US Atty Aaron Zelinsky Rats Out the Justice Department

US Atty Aaron Zelinsky Rats Out the Justice Department

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Aaron Zelinsky grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. Aaron’s father Ed Zelinsky, and his mother Doris Zelinsky were Democratic power brokers back in the 1980s and the 1990s. Ed Zelinsky graduated from Yale Law School. Ed is considered an expert in tax law and has testified before Congress. Ed graduated Yale Law School with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito. Ed and Doris were close with convicted pedophile and Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Greer and Daniel’s wife Sarah Greer. Sarah has stuck by her man, even after he went to jail, while all her children disowned him and moved out of town.

Daniel Greer was a political force in New Haven for many years. He was kicked off his thrown when I started blogging about his crimes. My blogs embarrassed the politicians who were in Greer’s back pocket. The powers that be were forced to arrest Greer. Greer was tried, convicted and thrown in jail. Greer is currently in home confinement after convincing Judge Jon Alander that he was at risk of dying due to COVID19. Greer is the only inmate in the entire State of Connecticut who was released to home confinement because of COVID19. Many other inmates, with worse medical conditions, were denied release to home confinement. Goat privilege.

Aaron Zelinsky attended the prestigious Hopkins School in New Haven before he was admitted to Yale University and Yale Law School. Aaron had “legacy” status at Yale. Yale lowers its standards in order to admit children of Yale graduates, who are called “legacies.” Both of Aaron’s parents graduated from Yale. If Yale didn’t lower its standards to admit the legacies Yale would be overrun with fiercely competitive Chinese students with perfect SATs.

With the help of his well connected parents, Aaron got a prestigious clerkship with Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the most liberal Justices of the last century. The liberals of years ago, and the progressives of today, claim to be the champions of the less fortunate, the poor, the elderly, the widows, the children. Aaron Zelinsky could care less about the less fortunate. Aaron, like most self proclaimed liberals and progressives, is only interested in maintaining the power structure of the heartless criminal justice system. Bill Clinton signed the Three Strikes laws, which led to a prison building boom and mass incarceration. Clinton passed the torch to Obama, who maintained the plantation for eight years.

Today Aaron Zelinsky broke the blue code of silence. Prosecutors and cops are supposed to lie for each other when challenged by members of the public who have been abused by cops or railroaded by prosecutors. The Justice Department is no different than the Mafia. They both practice omerta, the code of silence. Until today, when Aaron Zelinsky ratted out the Department of Justice. Aaron testified that the Department of Justice was influenced by politics. Aaron testified that memos filed by his fellow Justice Department attorneys in the Stone case after he withdrew “mischaracterized the facts of the case and the law.”

If prosecutors distorted the law in the Stone case there must be many other cases of prosecutor misconduct. Snitches get stitches. Zelinsky testified that after he withdrew from the Stone case he quickly fled Washington DC and rejoined his buddy, his protector and Rabbi, US Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who was in charge of the US Attorneys Office in Baltimore. Why did Zelinsky skip town? What was Zelinsky afraid of?

Zelinsky testified remotely from a video hookup set up in his lawyers office in DC, a few blocks from where the Congressional hearings were being conducted. Zelinksy had an air of self righteousness as he testified against his employer. Zelinsky was asked why he didn’t attend the hearings in person, where former Attorney General Michael Mukasey flew in from New York. Zelinsky testified that he had “family concerns, a newborn child” and that “from my experience in Baltimore…” He was cut off in the middle of his sentence by a rude Congressman. Was Zelinsky in fear for his life if he entered the Halls of Congress and testified? I don’t blame him. The henchmen and button men in the Deep State are far more dangerous than the violent drug dealers whom Zelinsky prosecutes in Baltimore.

Aaron Zelinksy is a proud new father. Doris Zelinsky is a bubbe. Ed Zelinsky is a zaidy. Ed’s siblings are uncles and aunts. Mazel Tov! Ed has a younger brother Nathanial who is also a lawyer who graduated from Yale Law School. Nathanial writes for the Yale Law Journal. Nathanial is more smug and self righteous than Aaron and Ed Zelinsky put together. I’m sure Nathanial will land a prestigious job somewhere with his connections. According to the Connecticut Bar Examining website, Nathaniel Avi Gideon Zelinsky of Washington, DC, just passed the July 2019 bar exam.

Nathanial Zelinsky

Prosecutor Zelinsky testified that it was “deeply painful for me” to rat out the US Justice Department. Was it “deeply painful” for Zelinsky when he read my blogs reporting his childhood Rabbi, and parents’ business partner Daniel Greer anally raped and molested many of his friends from high school? The Zelinsky family of lawyers, who are not shy about expressing their elitist views on politics, the law, and Judaism, have not expressed one pubic thought or opinion about their pedophile rabbi in the five years that Greer’s criminal and civil trials dragged through the courts. The silence is deafening!

How did Aaron Zelinsky land a prestigious position with the Special Counsel’s Office run by Mueller? Zelinsky didn’t have much legal experience other than prosecuting drug dealers in Maryland. Zelinsky was the least qualified attorney on the Mueller team. Zelinsky’s claim to fame is that he knew the right people and had all the connections. Zelinsky was either naive or stupid when he testified that politics does not factor into prosecutions in the US Attorney’s Office. Zelinksy’s entire life was influenced by his political connections. What makes the Justice Department any different? What a putz!

The next time Aaron is in New Haven visiting his parents with his new baby he should stop by my house and I will wish him a mazel tov. He has nothing to fear. I am not a politician or governmental employee. I am a harmless convict.

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