Warden Licon Forced Out of MCC

Warden Licon Forced Out of MCC

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Back in the mid 2000s Marti Licon was the warden at Otisville Federal prison. She ruled with an iron fist. Guys told me that she threw you in solitary for the most minor infractions. She threw the Spinka Rebbe in the SHU (solitary) when he did his time in Otisville.

While Licon was the Otisville warden she started up a relationship with one of the officers, whom she ended up marrying. Her name is now Marti Licon-Vitale. Officer Vitale worked in the power house in Otisville.

Certain inmates in Otisville got special treatment by the officers. Federal prison officers get busted for getting paid off by inmates all the time. When I was in Otisville the camp was run by a guy named Scalba. Scalba got investigated soon after I left. There was a female officer in Otisville named Krandall who used to spend a lot of time with one of the Romano brothers, a tall stocky guy. She used to sit on his bunk and chat. They used to walk around the prison grounds. Krandall had the night shift. The night officers were usually relaxed and didn’t bother anyone unless something serious happened. They just wanted to watch television and do their shift. On occasion you had a very strict night officer who went around the bunk harassing inmates.

I was in Otisville right after Licon left and moved on to work at another prison. I heard that she favored a street thug named Russell, although I was also told that she hated Russell. Its not easy to fact check prison stories.

Licon left Otisville for a job as warden at the Federal prison in Danbury. After a short stint in Danbury, Licon was appointed Warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, right after Jeffrey Epstein hung himself in his jail cell. As soon as she arrived the prison had to be locked down in order to search for homemade weapons, a gun and drugs. A gun was found in the prison. Recently officers went over Licon’s head and reported her to the Bureau of Prisons for an incident in which a 26 year old inmate, with the mental level of an 8 year old, was left in a holding cell for 24 hours without food or water. Attorney Brill said that his client Richard Quinn, 26, “made friends with mice” during the agonizing wait.

After the gun was discovered, then-Attorney General William Barr also launched a Justice Department task force to address criminal misconduct by officers at several correctional facilities.

Under Warden Licon-Vitale Metropolitan Correctional Center employees weren’t able to get masks. Workers in charge of filling soap dispensers were called into duty as correctional officers because of staffing shortages. More than 25% of staff positions were vacant. In May, a court-ordered inspection found that inmates with coronavirus symptoms were ignored and social distancing was nonnexistent, with some inmates sleeping on bunks within arm’s reach of each other. Lawyers complained that sick inmates had to lie on concrete beds and weren’t given sheets, blankets or pillows. Licon defended her decision to throw numerous inmates in the SHU under inhumane conditions.

An MCC inmate died under Licon’s watch, merely two days after arriving at MCC. Inmate McClam was found unresponsive two days after arriving at the facility and couldn’t be saved. A lawyer for his family said they were still awaiting the results of his autopsy. The lawyer said that McClam had complained of medical issues and didn’t receive the appropriate medical attention before his death.

MCC is probably one of the worst Federal prisons in the country. Avoid MCC at all costs. Avoid jail at all costs! Stay on the right side of the law.

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    she looks like the corrupt warden from the movie the Shawshank Redemption (Google it).

    Noodles for President!

    Moshiach NOW!

  2. Why isnt she sitting at home collecting 100 cents on the dollar welfare checks like chosen Chi-town “TEACHERS”?
    the deep state is a myth!!!!!!!

    Randi, can you and your WIFEY hear me? lmgao

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