Wage Execution Issued Against Rabbi Goat

Wage Execution Issued Against Rabbi Goat

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The Goat’s windowless office was behind this door
Picture of Goat on Purim, circa 2013

Jewish Halloween, also known as Purim, is coming up next month. Jews young and old dress up in unusual costumes and exchange candy. Rabbi Daniel Greer dressed up as a goat every year. Correction, that was no costume.

Rabbi Greer was too serious to dress up in a full costume. He usually wore a funny hat, or his tie with yellow smiley faces, like the one pictured above. The Goat allowed the students to decorate the shul for Purim. One year the students wrapped tape across the door to the Goat’s office in the school, with a sign that read “DID NOT PAY BILLS.” The tape signified that the Goat’s office was attached by creditors. The students knew that that Rabbi Goat was a miserly old goat and didn’t like to pay bills. But the students had no idea that one day the Goat would have a delinquent $21 million bill owed to child rape victim Eli Mirlis.

The Goat’s office had no windows. The Goat had a lock on his door. The Goat privately tutored his grandchildren in that room. They waited in line to enter into this private room with the Goat. Why Ezi and Dov allowed the Goat to take their children into his office is the sixty four thousand dollar question. They knew that the Goat had raped Avi Hack. They knew that Mirlis was trying to quietly settle his child rape claims against the Goat. They knew all about the depraved Goat. During the Mirlis trial the doctor for Mirlis testified that he had information that Ezi was molested by the Goat.

In 2016-2017 Rabbi Notis, from Lakewood, brought students into the Goat buildings in order to run a school for wayward teenage boys. The Goat’s children had long fled the compound. The compound was empty. Notis filled the void for a short period of time. Notis replaced the door in the above picture with a door that had a window. Talk about an admission of guilt. I am surprised the Goat even allowed Notis to make such changes to his office. The best way to prevent the Goat from molesting children is to lock him up in jail.

The Goat’s criminal case is dragging along. The Goat still doesn’t have a trial date. The Goat is raising issues that have nothing to do with whether he raped Eli Mirlis. The Goat has no defense. The Goat never denied that he raped Mirlis during the civil trial. The Goat refused to answer such a question. The Goat invoked his right against self incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.

In his criminal case the Goat has claimed that Eli may have been involved in an illegal prescription drug smuggling ring that got Eli’s brother busted in Canada. The Goat wants Eli Mirlis to turn over any information that connects Mirlis to his brother. Eli Mirlis never got busted. Talk about reaching for straws. Eli’s brother was busted by the Feds in 2015 because he worked for a Canadian company that illegally imported prescription drugs that were resold in the United States to pharmacies. Eli’s brother was in his 20s and was a low level salesman. The old guys who ran the company all got busted by the Feds and went to jail. The ring leaders recruited young guys with promises of high salaries to do the actual sales. Eli’s brother ended up getting probation, no jail time. Eli’s brother didn’t get the chance to go to Otisville prison and meet Michael Cohen, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, Sheldon Silver or Larry Noodles.

I read Eli’s brother’s criminal file. It was heartbreaking. Eli’s brother was molested as a child at a Jewish summer camp. Two victims of rabbi rape in the same family. Two victims of Jewish communal indifference and stupidity in the same family. How many victims does it take before Jewish community members speak out? Rabbi Goat’s community, ie., Ezi Greer and his pathetic wife, Dov Greer and his pathetic wife, Avi Hack and his pathetic wife, Harold Hack, and Sarah Greer all stood silent for 40 years while he raped student after student. These pathetic reprobates, as well as the greater New Haven Jewish community, have remained silent long after the Goat was exposed as a pedophile. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who attended all of the Goat’s fundraisers, has remained silent. The leaders of the New Haven Jewish Federation and the leaders and rabbis of all the local New Haven shuls, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, still remain silent. Are they afraid of the big, bad Goat? Pathetic! Is Larry Noodles the only Heeb brave enough to speak out against pedophilia and the Goat? The only Jews who have publicly spoken about the Goat have been the Jewish lawyers who are defending this monster in court. Attorney Stuart Margolis is currently representing Rabbi Greer and his wife Sarah in numerous civil and housing matters. The Sklarz attorneys are zealously defending the Goat in collection actions brought by Mirlis.

A few years after Eli’s brother got molested at a Jewish summer camp, Eli’s brother witnessed his father have a heart attack and die in front of him on Father’s Day. Eli’s brother also witnessed his three month old brother die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Eli’s brother overcame addiction problems as a young adult. Eli’s brother graduated college. The Goat has some chutzpah to ask whether Eli is connected to his brother in an “international multi-million dollar conspiracy” as was requested in court paperwork filed by Goat Attorney Willie Dow.

Eli’s brother’s criminal case was resolved back in 2015, prior to the Goat’s civil trial. The $21 million verdict entered against the Goat in 2016. Why didn’t the Goat’s attorneys raise this issue during the civil trial? Did Attorneys William Ward and David Grudberg commit malpractice? If Eli Mirlis had anything to do with importing illegal prescription drugs the Feds would have busted Eli. The Goat has no defense to his child rape case. He must resort to sleeze tactics in order to defend himself.

You can read a copy of the wage execution issued against the Goat by clicking the link below:

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3 thoughts on “Wage Execution Issued Against Rabbi Goat


  2. Mr. Noodles, I think you should own up to something.

    Not long ago, when I asked you why you attack not just the criminal, Mr. Daniel Greer, but also his sons, you replied as follows: “You may not believe this but I hope Dov Greer succeeds in whatever he does in his life. I harbor no animosity towards Dov Greer and wish him well… In the meantime, by remaining silent, Rabbi Dov is missing out on an opportunity to use his life experiences to help educate others about sexual abuse. He remained silent for too long…”

    OK. We can agree to disagree whether we should let people deal with their dark pasts on their own and make their own choices about how to do it, or whether they should be pushed to use their experience for the greater good.

    But now you bitterly describe them as accomplices. And your malice was clear when you recently wrote: “Mamzarim Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Harold Hack and Avi Hack, with children of their own, allowed the Goat to rape teenage boys for many years.”

    So again: “I harbor no animosity towards Dov Greer and wish him well” – Nonsense. When you have malice, justified or not, simply admit it. Be a man. Be straight.

    I think you are making a mistake by going after the sons as well as the father. They obviously weren’t angels. Maybe they were cowards. But they were also in a disgusting, evil situation. How they deal now with what they did (or what they failed to do) back then is best left up to them.

    1. I have nothing against mamzers. The offspring of a Goat and a Ewe clearly has mamzer status. They are the product of an illicit relationship between two different species. I was just stating a fact. Should I be bitter that they were accomplices to a crime of extreme depravity? Good question. I’m sure the victims are extremely bitter. My opinions in this blog do not always reflect my personal feelings. At times I express anger, disgust, outrage and malice, I admit it, I am human. The ideal is not to harbor such feelings, it is not healthy for the person and not good for society. My goal in life is to conquer the anger percolating in my soul. The fact that I survived prison without killing anyone says a lot about my self control and anger management. Martin Luther King once said that the bad actions of the few paled in comparison with the inaction of the many good. Does Dov, Ezi and Avi fall into the category of the evil Goat or do they fall into the category of good people who remained silent? Are you good if you remained silent? I am still trying to figure that out. Everyone has freedom of choice. I watched these guys get married and grow into adults in the compound, along with their siblings who left town, never to return. They chose to stay in the compound. They chose to ignore the Goat as he raped innocent happy teenage boys and turn some of them into alcoholics and drug addicts. Dov, Ezi, and Avi were fathers themselves. I watched Avi try to molest boys in the compound. He now works in an inner city high school where he is around teenagers all the time, and in his free time he hangs around the local yeshiva. Pedophiles gravitate towards jobs where they are exposed to children. Avi falls into the Goat category. There isn’t much anyone can do to control textbook pedophiles other than to lock them up. Dov, Ezi and Harold Hack knew that the Goat was never going to change, yet they remained silent. Avi’s wife knew all about Avi and the Goat yet she remained silent. If Avi’s wife knew, so did the other wives, other than Harold’s wife, who was kept in the dark. Had she known, she would have strangled the Goat. My blog may have just exposed the tip of the iceberg. What lurked underneath remains to be seen. I am still waiting for someone from the compound to come forward, be straight, be a man and answer my questions!

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