Who Is Larry Noodles?

Who Is Larry Noodles?


Mug Shot 5/21/14        Freedom Day 11/2/15

“Larry Noodles” is Lawrence S. Dressler.  Larry Noodles practiced civil law and criminal defense for close to 20 years in the City of New Haven, State of Connecticut.  Larry is currently suspended from the practice of law.  Larry Noodles spent 17 months locked up in a Federal prison “camp” located in Otisville, New York.  Because the prison is low security it is referred to as a “camp.”  Larry Noodles pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. Larry Noodles had a very small role as a closing attorney in a very large mortgage fraud scam involving many people.  The Feds were mainly focused on a New Haven realtor by the name of Joseph Levitin. Levitin engaged in mortgage fraud for many years, taking full advantage of subprime loans and loose lending in the years leading up to the real estate crash of 2008.  Levitin built up a multi million dollar real estate empire in the City of New Haven. Levitin closed hundreds of deals.  He sometimes made fifty thousand dollars in ill begotten cash on a single deal.  Larry Noodles handled seven closings over the course of about seven months back in 2007 and 2008. Most of the closings took about a half hour to an hour of Larry Noodles’ time.  Larry Noodles earned about $500 for each transaction in attorneys fees.   Larry Noodles was not involved with phony loan applications, straw buyers, phony pay stubs, fraudulent appraisals, or fake leases.  Levitin’s many properties went into foreclosure a year or two after the closings.  The defaulted loans were investigated by the Feds.  During the course of the investigation the Feds served subpoenas on realtors, mortgage brokers, straw buyers, sellers, lawyers and many others connected with the loans.  The Feds eventually decided to indict a small fraction of the total number of people involved.  The Feds indicted ten people, almost half of whom were lawyers who made no profit other than closing fees.  All of the lawyers pleaded guilty to conspiracy.  The conspiracy laws are difficult to challenge, as the government merely has to prove that you were negligent in failing to prevent a fraud.  Levitin made close to a million dollars in ill begotten gains.  None of the sellers, who made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling their gutted out multi family houses, were indicted.  Levitin got two months more jail time than Larry Noodles because Levitin cooperated with the Feds.  Another guy on the top of the conspiracy got less jail time than Larry Noodles because he cooperated with the Feds.

Larry Noodles was given the nickname “Larry Noodles” by fellow inmates because Larry Noodles got caught with a bag of cooked spiral pasta that he smuggled out of the prison warehouse and put in his cubicle.  Larry Noodles started blogging while he was incarcerated.  He published some of his blogs on a popular New Haven news website, ie., the New Haven Independent.  He blogged about how he got his nickname “Larry Noodles”.  He blogged about a Jewish inmate named Rubashkin, who used to own the largest kosher meat processing company in the world. He blogged about inmate drug dealers from the Bronx.  He blogged about the angriest inmate in the camp who was the anger management class teacher. He blogged about the anger management class teacher’s best friend, ie., Iranian inmate Hassan Nemazee, who was nominated by Bill Clinton to serve as Ambassador to Argentina. He blogged about actor / rapper Will Smith’s attorney, an inmate who ran the prison warehouse. He blogged about how the Russian inmates took over the prison camp. He blogged about competitive prison soccer games that pitted Russian inmates against Columbian inmates. He blogged about recently convicted former Connecticut governor John Rowland who was going to be locked up in Otisville. He blogged about unauthorized surgical procedures performed by inmates in prison on a very sensitive part of a man’s body.  He blogged about how Passover was celebrated in prison.  He blogged about Jewish inmates being transported in the prison bus to the “mikveh” or ritual bath, in order to purify themselves before the Jewish holidays.  He blogged about a former chiropractor from Connecticut who almost got in trouble for smuggling a can opener into the prison.  He blogged about a New York mortgage fraud attorney who got solitary confinement for smuggling an MP3 player into the prison.

Eventually the inmates discovered that Larry Noodles was blogging from prison.  Fellow inmates got very angry.  They made life very difficult for Larry Noodles.  They dumped soup on his bunk.  They yelled at him and harassed him every chance they got. They stole his prison watch.  One inmate used his hat as a toilet.  Larry Noodles decided to  suspend his blogging until after he was released from prison.  Larry Noodles is now a free man.  Larry Noodles is using his free time as a free man to write about what goes on in prison.  Larry Noodles is also using his free time to appear on a radio show to talk about what goes on in prison.

The picture above is Larry Noodles’ mug shot taken on the day he entered prison, which was May 21, 2014.  Larry Noodles had to wear green prison clothing most of the time he was locked up.  The other picture in the prison parking lot on the day he was released, which was November 2, 2015.

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