Visits At Otisville & Cheshire Prisons SUSPENDED

Visits At Otisville & Cheshire Prisons SUSPENDED

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If you want to visit Michael Cohen at Club Fed in Otisville right now, FUGHETABOUTIT! Visitors are not welcome at Federal prison in Otisville. Visitors are also not welcome at nearby Leavenworth Federal prison. Wyatt and Fort Dix Federal prisons are still open for visitors. I expect that most other Federal prisons will close soon enough.

Wyatt Federal Prison in Rhode Island listed on its website that it has immediate job openings for prison guards that pay $19 an hour. The website says that with overtime you can earn $60K a year, with a high school diploma. Not bad. Plus you get the additional perk of taking home food and other items of value that are supposed to be for the inmates.

If you want to visit child rapist and convicted pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer in State prison in Otisville FUHGETABOUTIT! No social visits at Cheshire. Only legal visits are allowed. That means the depraved goat will only get to see his attorneys David Grudberg and Willie the Dow. The Goat will not get to see his loyal wife, and co-conspirator in his 40 year crime spree, Sarah Greer, AKA “the Ewe.” What will the Goat do without his loyal Ewe? The Goat will only have his attorneys to berate.

Not too long ago Italy locked down its prisons and banned visitors. That didn’t work out very well. The inmates rioted and six people were killed. The guards use visitation as a behavioral modification tool. If you mess up you lose your visitors. A visitor is your only window to the outside world. Living in prison is like living in a fishbowl. You feel like a lab rat. You lose touch with the outside world. You are exposed to angry and mentally unstable individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A regular visitor helps you to keep your sanity in an insane asylum. Even hardened criminals have compassion for a fellow inmate who has no friends, no family, and no visitors. Everyone knows who has the most visitors and who doesn’t have any.

Suspending visitation in Federal and State prisons where over 2 million guys are incarcerated has never been done before. Now is not a good time to experiment. Guys will experience extremely high stress levels if they cannot see their wives and children. Guys are on edge as it is. To cut off their mental life line will prove disastrous. The government should be doing everything in its power to send as many guys home to home confinement as possible, other than the most violent and dangerous individuals. Put the guys to work in the health care field. Why not? Prisoners have been used as guinea pigs for years by the government. Let the prisoners save the City of Jerusalem for Redemption. Moshiach Now!


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