Virtual Tour Of The Goat House

Virtual Tour Of The Goat House

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Less than a year ago the attorneys for Eli Mirlis filed foreclosure cases against Rabbi Daniel Greer’s personal residence, the Goat’s yeshiva building, the Goat’s summer home in Newport, Rhode Island, and some plots of undeveloped land that the Goat owns in Bethany, CT and Massachusetts.

The foreclosure cases have proceeded at a snail’s pace.  The Goat’s attorneys from the Sklarz Law Firm have filed one motion after another to delay the case.  The Sklarz boyz have proposed to substitute a cash bond to get Mirlis to drop his foreclosure cases.  The Skarlz boyz also proposed to transfer the plots of land to Mirlis.  The Sklarz proposals have been nothing more than empty promises.  If the Goat really wanted to transfer property to Mirlis all he had to do is sign a quit claim deed and mail it to the attorneys for Mirlis.

The Goat’s promise to substitute a cash bond is also a joke.  If the Goat had millions of dollars in liquid assets Mirlis would have the right to question the Goat about the source of such Goat gold.  The Goat will never reveal where he is hiding all his millions.  The Goat will take his millions to the grave.

The Attorney for Eli Mirlis, ie., Attorney Beatman, filed a motion for strict foreclosure against the Goat and Ewe’s abode today.  Beatman is looking for a judge to order that the Goat’s deed transfer to Mirlis.  Because half of the house is in the name of the Ewe, Attorney Beatman can only get half the deed.  Because the Goat resides at 133 West Park Avenue, the Goat gets a homestead exemption of $75K.  I am not sure how the homestead exemption and the Ewe’s interest in the property will play out in the foreclosure court.

Beatman attached an appraisal to the Motion for Strict Foreclosure.  The appraisal was prepared by Kenneth D’Agostino.  D’Agostino valued the Goat and Ewe’s property at $300K.

The Goat recently allowed D’Agostino into the Goat abode in order to conduct the appraisal.  D’Agostino took pictures of the Goat’s master bedroom as well as other bedrooms, the Goat’s living room, bathrooms, the Goat’s dining area, the basement, the boiler, the Goat’s study, and the Ewe’s kitchen. The Goat didn’t clean his house before D’Agostino took the pics.  You can view the inside of the Goat’s house if you scroll down towards the end of the appraisal.

The master bedroom is where the Goat frequently raped Eli Mirlis.  The Goat probably had sex with Avi Hack there as well, which is the reason the Ewe hated Avi Hack and refused to forgive Avi on Yom Kippur.  Avi testified in his videotaped deposition that the Ewe was mad at him and would not forgive him on Yom Kippur.  I am still trying to get a copy of the videotape.  There are appeals pending before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  I have requested that the Goat case be moved to the top of the docket, but the Judges seem to be more interested in cases involving the President and porn stars.

Some of the Goat’s bedrooms still contain the twin beds of the Goat’s children, who have long left the compound.  The Goat’s living room with the fireplace faces West Park Avenue, a winding road where cars frequently speed.  One car sped around the corner and crashed into the Goat’s living room.  The Goat was always fond of telling that story about how he nearly perished in that accident.  The Goat was also fond of bragging about how he got the City of New Haven to spend thousands of dollars to install speed bumps, yield signs, and traffic signals on the road, so that the Goat’s personal safety would not be threatened while he raped children in his home.

The Goat still has the same dingy furniture and carpet in his living room.  The Goat has an old record player in the corner that Ezi gave the Goat on the Goat’s birthday.

One room has a baby’s crib.  It has been a long time since the Goat and Ewe’s grandchildren stepped foot in the Goat’s house.  The Goat probably puts his baby goats from his garage in the crib.  The Goat tells the baby goat that he is glad that the traitors left the compound.

D’Agostino didn’t take pictures of the interior of the Goat’s garage.  The Goat’s garage contains bales of hay, goats, geese and other farm animals.  There is one picture of the outside of the garage.

There is another picture of a room with a fireplace.  That room must be on the second or third floor.  I never ventured to the upper floors of the Goat house.  The Ewe testified that everyone wandered around the house during Goat parties, going up the three floors.  I guess only special people were allowed in the bedrooms.

Next to a fireplace is a piece of furniture with a mirror that is covered by a tallis.  I don’t know why the Goat covered his mirror with a tallis / prayer shawl.  I can only guess that in the Goat’s insane rabbinical mind his traitorous children are deceased and he is sitting shiva.  Or the Goat believes that his goat head is a graven image and he doesn’t want to see his graven image in the mirror.

There is another room with a fireplace and a poster the Goat’s grandchildren made for the Goat on his 75th birthday.  The poster says “75 ZAIDY.”  There is also a toy truck and a case of bottled water in this room.

There are pictures of the Goat’s outdated bathrooms.  Each bathroom contains a ritual hand washer.  The Goat was careful that he was not tamei before he raped Avi Hack.  In one bathroom there is a hair brush on the toilet.  The Goat and Ewe must have been combing fleas out of their furry bodies.

There is a picture of the Goat’s dining room, with a giant dining room table covered with seforim and Gemorrahs, that are left open, as if the Goat was just engaged in serious Torah study before D’Agostino took the pictures.  One sefer was opened to the commandment not to behave like a Sodomite.

There is a picture of the Ewe’s outdated kitchen.  The Ewe’s stove and refrigerator are circa 1985.  There is a picture of a bedroom with an iron on top of an ironing board.  The window blinds in that room are circa 1965.  The Goat has the same style blinds in his Goat shul.

There are a couple of pictures of bedrooms with twin beds.  These were probably the same beds the Goat’s children slept in before they moved out of the compound.  The Goat’s girls left when they were still teenagers.  It took the Mirlis rape case to motivate the Goat boyz to finally leave the compound.  The goat boyz fiercely protected their depraved father for some twenty years.

The Goat will finally have to answer for his sins in his criminal case.  The Goat boyz can no longer protect him.

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