. If Wilf wants to know more about the Goat he should visit the Goat in prison or stop by the Noodles House. If Wilf stops by the Noodle House I will bestow upon him the wet noodle award for acts of extreme stupidity committed by a Yalie. Even the Goat is smarter than Wilf. You are welcome to read the entire stupid article that the stupid Yalie Wilf wrote by clicking the following link.

For God, For Country, For Stupid Yalies, Moshiach Now!

I have nothing to offer but my blood, my toil, my tears, my dark matter, my sweat and my wet noodles.

“The hand of HaShem lay heavy upon the goats, and he wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6


Joseph A. Orlow C+ I am enrolling in NU (Noodles University.) The grading there is generous. This is a powerful post. In some ways it is the culmination of everything Larry Noodles has been striving for in regard to the Daniel Greer case.

And isn’t it a delight to discover that our very own Noodles was not only reporting on the case but behind the scenes was instrumental in bringing Daniel Greer to justice?

The post is an indictment of the Jewish community. One does not have to agree with everything Mr. Dressler says in order to appreciate its import.

Larry has drawn me into his orbit. I’m not some super-sensitive virtue signaling type, but I do care about Jews and I am almost compulsorily drafted into Larry’s service by his compelling analysis and in-depth journalism, as well as by a writing style that draws in the reader. I read the posts almost as much for their literary value as I do for their content.

Integrity and character are not something you can just take a class in and get a certificate. A reputation has to be earned. I take hope from the fact that as bad as it was what Daniel Greer did, it brought out the best in others who had the courage and stamina to say “enough.”


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3 thoughts on “UCONN Law Professor Defends Goat Enablers

  1. Nice article, but omerta in the jewish world goes deeper. None of the following organization have condemned greer OR worse offered help to his victims:

    Torah Umesora- which list greers school on its website till he got caught.

    Rabbinical Alliance of America
    Rabbinical Council of America
    Orthodox Union
    Connecticut rabbincal boards/beis dins

    Onset MA orthodox shule Beth Israel

    Yeshiva University— where greer studied and where r bleich (on greers board) works

    Rabbi David who is hack’s rebbe
    Ohawe Shalom community in Pawtucket RI which employs hack
    Providence RI orthod jewish community— not a single rabbi got involved in trial or helped victims and employs hack and his family at its instituations
    Waterbury and Mt Kisco communities who employ greers kids
    Notis’s community who allows there rabbi to help a perp
    New Haven orthodox and general jewish community havent said a word
    JEwish federaltion of Connecticut

    Agudath Israel– who greer worked with for years


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