Waterbury Rabbi Rafi Helping Greer Maintain the Compound

Waterbury Rabbi Rafi Helping Greer Maintain the Compound



(June 16, 2016)  Larry Noodles reported yesterday that Rabbi Greer tried to seduce three young Lakewood Boyz at the  Greer compound over the Shavuot holiday.  The Lakewood Boyz told Larry Noodles that they had Friday night dinner with Rabbi Greer.  They were joined at the dinner with a man by the name of “Rafi” along with an “unusual” 18 year old who was staying with Rafi in one of the Greer Shabbos apartments.  The Lakewood Boyz said that the 18 year old appeared to be mentally handicapped.  Larry Noodles previously reported that Rabbi Greer attempted to hire a mentally handicapped young man as his “personal assistant.”

An unnamed source has reported to Larry Noodles that Rafi is Rabbi Raphael Nemetsky.  Who is Rabbi Raphael Nemetsky?  Why was Rabbi Rafi at the compound eating dinner with Rabbi Greer?  Other unnamed sources have reported that Rabbi Rafi has known Rabbi Greer for many years, and has frequently been seen at the Greer compound.

Why did Rafi send out an email on a Jewish list serve seeking men for Rabbi Greer’s minyan?  Did Rabbi Greer ask him to send out this email?  The email says that Rabbi Greer will pay men to show up at his minyan.  Did Rabbi Greer pay Rabbi Rafi?  And if so, how much money did Rabbi Greer pay Rabbi Rafi?  Larry Noodles previously reported that Rabbi Greer has resorted to paying men to show up at his minyan.

It  has also been reported to Larry Noodles by an unnamed source that Rabbi Rafi used to hang out with a man who was excommunicated from the Jewish community in Waterbury.  Apparently this man tried to entice people to take rides with him in his car.

Rabbi Rafi grew up in Brooklyn.  He recently served as the rabbi of a small Orthodox synagogue in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  He left Wilkes-Barre a couple of years ago and has been living in Waterbury. According to Rabbi Rafi’s Facebook page, he started school at Touro College in 2015.  Rabbi Rafi recently formed an LLC called RN Properties, LLC, with himself as the sole member. It is possible Rabbi Greer offered him a job managing Greer buildings.

Rabbi Rafi has been falling behind in his bills.  The City of Waterbury recently filed sewer and water liens against his house, which was quit claimed to him by his wife, or ex-wife, Charisma Nemetsky, also known as Charisma Dawn, last year.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Rabbi Greer was paying Rabbi Rafi to help recruit guys for the Greer minyan.  Charisma posted on line videos of Rabbi Rafi making snorting noises.  He sounds like one of Rabbi Greer’s goats.  According to her Facebook page, Charisma is currently in a relationship with someone other than Rabbi Rafi.  She goes by the name “Chana Banana.”

Many questions remain unanswered…. Hopefully others will come forward and provide the missing pieces to the Greer puzzle.

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  1. Is there any EVIDENCE of any wrong doing here? This sounds like a lot of speculation. Posting for people driving is very common in the Jewish community. Nothing sinister there.

    1. Larry Noodles sees something sinister in EVERYTHING. Nothing, and nobody, is beyond the reach of the Noodles

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