World Renowned Jewish Harvard Professor Busted

World Renowned Jewish Harvard Professor Busted

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Dr. Charles M. Lieber, a Harvard professor of Chemistry, is one of leading experts in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, areas of science that he pioneered. Lieber has published countless scientific papers and has received numerous awards and honors. Even with all his talents Lieber still may have a problem getting an aliya at the Otisville shul. The Satmars can be tough on assimilated Jews in Otisville prison.

Leiber lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, a few miles from Cambridge, the home of Harvard. Most wealthy Jews live in Brookline, Massachusetts, right outside of Cambridge. Lexington is 70% White and 25% Asian. Brookline is 73% White and only 15% Asian. Leiber preferred to live with the Chinese rather than his fellow landsmen in Brookline. The Chinese food is better in Lexington.

Lieber, not unlike Albert Einstein, had a good sense of humor. Einstein once helped his neighbor’s kids with their math homework when they stopped by his house when he taught at Princeton. Lieber’s hobby is growing giant pumpkins in his backyard in Lexington. Lieber probably invented a growth hormone that he injects in his pumkin seeds. In 2010 Lieber won the annual weigh-off at Frerich’s Farm in Rhode Island with a 1,610 pound pumpkin. In 2012 Lieber’s 1,770 pound pumpkin set a Massachusetts record. In 2014 Lieber’s 1,870 pound pumpkin was ranked 17th largest in the world.

Top professors at Harvard earn about $200K a year. Lieber probably earned about $200K a year, plus an additional $50-100K a year in speaking and consulting fees. That wasn’t enough money for Lieber. Chump change. That’s not enough money to survive in Lexington. In order to make real money Lieber sold his soul, and American technology, to the Chinese government. Benedict Arnold! Judas!

Chinese Communists working for the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) paid Lieber $50,000.00 per month, $159K a year in living expenses and $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT. Wuhan of all places! WUT T F??? Lieber worked for a Chinese program that recruited top scientists to help further China’s goal of world domination. The program was designed to attract overseas talent and foreign experts to bring their knowledge and experience to China. They were offered financial incentives to steal proprietary information from their home countries. This program is still going on right now. If you want to get in on the action and earn millions of dollars to sell technology to China now is your big chance.

In 2018 the National Institute of Health asked Harvard University about Lieber’s involvement with Wuhan University. Harvard asked Lieber for an explanation. Lieber told Harvard that he had nothing to do with Wuhan University. Harvard relayed the message to the NIH. Harvard apparently didn’t conduct an investigation of its own. Harvard relied on the honesty of Dr. Lieber. If you believe that I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Something smells very fishy in Boston Harbor. The Feds have disclosed very few details about the Lieber case.

The NIH didn’t believe Harvard or Dr. Lieber. The NIH ratted Harvard out to the Feds. In 2018 special agents from the Department of Justice paid a visit to Dr. Lieber. They asked Lieber questions about his involvement with Wuhan University. Dr. Lieber sat down with the special agents without a lawyer. Big mistake. Dr. Lieber lied to the special agents about his involvement with Wuhan University. Even bigger mistake! How could a guy who is so smart be so DUMB?? Goyisha kop! A disgrace to the race!

Two days ago the Feds busted Dr. Lieber and charged him with making false statements, which exposes him to five years in Otisville Prison. Not the biggest Federal crime in the world. You can trespass on Federal property and get charged with a five year felony.

Yet the Feds demanded that Lieber post a $1 million cash bond, surrender his passport and not speak with anyone at Wuhan University, Pekina University or the Chinese Academy of Science. The Feds also demanded that Lieber’s wife surrender her passport. Were the Feds worried that Lieber would escape to China? FUHGETABOUTIT! Lieber is no Edward Snowden. Lieber would never miss the next pumpkin contest in Rhode Island.

Why did the Feds wait 2 years before they busted Lieber for such a “serious crime”? During those two years Lieber probably made a million bucks off the Chinese. Something smells fishy in the swamp of the Deep State.

Dr. Lieber’s wife Jennifer posted a million dollar cash bond with the Clerk of the Massachusetts Federal Court two days after Lieber’s arraignment. I am trying to figure out if Jennifer had to pack a suitcase full of cash or whether the Clerk accepted a bank check. Dr. Lieber was placed on administrative leave by Harvard.

There is only one way for Dr. Lieber to save his soul and avoid jail altogether. Lieber has to cooperate with the Feds. Lieber needs to rat out Harvard! In China 2020 is the Year of the Rat. The rat represents fertility, wealth and plenty.

For God, For Country, For Skull & Bones, For Yale! For Crimson!

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6 thoughts on “World Renowned Jewish Harvard Professor Busted

  1. Thank you for your insightful reporting! Also, I can’t help but laugh at the irony of some of your blogs! You should be writing a book! You are the Ronan Farrow of Jewish reporting! Keep them coming Larry! Keep the country honest!

    1. I just read about it, I didn’t notice it before, the indictment was signed on June 9th, which I just posted.

    2. I think Professor Lieber may soon be teaching at the renowned Goat University of New Haven. The goat knows all the right connections and a branch of his prestigious yeshiva may soon open in China. Interesting to note that very few scientists have been convicted for selling secrets to other countries. Part of the reason is that few prosecutors and judges have enough scientific knowhow to say what is normal shari g of information and what us treason.
      The judges will not be able to rule on nanosciencd and let him cop a plea to paying late to the Irs.

  2. I know this thousand talents plan. It is designed to bring lots of overseas talent to Chinese universities. Most people who took up the offer are Chinese expats who have established careers in the west (I know a few) but it is open to westerners as well. However everyone I know under this program has moved to China full time. I don’t think it allowed part time or holding two jobs in two places. Either Leiber fudged the rules in both countries or the Chinese gave him some kind of exception given his standing.

    1. Lieber received what most refer to as jew privilege. Don’t confuse it with white goy privilege. Apples to oranges kid. Not even in the same ballpark.

      I also heard it was Lieber who did the hit on Pooh Bear for XI XING.

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