US Atty Aaron Zelinsky Hauled Before Congress

US Atty Aaron Zelinsky Hauled Before Congress

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Aaron Zelinsky worked on a Federal prosecution that resulted in the conviction of the Donald’s circus clown Roger Stone. Stone had threatened to kidnap his friend’s therapy dog across State lines, a Federal offense. Aaron and his buddies at the US Attorney’s Office recommended 9 long years of incarceration for Mr. Stone. Aaron Zelinsky doesn’t care about Mr. Stone’s hefty taxpayer funded prison tab. Aaron earns about $160K a year to prosecute drug dealers in the State of Maryland, a job a first year law student could handle when you have an air tight investigation already prepared by an army of Federal agents. Auto pilot Aaron.

The Donald tweeted his disapproval of Zelinsky’s 9 year jail recommendation for Roger Stone. The Office of the US Attorney filed paperwork retracting the 9 year recommendation. The Judge only sentenced Stone to 3 years. Zelinksy and his US Attorney buddies withdrew from the Stone case in protest. The four prosecutors who resigned in disgrace were all die hard Democrats and all spoiled Ivy League crybabies born with silver spoons in their mouths. Your “democracy” is controlled by the privileged 1% of America who graduated from the Ivies and who never worked a real day in their pampered lives.

Aaron made the news recently when he received a misdirected email from a right wing author named Jerome Corsi, whom Aaron must have interviewed as part of the Roger Stone investigation. Corsi was supposed to send the email to Dr. Zelenko but by accident he sent it to Aaron Zelinsky. Dr. Zelenko made national news when he claimed that his special drug cocktail that he dispensed to Satmar Hasidim living in Kiryas Joel cured them of COVID19. Dr. Zelenko is a Lubavitch Hasid (BT) whose patients were all Satmars. Satmars are not allowed to attend medical school, as it could lead to mixed dancing. Dr. Zelenko went on national news and talked about how he was saving Satmar lives from COVID19. The Satmars got mad because Zelenko put the spotlight on Kiryas Joel, a Satmar Hasidic enclave that shuns, and sometimes shoots, outsiders. Because of Dr. Zelenko the outside world thought that Satmar Hasidim were infected and spreading the virus. A few Satmars got accosted in Monsey. The Satmars kicked Zelenko out of Kiryas Joel. I’m not sure where Zelenko is practicing medicine now. I last heard he was working as a bartender in Greenwich Village.

The misdirected Zelenko email exposed the secret ingredients to Dr. Zelenko’s cocktail. His cocktail contained such compounds as hydroxychloroquine, lysergic acid diethylamide, methamphetamine and Glass Plus. Dr. Zelenko claimed his cocktail was totally kosher. US Atty Zelinsky asked Corsi for all communications between Zelenko and Corsi. Corsi didn’t demand a search warrant from Zelensky. Corsi, who is a Harvard educated right wing conspiracy theorist, handed over Zelenko’s emails, and his own emails, to the Federal Government without putting up a fight. What kind of self respecting right wing conspiracy theorist hands over self incriminating emails to the Federal Government? What a phony! What a putz!

Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal called for an investigation into the Donald’s alleged interference with the Roger Stone investigation. The Democrats in Congress just served US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky with a subpoena to appear and testify in the foggy bottom. Nobody cares about Dr. Zelenko anymore. Dr. Zelenko is old news. Zelenko was lucky the Satmars didn’t put a pair of concrete loafers on him and dump him in the East River. Senator Blumenthal hasn’t missed an opportunity to get the cameras to snap a picture of him kneeling and praying with protesters, while he does nothing in Congress to address their concerns. Yale graduate Blumenthal kneeled and prayed with fellow Yalie and convicted child rapist “Rabbi” Daniel Greer for many years, as Blumenthal was always one of the biggest politicos who was invited to pedophile Greer’s annual fundraising dinner. Skull & Boneheads!

Yale Law graduate Aaron Zelinsky is the son of Yale Law graduate and Law professor Ed Zelinsky. Ed Zelinsky has testified before Congress as an expert in tax law. Ed and Ed’s wife Doris Zelinsky, also a Yale Law graduate, were closely involved with Yale Law graduate and pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer back in the 1980s and 1990s. They helped Greer purchase his child rape building for a dollar from the City of New Haven. They also owned considerable real estate with the pedophile rabbi. They are prominent and “respectable” members of the New Haven Jewish community. Mr. Greer is no longer a respectable member of the New Haven Jewish community, although he is still afforded respect by his chevra, his cult followers, such as Lancaster Rabbi Avroham Notis, Public Defender Darcy McGraw, Westville Shul “Senior” Rabbi Albert Feldman, Dr. Jay Sokolow, Gerald F. Lerman, Edge of the Woods owner Peter Dodge, Alderwoman Elizabeth McCormack, fellow Yale classmate Alan Dershowitz, Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Commander of the 19th Medical Regiment Dr. Julian Unger Sargon, MD. See link

Both Greer and the Zelinskys are very litigious. They have spent a lot of money on lawyers over the last 40 years. Greer hit the national stage when he sued Yale University on behalf of his children, and on behalf of Harold Hack’s children, to force Yale to refund Greer’s dorm bill because his children were too religious to sleep in dorms that housed both boys and girls. At the time of the “Yale Five” lawsuit Mr. Greer was sexually molesting 16 year old Avi Hack on a weekly basis. Avi is the son of Greer’s best friend Harold Hack.

The Zelinskys are always involved in some kind of lawsuit at any given time. The Zelinskys owned waterfront property in Cape Cod. The Zelinskys got in a feud with their neighbors because the local zoning board wouldn’t grant the Zelinskys a variance.  Doris Zelinsky retaliated and created an eyesore in the neighborhood. She constructed a fence to block a nature walking trail and covered her fence with graffiti.  The locals called the fence the “Zelinsky Spite Fence.”

Recently Ed Zelinsky got sued for a million dollars where he was accused of statutory theft from a trust he managed. Zelensky settled that case on the eve of trial. The details of the settlement are confidential. Ed Zelensky filed an adverse possession lawsuit against his neighbor in Branford and claimed he had a 10 foot easement on his neighbor’s property, which he used to practice his golf swing. Zelensky’s lawsuit allowed Zelensky to file a lien on his neighbor’s property, which made it impossible for his neighbor to sell. The neighbor called me and told me that he was forced to pay Zelensky close to $100K to settle the case, as he couldn’t afford to have his new house remain vacant for years while Zelensky’s lawsuit dragged on in Connecticut courts. Highway robbery! The Zelenskys recently filed a lawsuit against the Town of Branford claiming that the Town overvalued their waterfront property for tax purposes. The Zelinskys claimed that they were denied “equal protection” under the Constitution in that the appraisals of other waterfront property on their street were far lower than their property. Cry me a river Ed. Your neighbors are probably on the Tax Board and hate you. You can’t take your money with you. Donate your money to your rabbi, ie., convicted pedophile Daniel Greer’s legal defense fund. Moshiach Now!

For God, For Country, For Skull & Boneheads, For Yale!

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5 thoughts on “US Atty Aaron Zelinsky Hauled Before Congress

  1. Larry,

    Two questions; one general, the other particular:

    1) What motivates these Ivy League lawyers who earn relatively peanuts in the Federal Service (self-aggrandizement, power, easy job with heavy lifting done by others, something else?)?

    2) Any thoughts on the nefarious Andrew Weissmann who is presently ensconced at NYU Law School after destroying Anderson (later overturned 9-0 by the USSC), conducting Gestapo raids on Stone and others, and acting as Svengali to Mueller’s Trilby??

    1. Stepping stone to get into politics, where they can earn the big bucks. $160K a year for a 9 to 5 job while their buddies are working around the clock at big law firms isn’t so bad. I will have to look into Weissman…

  2. Larry,

    Thanks. Makes sense about their using it as stepping stones into politics, although I had never considered that angle. Also another good explanation about their “buddies” in law firms having to put in atrocious hours on their partnership pursuits.

  3. Sorry but ‘not safe’ to post name; we don’t want to be targeted by the Zelinsky’s says:

    Based on experience in the neighborhood, Ed and Doris are mean-spirited, compassionless, arrogant people who thrive on bullying and harassment and desperate attempts to incite other neighbors via inaccurate, irrelevant, and exaggerated distortion of what they should be educated enough to recognize, are not even ‘facts’. No hearts, no souls…so sad for them….

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