WBAI Interviews Larry Noodles On The Rat Cohen

WBAI Interviews Larry Noodles On The Rat Cohen

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This morning I was contacted by the hosts of “Talk Back” a radio show that runs every week on WBAI radio out of New York. The hosts included British screenwriter and film director John McDonagh, Irish-American actor, writer and politician Malachy McCourt and New York Times Reporter Corey Kilgannon. These three goyim wanted to know what advice I had for fellow Jew Michael Cohen who was sentenced to serve three years in Otisville Federal prison in Upstate New York. I told them I refused to give advice to a rat, regardless of the fact that he is a Jew. I tried to explain to these goyim that ratting out a fellow Jew is a grave sin, but these goyim didn’t understand. Goyisha kops. They wanted to know what went on in Otisville with the Jews. I don’t know why, but everyone wants to know what is going on with the Jews. You can listen to my interview by clicking the below link I posted on Youtube:

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One thought on “WBAI Interviews Larry Noodles On The Rat Cohen

  1. Larry
    You made some very very serious allegations against A Hack recently.
    If true (and I dont doubt them) he should not be a public school teacher in Providence, rabbi of Ohawe/Ohave Shalom/Sholam in Pawtucket
    or a private tutor(!!) in torah to children, or be left alone with his many children and their friends.

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