Westville Shul Submitted Goat Support Letter

Westville Shul Submitted Goat Support Letter

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Rabbi Albert Feldman, Rabbi Emeritus of the Westville Shul shamelessly submitted a three page letter extolling the Goat’s “good deeds.” Feldman knew Avi Hack for many years, as well as Avi’s parents. Avi Hack’s parents joined the Westville Shul after they left the compound. How was Feldman able to look at these grieving parents in the eyes, week after week, and still write a letter supporting a depraved pedophile?

The Westville Shul made it to the top of the list of the Wall of Shame. Rabbi Albert Feldman submitted a letter to Judge Alander in which he stated: “After knowing Daniel Greer for better than a half-century, I can fully vouch for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s upright moral and ethical character and behavior in all situations.” Feldman is obviously senile. The Westville Board of Directors must have known about this letter. They are either senile or suffer from some form of dementia. This is the same shul where Senator Joseph Lieberman prayed regularly before he moved out of Connecticut.

Old man Feldman extolled the virtues of the Goat to Judge Alander: “I first met Daniel Greer fifty eight years ago when he entered Yale Law School after completing a fellowship studying Talmud at Yeshiva University. Daniel came to me consult me concerning kosher eating at Yale. At the time there was a part time kosher kitchen which was available to Yale graduate and professional school students exclusively and only for one meal a day. Together we realized that in order to expand the kosher dining options and to service a wider range of the university population the kosher dining facility would have to be moved closer to the University campus. Dan Greer petitioned Yale to allow kosher eating undergrads to forego University dining and transfer to the new facility. To keep the numbers up Daniel Greer frequently enlisted his law school roommate Jerry Brown, son of the then Governor of California, to eat with him at the ‘Kosher Kitchen.’ And periodically, Daniel would organize religious services at the new ‘Kitchen.’ The Yale Kosher Kitchen survived numerous peregrinations, beginning at 24 Dixwell, then moving to 35 High Street, then to Crown Street, and presently, to the beautiful facility on Wall Street, the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale.”

Old man Feldman, much like the Goat, likes to drop names. Feldman thought he would impress Judge Alander by mentioning the name of Jerry Brown. The Goat always boasted that he would be on the United States Supreme Court if Jerry Brown was ever elected President. Justices Goat, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas would form a voting block on the Supreme Court. The would exchange stories about heavy drinking, coke bottles, raping Yale co-eds, and molesting high school boys.

I guess old man Feldman felt that the kosher kitchen at Yale was more important than the Goat’s rape of Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis, not to mention the Goat’s molestation of Rafi, and Dr. Ford’s testimony that there was evidence that the Goat raped his own sons. Old man Feldman knew Avi Hack for years. Old man Feldman saw Avi Hack’s parents every week at the Westville Shul after they left the Goat shul. The Hacks eventually moved to Waterbury. Did old man Feldman ever ask Avi Hack, or his parents, about the trauma they experienced at the hands of the Goat when he saw them at “his” synagogue? Did old man Feldman ever ask Eli Mirlis about the trauma he suffered under the Goat? I’m sure Feldman spent many hours listening to the Goat’s side of the story, the conspiracy theory, but did it ever occur to this senile old man to listen to the words of the victims?

Feldman continued: “After his graduation from Yale Law, Daniel Greer moved back to New York and worked in a Wall Street firm. We maintained contact especially as, in the late 1960s, his brother, Dr. Jonathan Greer moved to New Haven for a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale. Dr. Greer lived then, with his family, in the Westville section of town and attended my synagogue.” The last time Feldman had a conversation with Dr. Jonathan Greer was probably in the 1960s before Jonathan Greer moved his family to Chicago. Goat insiders told me that Jonathan Greer moved to Chicago because he couldn’t deal with his brother the Goat. I was told by Goat insiders that Jonathan Greer has recently visited Waterbury and has expressed his sorry for the abuse that the Hacks and Greer children, as well as the grandchildren, ie., the Gracks, suffered at the hands of his depraved goat brother. The fact that Jonathan Greer has nothing to do with the Goat should have set off some kind of light bulb in the brain dead head of old man Feldman.

Jonathan Greer rarely visited the Goat in New Haven after he moved to Chicago over thirty years ago. For all the years I went to the Goat shul I only saw Jonathan a handful of times. The Goat never introduced his brother to me, or to most other people in the congregation when he came to visit once or twice a year. By contrast, old man Feldman was a frequent visitor at the Goat shul. The Goat paraded him in front of the shul giving him high honors, announcing his presence to everyone. Old man Feldman was seated in a spot next to the Goat. No other Rabbi, or person, ever occupied this seat next to the Goat, with the exception of Rabbi Gettinger. The Goat was happy that he was able to pull the goat wool over the eyes of a senile old Rabbi who commanded such respect and awe in New Haven. The Goat impressed everyone in the shul with such connections. After prayer services the two old men of self importance shared a few private words, and chuckled, as if they were discussing very serious issues. The Goat was always on his best behavior when Feldman was in the shul. The Goat never berated, corrected or yelled at anyone in the shul. Feldman left without speaking to anyone else in the Goat shul. Feldman came only to pay honor and respect to the Goat. Feldman was too important to speak with peasants like myself. The only other times that I saw Feldman was when he sat in his honored seat in the front of the Westville shul. At other times I saw him at the Westville Stop & Shop in the fruit aisle picking up tomatoes. I was shocked that a man of his position didn’t use a servant to pick up his tomatoes, or at least Pea Pod.

Old man Feldman’s letter droned on about how the Goat did “a stint on Wall Street,” “joined the new Administration of Mayor John V. Lindsay as General Counsel… supervising a number of successful cases… appointed by Mayor Lindsay as First Deputy Commissioner of Ports and Terminals…” I’m sure old man Feldman had a lot of help from the Goat preparing this letter. How could Feldman remember what the Goat was doing in the 1960s? There is no mention anywhere in any book or publication that the Goat “supervised a number of successful cases.”

Feldman spoke about how he invited the Goat to speak at the Westville shul: “Dan Greer became especially involved in helping the plight of his Russian co-religionists. I invited Dan Greer to speak at my synagogue. I well recall the comprehensive talk he gave at my Congregation to a wall-to-wall audience, furnishing a status report on the condition of Soviet Jewry, the nascent ‘refusnik’ movement, and the dream of emigration from that hostile environment.” Did old man Feldman ever wonder how a goat so concerned with the plight of his “Russian co-religionists” could be accused of committing acts of sodomy against teenage boys? Old man Feldman never bothered to ask Avi Hack, Eli Mirlis, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, Harold Hack about the accusations leveled against the goat. The Goat convinced old man Feldman that it was a vast anti-Goat conspiracy in order to take over the compound. I have a Brooklyn Bridge I would like to sell to this senile old man.

Old man Feldman gushed on about his hero the Goat: “The Greers started what was to become a first rate Jewish elementary school.” Old man Feldman’s brown nose grew three inches after he wrote these words. Feldman continued: “To fund the school in its initial states, along with modest fund raising, Mrs. Greer served as the School’s principal and mainstay Judiac Studies teacher, pro bono, for the first 15 years. That, if memory serves, was at the same time as Rabbi Greer’s parents were living with them. During those years I have very fond memories of Rabbi Greer coming to our home each Purim holiday. He would have his children in tow, in their home made costumes, delighting in the excitement of the day. I was never sure who had more fun, the father or the kids…” Old man Feldman never mentioned that every night when the Goat pulled into his driveway after work the Goat kids went into hiding in the Goat house, fearful of what the Goat might do to them. Old man Feldman failed to mention that Sarah Greer currently is collecting about $6K a month as principal of a defunct school with no students, while her husband languishes in a jail cell in the Cheshire Correctional Institution.

Old man Feldman spoke about how he was the brainchild of the Goat’s annual fundraising “Gan Gathering.” Feldman stated: “I remember at one planning meeting at Greer’s home that I suggested doing a buffet as a fundraiser in place of the traditional full service, wait staff dinner. This would save the lives of many chickens while adding considerably to the School’s coffers. Since that time the Gan School has been well regarded throughout the community, for among other things, its ‘Annual Gathering’ as opposed to an ‘Annual Dinner.” Feldman obviously lost his mind many years ago. Feldman saved the lives of many chickens while the Goat destroyed the lives of many young men. Feldman failed to mention that the Goat hasn’t had a gathering since the civil rape case was filed against him.

Old man Feldman implied that families at the Westville shul felt the same love for the Goat: “Some families of my congregation sent their children to the Gan School, and I, myself have visited and sat in on classes. Numerous graduates of the School went on to attend the finest universities and are today leaders in their communities.” Not one member of the Westville shul, other than Feldman, sent a letter of support for the Goat to Judge Alander. Westville members Steven Wilf and Joseph Fleishman wrote letters expressing their disappointment with the Goat to the New Haven Register. Their letters contained big words with little insight into the Goat or his many victims. Wilf, Fleishman and Feldman never spoke with any of the victims, never spoke with the State’s Attorneys Office, and never spoke with the civil attorneys who obtained a $15 million jury verdict against the Goat. One of them did speak with Larry Noodles. One of them told me a year ago that I was not welcome at the Westville Shul because of my blog. He told me that I needed to meet with with the current Rabbi in order to discuss this further. I refused to set up a meeting in the principal’s office in order to get goatsplained by Westville’s current rabbi while everyone in Westville defended the greatest goat of all time. Ironically Feldman’s letter implies that he is the current rabbi of the Westville Shul. He frequently refers to the Westville shul as “MY congregation.” The Goat and Feldman have a lot in common. They are both delusional. Westville Shul should take Feldman’s name off the letterhead and kick him out of Westville.

Feldman concluded his letter by speaking about his deep love, admiration and respect for this depraved pedophile: “Over the years, and up until very recently, I have on many occasions, attended the Yeshiva congregation. At times, I would attend on a week day, at times, for special celebrations. Always I was impressed both with the fine rapport Rabbi Daniel Greer enjoyed with his students and with the encouragement he gave the boys to assume roles of leadership in the services. I would like to close by stating that, as the Senior Orthodox Rabbi in Greater New Haven, and after knowing Daniel Greer for better than a half century, I can fully vouch for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s upright moral and ethical character and behavior in all situations.”

Lets contrast the words of Rabbi Feldman with the words of Goat insider Dr. Jedidiah Siev in his letter to Judge Alander: “Greer harnessed fear, shame, and embarrassment to run his school and synagogue. He expertly and strategically mixed in pride and warmth so that one was both terrified to step out of line or disobey, and also eager to please. He was the puppeteer toying with the strings of students’ confidence and sense of self-worth. He humiliates people with the ease that others say good morning. Quite literally it is hard to fathom having the arrogance and disregard for others, both his objects of derision and bystanders, to demean others in public so comfortably. Greer will trample anyone to get what he wants, and will convince himself, others, and victims that this is holy work. He is arrogant, mean, manipulative, abusive and vicious. I do not ever recall him contrite, admit to wrongdoing, or express regret. He has earned jail time with the abuse, humiliation, shame, tears, and nightmares of others. Do not grant him leniency. You are welcome to identify me in court by name. I regret only that I never had the courage to express this directly to Greer.”


Joseph A. Orlow “One of them told me a year ago that I was not welcome at the Westville Shul because of my blog.” It is interesting to note that the blog remains open to one and all, as this article illustrates, with a letter from the Rabbi Emeritus of the Shul featured in a post. On a related note, I am thinking of starting a blog with a URL like freegreer.com. Before people here seldoon* me, allow me to explain. The support for Daniel Greer extends beyond the letters the Noodles is sharing with us. One head of a Bais Din told me there is a Mitzva of Pidyon Shvuyim, freeing the captive, the captive here being Daniel Greer. Fine. I will be raising the money for this. Now, the implication of Greer’s Rabbinical support, either explicitly stated or left for us to infer, is that the criminal justice system is so broken that a totally innocent Rabbi can be framed and face years in one the toughest and roughest prisons in the State of Connecticut. Obviously, then, no point in wasting money on paying lawyers to challenge the system. Bribing judges and elected officials is the only hope. But that is illegal. So we must be satisfied with incremental steps of relieving prisoner suffering.And what better organization to support in that regard than the Noodles’ non-profit? So, the money I raise, after I take my fundraising cut, will go to First Amendment Watchdogs. *”noodles” backwards

Marshall Marcus While Rabbi Feldman’s letter supporting Greer’s moral character is reprehensible, please do not disparage the synagogue Board. For many decades Feldman ran Westville Synagogue with an iron fist. He told the Board what to do, the Board did not tell the Rabbi what to do or say. He is not an employee and has not been for many years. As Rabbi Emeritus he has access to synagogue stationery with his name and title on it and he used it.

  • Joseph A. Orlow
    Fair enough. Yet, the letter went out on official Shul stationary. I have a feeling the board will be made aware of the matter, if they have not already found out about it.

    Let the board issue a clarification here on this page. They can even reply to your comment as I’ve done.

    Otherwise, the board gets to play it both ways. It can say that it no longer employs the Rabbi, so has nothing to do with what he says. They can come across as agreeing with the Rabbi since they remained silent on the issue.

Marshall Marcus I would expect the Board will do and say nothing. You ascribe more power and interest to them than they have. I doubt they have met since this has become public knowledge. They would not challenge the actions of Rabbi Feldman publicly.

Joseph A. Orlow Out of curiosity, do you think the board would have an emergency meeting and issue a statement if numerous members of the congregation or their children were making public allegations against Greer?

Marshall Marcus absolutely not. It’s not the nature of most synagogue boards to comment on events/happenings outside the building/cemetery/congregation. They deal with programming, physical condition of the building, membership and fundraising/balance sheet. The days of a synagogue board with a social conscience belonged to liberal congregations in the Viet Nam/Civil Rights era. Almost never an orthodox shul

Marshall Marcus my comments are based on more than 30 years on various synagogue boards and 2 years President of a New Haven Orthodox Synagogue (now defunct) which was harmed by Greer’s actions.

Joseph A. Orlow Again, fair enough. But an ingrained culture of craveness doesn’t excuse cowardice.

Lawrence S. Dressler Yet according to Mr. Fleishman, they had a board meeting with the Rabbi in order to discuss whether to confer “honors” upon Larry Noodles in their struggling morning minyan. I was honored to be the subject of their board meeting, Even the Goat didn’t get honored to be subject of a board meeting. lol


Anno: Is there still daily minyan and shuirs???

Larry Noodles: Nothing going on at the Goat shul, but the Westville Shul is dying, no new members are coming in and the older members are moving away

Anonoymous: As a member the Westville Synagogue there are new young members with young children who join the synagogue.

Larry Noodles: The young families usually only stay for a stint at Yale for a year or so and then skip town. Only Larry Noodles stays in Gotham

Anno: SO what do all the youngins have to say about their rabbi emeritus leading the charge to allow a convicted multiple unapologetic molester to go free?? Where is the Westville Board?? Were is the current rabbi? the silence is shameful, your temple will be the subject of constant ridicule and derision unless you/it says something about feldman’s lovefest for the convicted molester.


Jonathan Siegel I hate to say this, but…You were not only a convicted felon, but convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, involving lying. They were within their rights not to give you aliyot for that alone. For the same reasons you were suspended from the Bar. And that fact alone would also naturally lead members of the community, at the start of things before much in the way of evidence surfaced, to believe Daniel Greer over you.

Joseph A. Orlow First of all, I don’t think it is allowed, in general, to deny someone Shul honors for the reason you mention. But in particular, did the Shul investigate the circumstances of the Noodles’s case? People plead guilty all the time to things they never did, or to which they feel they were innocent to but didn’t want to risk a jury trial over.

In any case, Greer never once in court took the stand to say he was innocent, not in the civil trial and not in the criminal trial.

Furthermore, Mr. Dressler’s conduct since his incarceration is a textbook case of doing repentance. He has displayed through his blog how he has character, honesty, and an adherence to high standards of conduct.

Lawrence S. Dressler what about the guys in the shul who get aliyahs after they drive to westville on Shabbos lou goatberg got aliyas there and he is a convicted felon. So did Jerry who did time with me in otisville for fraud who was also suspended from practicing law. Avi Hacks deposition was publicly available at the time. Mirlis also had filed his lawsuit. They were free to contact Mirlis and Hack at any time. Harold Hack was a member

Joe Miller dont let the board off the hook, misuse of their stationary is a major offense. How come no one is asking the board and current rabbi for comment?

Marshall Marcus Joe Miller ‘misuse’ how do you know the conditions of Rabbi Feldman’s use of stationery that has his name and title on it? Did you negotiate the terms of his retirement? I didn’t and doubt you did. I don’t agree with the letter, but I can’t label this as misuse or a major offense without facts which are not my business. I am not a member of the board or synagogue.

Sara Rosenberg So then shouldn’t the board make a very largely distributed letter AGAINST what the rabbi said?

Lawrence S. Dressler I spoke with someone who contacted the westville board members. They are claiming that I made up the letter. LMAO

Joe Miller Well then they and their current clergy should repudiate it. Have they? challenge them to do so. ANd where is Feldman living, he must be 90 yrs old

Joseph A. OrlowThat is RICH. Really, it tells us all we need to know, if that is the case. I still intend to reach out to Mr. Lehrer.

Joe Miller Sara Rosenberg EXACTLY– btw where are the students from Tikva in all of this greer stuff? have they taken any action legal or otherwise against him, wife or ToM etc?

Lawrence S. Dressler Feldman is pretty sharp for his age, and is in good health. I didn’t realize he was 91. Tikva girls never sued the school or took any action. Mirlis was hesitant to take action, which took him 13 years to get the strength

Jonathan Siegel Hi Larry,

“They are claiming I made up the letter.”

This is a very serious accusation you are making (and if so a very serious accusation they were making). If they said this, it is worth following up on.

If this were a federal case the letter would have a PACER citation. Does CT have anything similar accessible by the public, or at least by lawyers? When I was a civil litigant I remember having access to the entire electronic docket of my case and could look up filed papers online, but I’m not sure if that works for criminal case dockets and the general public.

If there is a public access citation, even if for lawyers only, would suggest providing it.

Lawrence S. Dressler It’s in the court paper file in the clerk’s office. Criminal files are still paper

Jonathan Siegel What is the docket number?

Lawrence S. Dressler State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer CR17-0177934. You can call the clerks office and they will confirm that the Feldman letter was submitted by Willie Dow in his packet of sentencing support letters. The letter looks like it had a lot of input from the Greers. Sarah Greer tried to get Yosef Katz write a letter, and said they would write it for him. It is possible that Larry Noodles broke into the Westville shul, stole outdated letterhead, kidnapped Rabbi Feldman and tortured him to provide Noodles with information about his personal relationship with the Goat going back to the 1950s, and then forced Feldman to sign the letter while giving him a nuggie. lol

Jonathan Siegel Was there such a Katz letter in the file?

Lawrence S. Dressler Katz wrote a letter but it never made the court file for some reason, probably lost in the mail

“Come now, Mattaathias, be the first to obey the King’s command, as all the Gentiles and Judeans have done, then you and your sons shall be numbered among the King’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honored with silver and gold and many gifts. You are a leader, and honorable and great man in the city, supported by sons and kindred. But Mattathias answered in a loud voice, ‘Although the Gentiles and Judeans in the king’s realm obey him, so that they forsake their religion and consent to the king’s orders, yet I and my sons will keep to the covenant of our ancestors. We will not obey the words of the King by departing from our religion in the slightest degree.’” 1 Maccabees Ch. 2.

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

Moshiach Now!

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7 thoughts on “Westville Shul Submitted Goat Support Letter

  1. Interesting. I am not sure I completely agree with you regarding these character letters. I haven’t read Feldman letter in full, so I will speak more generally. These letters do not say that Greer did not commit those crimes. They don’t say that these crimes are insignificant. They did not say that he should not be punished for his crimes. Apparently They also do not say that there was some conspiracy against Greer, or that the verdict was somehow unjust. All they say is that they knew good deeds of Greer, such as setting up a Kosher Kitchen and activism in support of Soviet Jews such as myself. They do not say that these good deeds negate his crimes or make it impossible for him to have committed these crimes. They just say, or imply, that these deeds may be taken into account as a mitigating factor in his sentencing. I do not have a big problem with this as long as the letter is sincere. Whether this will be taken into account is not up to them, it is up to the judge. It well may be that the crimes are deemed so horrible that no amount of good deeds, even if true, would justify any liniency. It will also be balanced against hostile character references. But for what it’s worth, the institute of character references exists and I see no problem with their writers. I would rather see this than total abandonment of the person who only recently was their close friend or associate.

    1. I have nothing against character letters but in this case you have a rabbi who represents a synagogue who submitted the character letter, on the synagogue letterhead, with the implication that the Board of Directors and the congregation approved of this letter or endorse the letter. If Feldman submitted the letter in his personal capacity, that would have been more appropriate.

  2. In my view, it is much more problematic and more serious that they said you are not welcome in their Shul. In my view, you did a great service to the community, and specifically to the New Heaven Jewish community, in helping to expose these horrific crimes. They should have thanked you, not expel you. At least they did not physically assault you. They are clearly caught in misplaced Jewish solidarity, culture of denial and conspiracy of silence. This is not unique to this Shul and sadly quite common across orthodox communities. See mannywaks dot com for Australian experience.


    1. To be more specific, Mr. Fleishman told me after a morning minyan, where they barely get a minyan, that I would be allowed in the shul to pray but I would not be given any honors, ie., aliyas, etc…, which says to me that I am not welcome there. There are other shuls in New Haven that fully accepted me, so I saw no point in going to a “house of worship” where I was not welcome. Westville would rather not have a minyan than suffer with Larry Noodles. I wonder if they would honor the Goat if he showed up. I told a few people whom I knew at Westville about it and they told me that I should blog about it. I wasn’t going to write about it because there were bigger issues going on with the Goat, and I didn’t want to be the center of attention all the time, I get accused of that a lot for some reason, but when I saw this letter from Mr. Feldman it seemed to explain why they didn’t want me in there.

  3. Another question: from your experience, how much impact do such letters have, especially in cases of such grave crimes? I can understand that they are very significant for lesser offenses, but hard to see how being a de facto neighborhood mayor or even an actual mayor could mitigate such grave crimes, especially when there is no remorse. One can even say that being in a position of power would make it worse. One former president of Israel jailed for rape comes to mind. No one can deny his many good deeds, which elevated him to the highest office, but this appears not to have helped much with his sentence.

    1. I don’t think character letters have any impact in a case of extreme depravity such as the Goat. Even in smaller cases, like my own criminal case, when I asked my attorney about getting character letters he referred to them as “window dressing.” You look stupid if you don’t have them, but they don’t help you in any way. The only case where I think it made a difference was with Harold J. Pickerstein, who pleaded guilty to stealing $600K, and got sentenced to 4 weeks in jail. He got a character letter from Federal Judge Fitzsimmons. He also had prominent members of the Connecticut bar submit letters and appear at his sentencing to speak on his behalf, such as Willie Dow. I wrote a number of blogs about that case. I also filed a judicial complaint against Judge Fitzsimmons because she violated the Judical Canon of Ethics when she submitted the character letter. She was up for reappointment shortly therafter. I sent a letter to the Committee expressing my concerns about her reappointment. She was not reappointed. The judicial complaint I filed was dismissed after Fitzsimmons admitted to violating the rules, and writing an apology to me.


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