Yale Bashes Khan And His Attorneys

Yale Bashes Khan And His Attorneys

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The Yale Daily News has been bashing Norm Pattis and Saifullah Khan ever since the acquittal.  Norm is being accused of “victim-blaming.”  I watched Norm’s cross examination of victim Anita.  Norm didn’t get very far with her.  She was well prepared.  She didn’t flinch.  He didn’t bash her or blame her for anything.  During the trial the Yale Daily trashed Khan with an article that accused him of inappropriate conduct with students a year before Anita made her claim of rape.  No names were revealed in the article.  One of the jurors told me that he was very upset that Yale tried to influence the jury in the middle of the trial.

The Yale Daily has less journalistic integrity than the Larry Noodles blog.  At least when I trash Rabbi Greer the Goat I have solid evidence to support everything I say.  I either name names or use catchy alias nicknames like Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, Salty Balls, the Lounge Singer, Burt Reynolds, Dark Matter, the Librarian, the Undertaker, the Mathematician, the Most Honest Man in America, Otis, and Goat Copy.  The Yale Daily doesn’t do any catchy nicknames.

Norm’s cross examination was no different than any other cross examination in any other case.  The job of the lawyers is to try to rattle a witness on cross in civil cases, criminal cases and family cases. Its part of the adversarial process.  Jurors want to see how the witness handles the pressure in order to determine whether the witness is telling the truth or lying.

It is rare to see litigants in family court not cry during cross examination when testifying about their marriage, regardless of whether there was physical or emotional abuse.  Trials are emotionally charged.  The courtroom is not a safe space.  If you want a safe space you should enroll in Yale.  Yale kicked Yale lecturer Erika Christakis and her husband off campus because Erika questioned Yale’s policy of ordering students to only wear politically correct Halloween costumes.  One benign email authored by Erika almost caused a riot on campus.

The framers of the Constitution set up the American adversarial legal system, which has its roots in English common law, which is rooted in Church law, which is rooted in Biblical law from the Old Testament.  You can blame the Jews for the current court system.

There is no way to protect a witness from experiencing emotional pain during a trial in a court. The rules of evidence allow attorneys wide latitude when it comes to cross examination.  If Norm violated the rules Judge Fischer would have ordered him to stop talking.  Should thousands of years of common law be jettisoned into the trash heap?

Anita wept for three days on the witness stand.  When she wasn’t weeping she was shooting daggers at Khan.  Anita’s emotions vacillated between extreme hurt and extreme anger for three days.  I have tried many divorce cases.  I have watched litigants in divorce cases testify about years of emotional and physical abuse and cry their eyes out.  But I never seen a witness like Anita prolong her emotional agony for three days.  Most witnesses will compose themselves after a few hours on the witness stand.  They eventually settle in and calmly tell their stories in the dry courtroom. Anita’s testimony didn’t jibe with a traumatic event that happened almost three years prior, which she admittedly couldn’t remember.

The Yale Daily News quoted a talking head who said that Norm’s questions about Anita’s skimpy Halloween costume were “a misogynistic tactic that men habitually use to silence women who have experienced sexual violence by blaming them for their own assaults. The clothes women choose to wear are never invitations for assault.”  I spoke with the jurors.  The verdict was not based on a Halloween costume, or Norm’s reference to the Halloween costume.  The most important evidence was the testimony of the victim herself.  If the jurors believed the victim, they would have convicted Khan in a second.

The Yale Daily News reported:   “according to three law professors interviewed by the News, the state had strong evidence in its case against Khan, including footage in which he seemed to be propping up his accuser while her leg dragged behind her, evidence that she was denied reentry to the Yale Symphony Orchestra Halloween show because of inebriation, and bruises on her leg that she says appeared the following morning.”  These unnamed law professors never watched the trial.  They never saw the videotape.  The jurors told me that the videotape showed Anita laughing, with her eyes wide open, and not stumbling.  The law professors never spoke with the security guard who denied Anita reentry to Woolsey Hall.  This security guard was never identified and never showed up to trial.  These law professors never heard Anita testify that Khan held her down from the top part of her body and there were no bruises on the top of her body.  There was no evidence that Anita tried to scratch or punch Khan while he was allegedly raping her.

The Yale Daily reported that these three Yale law professors thought there was “strong evidence” to convict Khan.  The jury consisting of local New Haven residents was obviously not as smart as these three Yale law professors.  How many Yale law professors does it take to pontificate about a trial they didn’t attend?   Yalesplain.

Randall Beach of the New Haven Register interviewed Norm after the verdict.  Norm told Randall that he “had trouble sleeping the night after the verdict.”  Norm called State Prosecutor Michael Pepper, whom the jurors referred to as Mr. Magoo, and asked him to tell Anita that he felt terrible for her.  Norm said: “I asked him to say how sorry I was for the ordeal she went through at that trial. But it was my role to defend Mr. Khan and I’d do it all over again.”

Norm couldn’t sleep after the trial?  Norm obviously has never litigated in family court, where the clerks are always running out of tissue boxes for the litigants.   Norm is pathetic.  Someone should cut off his ponytail.

The Khan case is far from over.  Khan is going to be expelled by Yale.  This wasn’t just a battle between Saifullah Khan and the State of Connecticut.  This was a fight between two special interest groups.  Khan and Anita were being used the whole time.  Under Title IX of Federal law, a college can be held liable for failing to prevent sexual assaults on campus.  Yale took Anita’s side.  It was safer for Yale to side with Anita, as Yale could be sued by Anita.  If Yale sided with Khan, and Khan got convicted, Yale would get sued.  Khan had supporters, civil rights groups advocating for due process to the accused, such as Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE), and Connecticut For One Standard of Justice. I don’t think Khan knew about these organizations before he got arrested.  They probably sought him out to draw attention to their cause.

Many people from these civil rights organizations showed up during the trial to support Khan, most of whom were unpaid volunteers.  I met many of them during the trial.  They advocate a more fair and compassionate disciplinary system for young adults accused of sexual assault on campus.  A more rational, and compassionate criminal justice system instead of the punitive system we have today, ie., one strike and you’re out.  I should know.  I had a clean record and didn’t steal a dime from anyone.  Yet the Feds still wanted me to plead guilty to a felony and spend a couple of years in jail in order to make an example of me for other crooked attorneys.  My sentencing judge repeatedly made reference to my status as an attorney.  In not so many words she said I personified all crooked lawyers.  No accelerated rehabilitation for me.  No one bite at the apple.  One strike and your life is ruined.

Yale Law School graduate Rabbi Daniel Greer, a depraved child molester who maintained a school for children for 30 years, walked the streets of New Haven with impunity, and held his annual fundraising dinners at Yale University every year.  It took the Feds five years after the housing collapse to indict me.  It took the State of Connecticut three days to arrest Khan.  Yet it took the government 30 years to arrest the worst criminal in the history of New Haven, ie., the depraved Goat. The government still hasn’t indicted the big banks that caused the housing collapse of 2008.

Yale had a few guys on campus accused of sexual assault at the time of Khan’s arrest.  Yale could have thrown any one of them to the wolves at the States Attorney’s Office.  Why did Yale choose to sacrifice the Muslim foreigner named Khan rather than the White American captain of the basketball team, ie, Jack Montague, who was expelled from Yale for allegations of sexual misconduct.  Montague was never arrested. Montague brought a Federal lawsuit against Yale back in 2016 to try to get back in Yale.  That case is still pending.  Montague claims he was scapegoated because Yale was ranked high in undergraduate sexual assaults in a survey of 27 schools released in September 2015 by the Association of American Universities.  Khan may have been busted because Yale was taking flak for not getting Jack busted.  Khan was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Khan is the current scapegoat Yale needs to show to the world that it was doing something about sexual assault on campus.  This is why Yale threw Khan to the wolves.  The wolves didn’t get to feast on Khan at the criminal trial.  Khan is not going to jail.  Yale now wants to use Khan as an example in the school disciplinary arena, just as it used Montague.  Yale will never let Khan back in.  Yale has to show the world that it is serious about sexual assault.  The Ivory Tower will never turn into the Trump Tower.  Hillary Clinton, a graduate of Yale Law School, is speaking at this year’s Yale graduation in a few months.  Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat, who also graduated Yale Law School, will not be speaking at Yale this year.  The Goat will be foraging for food in his garage that he converted into a goat barn.

I am the first to excoriate a perpetrator of sexual assault. But it is better to let a hundred guilty man free than send an innocent man to jail.  There is no shortage of depraved sex offenders out there.  There are websites that traffic in child prostitutes.  If the government spent the proper time to build a case it wouldn’t need to prosecute weak cases.

There are plenty of examples of false accusations of rape.  Recently a student at Sacred Heart University made up false allegations of rape two football players whom she had consensual sex with in a bathroom.  The football players withdrew from college rather than face expulsion hearings and possible arrest.  One football player lost his scholarship.  Nikki Yovino stated that she made up the false allegations in order to try to win sympathy from a potential boyfriend.  One of the jurors in Khan’s trial told me that Yovino’s case was discussed during deliberations.  Nikki’s next court date is March 20th.  Nikki is charged with a felony and a misdemeanor.

I don’t know if Khan is guilty of rape, or whether Anita lied, or whether the there is an entirely different story.  It doesn’t matter.  Prison should be the institution of last resort in cases of clear guilt, reserved for the most dangerous members of society.

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  1. Good post the ongoing
    Yale investigation has only thier butt to cover and with all thier connections
    and money I’m afraid that they might prevail in tossing out Kahn to cover their Ivy Asses.

  2. Spoke to Cynthia Purcell Garrett (FACE) today For about 30 minutes she said Khan is very depressed. I truly feel sorry for both these kids, they didn’t deserve this. Still unanswered question who made the referral to the prosecutors office? How did this get so far up the chain? Question of interest if Mr. Khans Back wasn’t so against the wall with deportation, possible execution in this country and mandatory prison sentences in front of him, would Pattis have plea-bargained this kid out?

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