White Rapist Gets White Privilege At Yale

White Rapist Gets White Privilege At Yale

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Back in 2012 the Yale basketball coach traveled all the way to a public high school in the backwaters of Tennessee in order to recruit basketball star Jack Montague. Montague was not good enough to get recruited by the big boys like the North Carolina Tar Heals or the Duke Blue Devils. Jack had to settle for Yale.

Yale is not known to excel in its sports programs. Yale uses its sports teams in order to whiten, and darken, its student body. Sports scholarships are offered to White boys, and minorities, with less than perfect SAT’s and GPA’s. If Yale based its admissions solely on SAT scores and GPA’s the entire campus would be populated by Jewish and Chinese students. Yale’s billionaire cigar chomping hedge fund guys would stop donating to a university where English is the second language to Mandarin and Hebrew. Recently the Chinese, who are infatuated with Yale and Harvard, have been donating millions to the Ivies, which has forced America’s premier educational institution to open a sister school in Communist China. God Bless the American democracy!

The Yale basketball coach recruited Jack Montague at the Brentwood Public High School. The Tennessee press reported at the time that Jack was an above average student, scoring a 26 on the ACT and a 3.8 GPA at a public high school. Jack did not tell the press what he scored on his SAT. If Yale had no basketball program Jack’s place at Yale would have been filled by a Jewish student with perfect SAT scores who graduated from an elite East or West coast private academy, or an Asian who scored tops in the most competitive and exclusive schools in China.

Yale’s rich hedge fund donor graduates were happy with Yale’s successful basketball season under Jack, who was voted captain of the basketball team. In his spare time Jack majored in “American studies,” an arts program specifically designed for Yale’s basketball and football players. Jack would have majored in Yale’s finger painting program but that was already filled.

In 2014 a female Yale student accused Jack Montague of rape. Jack was immediately expelled from Yale and kicked off the basketball team. The basketball team defended Montague and wore t-shirts with Montague’s nickname and jersey number during a nationally-televised game. Montague sued Yale in 2016 in order to get back into Yale. Montague and Yale settled the case a year ago. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed to the public. Montague was never admitted back into Yale. Montague was never arrested or charged with any crime.

Yale student Saifullah Khan was born into an impoverished Arab family in Afghanistan. Saif was a student prodigy, having excelled in the sciences and physics. Saif was recruited by an elite private East Coast American high school for his academic talents. Saif excelled in high school. Saif was provided with scholarships and donations in order to attend Yale University.

In 2015 a female Yale student accused Saif Khan of rape. The rape was reported to the Yale Police Department. A day later Saif was arrested by the New Haven Police Department. Saif was suspended from Yale. Saif’s criminal proceedings dragged on for three years. Saif was facing five to ten years in a Connecticut State prison. Connecticut prisons are stuck in the Dark Ages. Saif would have been locked up with violent street guys with lengthy criminal records. Baby faced Saif would have never survived.

The jury acquitted Saif of all charges. Saif was admitted back into Yale classrooms on a limited basis. Saif was not allowed to live on campus. Yale students complained that they did not feel safe with a Middle Eastern rapist walking around campus. Yale students got 80,000 people to sign an online petition to expel Saif from Yale.

After Saif was acquitted Yale resumed its disciplinary hearings against Saif. A few months later Yale determined that Saif was guilty of rape in spite of the jury’s verdict of acquittal. Saif was expelled from Yale. Academic disciplinary hearings have a lower standard of proof than criminal trials. Saif had no opportunity to cross examine the complainant in the academic hearings. Saif is currently suing Yale in Federal Court in order to get back into Yale.

Why did Saif get arrested and subjected to a criminal trial while the White guy from Tennessee never got charged with a crime? I watched the entire trial of Saif Khan and interviewed the jurors. Saif testified at trial. The jurors were not convinced that the complainant was able to accurately remember what happened on the night of the crime, as she was admittedly drunk for most of the night, and blacked out. The jurors were mostly parents. They didn’t want to send a young man to a violent prison for many years and destroy his life.

In his lawsuit against Yale, Montague’s attorney alleged the following: “Montague found himself thrust into the confusing, terrifying, and lonely process through which those accused of sexual misconduct are maneuvered, and into the midst of Yale’s ongoing battle to establish itself as an institution that takes accusations of sexual misconduct seriously, he was a prime candidate to serve as Yale’s poster boy for tough enforcement of its Sexual Misconduct Policies: popular, well-liked and respected among his peers at Yale, and known throughout the country as one of Yale’s most promising men’s basketball stars.”

Montague should be grateful that he never got arrested and charged with a felony, which is a far more terrifying and lonely process than getting kicked out of Yale. Montague should be grateful that he never spent a day in jail. I spent almost two years in Federal prison for mortgage fraud in which I made no money other than attorneys fees for seven closings. Nobody ever accused me of rape or a crime of violence. Why was I charged with a crime while Montague never got entangled in the cruel and heartless criminal justice system? Most of the people locked up with me in Otisville were either Jewish white collar criminals or Black and Spanish drug dealers. If you run the numbers, based on the percentage of your race in the population, your odds of getting charged with a white collar crime are higher if you are a Jew or a foreigner than if you are a White American. Your odds of getting busted for drugs are higher if you are Black or Spanish drug dealer than if you are a White drug dealer living in the suburbs.

Federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky today testified that prosecutions are “not based on politics.” Why didn’t anybody in Congress ask Zelinsky whether politics played a factor in the “War on Drugs” prosecutions of the 1980s that led to the mass incarceration of African American men? Why didn’t anyone in Congress ask Zelinsky whether politics played a factor in the mortgage fraud prosecutions after the 2008 real estate crash, where guys like me got sent to jail while rich banker scumbag scammers never spend a day in prison? To add insult to injury, these big banker scumbag scammers got bailed out by Congress while I am still paying criminal restitution. Oy gevalt!

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  1. Arab from Afghanistan? I believe the only Arabs in Afghanistan are al qaida emissaries.

      1. lol.

        I am an ethnic Pashtoon, not Arab. And, yeah some Arabs do exist in Afg. Mostly as descendants of those who brought Islam with them.

  2. “The campus is also in the thrall of various claims of identity entitlement, rendering the campus less a place of unbridled intellectual stimulation and more a smug hothouse catering to social justice warriors intent on remaking the world in their own image”

    What’s the per capita rate of jewish white collar criminals in relation to their <2% of the US population? #BarryMinkow

    1. the problem with trying to figure out that statistic is that the Feds prosecute white collar crime, but only indict 1% of all white collar criminals, the top on the list are politicians and other headline makers. It’s impossible to take a survey of white collar criminals to determine their racial and ethnic makeup, nobody will admit that they are white collar criminals, they are liars by nature!

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