US Atty Zelinsky & His Jewish Prosecutors Resign In Disgrace

US Atty Zelinsky & His Jewish Prosecutors Resign In Disgrace

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If you are an average American citizen from an average American law school and want to devote your life to serving this great democratic country in the capacity as a United States Attorney at the Department of Justice, think again. If you did not graduate from an Ivy League law school you are not qualified to serve at the Department of Justice, regardless of whether you passed the bar exam in all fifty states. But an Ivy League degree sometimes is not enough to get your foot in the door at the Department of Justice. You also need serious political connections. The four US Attorneys who resigned from the Department of Justice over the Roger Stone case all had Ivy League degrees and all had political connections. They also all ate bagel and lox sandwiches for breakfast this morning.

The Ivy League schools who produce these powerful prosecutors all get billions of dollars a year from China and Saudi Arabia. The Justice Department, which is controlled by Ivy League graduates, just opened an investigation into why the Ivy League schools have failed to report the billions of dollars they get from China and Saudi Arabia. Why is Justice trying to shut down the Ivies’ Chinese cash cow? Is it because the flow of yen suddenly stopped with the spread of the coronavirus? Hundreds of people are dying every day because the overlords in China refused to listen to Dr. Li, who also died. Is this what it takes for the Ivy League graduates at Justice to decide that it is time to stop doing business with repressive governments such as China and Saudi Arabia?

The Ivies get underwritten by repressive governments. Are you not surprised that these US Attorneys asked for 9 long years in jail for a guy with no criminal record, whose crimes were that he threatened a therapy dog, he hindered a prosecution and he lied under oath. These crimes are committed every day in State criminal and family courthouses throughout the country. Nobody goes to jail for it. Mr. Stone’s victim Mr. Credico said he never felt threatened by this cartoon character. Credico said that he didn’t want Stone to go to jail for one day. Credico also said the lengthy time his father spent in jail caused permanent psychological damage to his family.

I read the Sentencing Guidelines calculations made by Attorney Zelinsky. Zelinsky should have consulted with his brother who has a PhD in Mathematics before he pulled out his calculator. Stone’s base offense level was 14, which translates into about a year in jail. Zelinsky argued that three points should be added because Stone’s crime was “extensive in scope, planning and preparation.” Give me a break! Stone couldn’t plan a trip over the George Washington Bridge. Zelinsky argued that a few more points should be added because Stone “badgered, cajoled, flattered, and threatened the victim’s reputation, friend, life and dog.” Stone is no Tony Soprano. Threatening the life of an animal is not a crime anyway. Go read your law books Zelinsky. Zelinsky argued that a few more points should be added because Stone made a meme with a picture of Federal Judge Jackson next to a cross bow. Stone apologized to Judge Jackson for the meme. Judge Jackson did not revoke Stone’s bond, send him to prison or hold him in contempt, yet Zelinsky wants the death penalty. Zelinsky argued that a few more points should be added based on other acts of Stone stupidity. Zelinsky came up with 29 as the guidelines number, which translates into 108 months in Federal prison. Zelinsky would have failed his brother’s math class. Zelinsky should go back to Yale and take a remedial math class.

The four prosecutors who resigned in disgrace were all die hard Democrats. Jonathan Kravis worked for the Obama White House back in 2010. Adam Jed clerked for the most liberal member of the Supreme Court in US history, ie., Justice Stevens.

Aaron Zelinsky was hired at the State Department under Obama. Zelinsky is a legacy, ie., his parents both went to Yale. Yale lowers its standards to admit legacies. It’s the easiest way to box out the Chinese, who are fiercely competitive. Plus it keeps the numbers up for White Americans. If admissions were based on test scores the campus would be flooded with Chinese students. Congress would shut the Ivies down.

Zelinsky’s parents were Democratic power brokers in New Haven back in the old days when his parents were business partners with pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer. Greer is currently doing 20 years in State prison in Cheshire, CT. The Zelinskys eventually broke off ties with the pedophile rabbi. What was the reason that the Zelinskys suddenly cut ties with the Greer?  Did the depraved rabbi try molesting one of their children? Are the Zelinskys part of the Clintongate – Pepe’s Pizza Gate Conspiracy?

The token goy who resigned in disgrace was Michael John Marando. Marando just married Jewess Joanna Wasserman. I suspect Marando is currently taking conversion classes with Rabbi Lookstein, the same rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump. Lookstein has very low standards. Doesn’t Marando realize that three rabbis are going to have to prick his pecker and draw blood for the conversion to be complete? Goyisha kop. Joanna Wasserman’s father Michael Wasserman is a Democratic power broker from Baltimore who is currently embroiled in a scandal involving lucrative University of Maryland contracts he awarded to his Democratic buddies where he serves on the Board of Directors. See link.

Connecticut Democratic Senator Blumenthal has called for an investigation into whether President Trump interfered with the “independence” of the Justice Department. What a joke!  The “independent” Democratic prosecutors at the Justice Department want to fill the jail cells with Republicans such as Roger Stone, Peter Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.  The Republican President wants to fill the jails with Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Donald Duck.


Joseph A. Orlow Thanks for the article.

Marshall Marcus The flow of Yen is unaffected by the Coronavirus. Yen is the Japanese currency. Renmimbi is the currency of China and it comes in units called Yuan. This the confusion between Japanese and Chinese money by some westerners.

Jonathan Siegel Mr. Dressler. It is no disgrace to resign and walk away rather than be coerced into doing something you think unethical. And not only that, sir, but if you yourself had had the grace to do it when you smelled something fishy, as you should have, you wouldn’t have gotten that nice vacation in Otisville they gave you as a present for those double-booked mortgages you were involved in. Andrew Warshall wouldn’t have defriended you. All this happened, sir, because you didn’t have the grace to walk away when you should have. No disgrace, sir. No disgrace at all.

  • Joseph A. Orlow How well did you research the case? Mr. Stone has a real basis for an appeal based on statements made by one of the jurors. Also, the sentencing formula numbers were juiced up in an almost ridiculous fashion, as Noodles alludes to in his comment below. And finally, as I mention below, the Attorney General is saying he was misled by the prosecutors as to what kind of sentence they were seeking. All in all, the system worked. AG Barr complained in an interview that the President’s tweets complicate things, and the President’s spokeswoman hinted that the President got the message.

Lawrence S. Dressler The system doesn’t work. The federal sentencing guidelines were enacted to take discretion away from the judges so that defendants didn’t judge shop. The guidelines ended up being too harsh, giving too much power to prosecutors, not to mention racist as crack cocaine got you ten years while powder got you probation. It took 25 years before the supreme court deemed the guidelines unconstitutional, yet prosecutors still are allowed to use them in an advisory way. My guidelines number was 4-5 years which was over the top for my crime, reflecting the problem with the guidelines being inflexible with total losses without any consideration over who caused the losses. The prosecutors in my case recommended less than half the guidelines for everyone in my case and the judge went below those recommended numbers. You don’t realize how easy it is to manipulate the guidelines numbers based on the whim of the prosecutor, which I think happened here. These prosecutors are ivory tower kids, they have no real life experiences, nor have they done real litigation, but when you sign up for the US attorneys office you are a public figure and you represent the people, the Justice Department should not be a stepping stone for the political career that your rich daddy planned for you.

Joseph A. Orlow It’s scary. Not because prison is scary. But because it’s messed up, based on what you describe. Anyone who gets caught on a minor felony can get ground up.

Jonathan Siegel The prosecutors resigned because they thought they couldn’t ethically do their jobs in the face of political interference. Whether the prosecutors were right or wrong in the particular calls they made simply has nothing to do with whether they were right in thinking political interference made the ethics of their jobs untenable.

And even if they were wrong in that, it is no disgrace to have a stronger sense of ethics than necessary.

Lawrence S. Dressler Under the attorney rules of ethics which I am currently studying in order to reapply to the bar, there was nothing wrong with Trump voicing his opinion on the Stone case. The prosecutors have no ethical obligations or duties with regard to Trump or any other government employee who contacted them regarding a case. I’ve read many letters written to sentencing judges authored by current members of Congress asking for leniency in a criminal case. Politicians do that for their constituents all the time. Trump did nothing wrong. Those prosecutors should have explained their decision to resign instead of allowing the cloak of secrecy, infallibility and lack of transparency to perpetrate at the Justice Department. You can say what you want about Trump, but at least the American people know who and what they are dealing with, he tweets his mind all the time

Lawrence S. Dressler The prosecutors were doing something unethical themselves trumping up the sentencing recommendations for no reason, no pun intended. I don’t think you understand how much power these prosecutors have. I wouldn’t have ended up in otisville had the market not crashed, and had the justice department gone after the real criminals, ie banks who created the mortgage meltdown. The prosecutors resigned because of dirty politics that’s all it was, and that goes on every day in the government, dont let the people in the government convince you that everything they do is “ethical” I don’t see what this has to do with Dr Warshaw refusing to accept my friend requests.

Joseph A. Orlow Prosecutors also allegedly misled the Attorney General, although not clear to me at this point how intentional that was.


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  1. Perhaps the Coronavirus is the gift that keeps on giving for the GLOBALIST CABALS in New Haven and Boston. I wonder if the wicked smart yid boyz are still hookin up with the slope party member daughters on the regs at these Ivy’s. Didn’t Zuckersteinmanberg marry a party members daughter?
    big picture people. MAGA 2020

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