Yale Law Buddy Gerald F. Lerman EXPOSED As Goat Lover

Yale Law Buddy Gerald F. Lerman EXPOSED As Goat Lover

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Gerald F. Lerman, Vice President & General counsel of a major steel company located in South Bend, Indiana submitted a letter in support of Daniel Greer, a disgraced rabbi who is doing 20 years in jail for raping children. Nate Lerman started the family owned company called Steel Warehouse, Inc., in 1948 and turned it into a major company in the Midwest with over a thousand employees. Gerald is pictured above with other members of the Lerman family receiving an award from Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski. Gerald and Daniel Greer AKA “the Goat” went to Yale Law School together.

The Gerry wrote a three page single spaced letter to sentencing Judge Alander on his company’s letterhead. The Gerry wrote that he was a fellow classmate of the Goat at Yale Law School back in 1962. The Gerry said that after law school he “continued his contacts with Danny” and “found it remarkable that Danny would forego a lucrative and prestigious career path” in New York City in order to focus on the “welfare” of the New Haven community. Gerry Lerman is obviously more senile than Rabbi Albert Feldman of the Westville Shul who submitted a letter to Judge Alander in which Feldman stated: “After knowing Daniel Greer for better than a half-century, I can fully vouch for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s upright moral and ethical character and behavior in all situations.” The Gerry wrote something similar to Feldman when he wrote in his letter that the Goat had an “uncompromising dedication to principles.”

The Gerry wrote about how he stayed in close contact with the Goat when they lived on the Upper West Side, and even years later after the Goat moved to New Haven and the Gerry moved to South Bend Indiana. The Gerry wrote that he was involved in “our local school in South Bend” while the goat was “very heavily involved in the formation and operation of several Jewish parochial schools in New Haven.” The Goat operated a very small elementary school and a very small yeshiva, where he raped and molested teenage boys, such as Avi Hack, Eli Mirlis and others. Did the Gerry operate a sister school in Indiana where the rabbi raped teenage boys? The only Jewish schools in South Bend are the South Bend Hebrew High School, the Bais Yaacov High School and the Yeshiva Gedola of South Bend.

The Gerry wrote about how he “met with Greer and his wife and family a number of times in New Haven, the latest being at the 40th reunion of our class of 2005 when my wife and I were guests of the Greers in their home in New Haven.” It was in 2005 that the Goat was raping teenage yeshiva student Eli Mirlis while he also carried on a sexual relationship with Avi Hack at the same time. The Goat was a major stud. The Gerry didn’t mention anything about the Goat raping Avi and Eli.

The Gerry didn’t mention anything about the Goat’s criminal case in the entire letter. The Gerry spilled a lot of ink talking about how the Goat was the “leader” and “driving force” behind the “creation and maintenance of Yale’s kosher kitchen.” Kosher food is far more important than child rape. Gerry stated that the Goat’s “outstanding forensic skills were continuously on display in the kosher kitchen, in the daily vigorous debates about political issues of the day, both nationally and internationally. Many of those issues originated from Danny’s discussions with his roomate, Jerry Brown, former Governor of the State of California, with whom Danny is still friends to this day.” Fake news! The Goat himself, as well as his attorneys, never boasted to Judge Alander that the Goat was friends with Jerry Brown. The Gerry is the only one of the Goat’s supporters who mentioned that the Goat was best friends with Jerry Brown. If the Goat and Jerry Brown were such good friends why didn’t Jerry Brown submit a letter in support of the Goat? The Gerry is not very good at lying. The Gerry should have at least made his lies consistent with the Goat’s lies.

The Gerry droned on about how the Goat “joined a distinguished Wall Street law firm of Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett, a path at that time leading to partnership and great economic awards yet Danny showed that economic rewards were at the bottom of his list of priorities. Instead he became active in the Lindsay campaign, to pursue improvement in city government, eventually rising to the level of Deputy Commission of Ports and Tunnels, often having contact with Mayor Lindsay.” The Gerry continued, “Danny’s ambition was to have a positive impact and he felt that New Haven was a suitable place where he could make such an impact.” Gerry completely forgot to mention that the Goat spent a year or so in Israel running a hotel and getting his rabbinical ordination. The Gerry failed to mention that the Goat was kicked out of the Wall Street law firm, kicked out of the Lindsay Administration and kicked out of Israel. The only place that put up with the Goat, for 40 years no less, was New Haven, Connecticut.

The Gerry should have at least checked the Goat’s Wikipedia page. Gerry doesn’t look too smart, even for a Yale graduate. But then again Mordechai Biser also graduated from Yale Law School, and put up with 20 years of abuse by the Goat before he finally decided to leave New Haven. At least that’s what he told me.

The Gerry gushed about the virtues of the Goat. You would think that the Gerry and the Goat were devoted lovers from ancient Greece. The Gerry gushed: “Danny and his wife started an extremely successful elementary school, as well as 2 high school programs, one for girls and one for boys. While his wife was in charge of academics, acting as principal, it was Danny who engaged in endless conversations and persuasions, in order to recruit a team of talented people to help secure a permanent home for the schools and to raise the necessary funds to keep them going. It was Danny who recruited the services of Rabbi and Mrs. Emmanual Gettinger, to serve as senior teachers. Rabbi Gettinger, now deceased, was long known as one of the most articulate spokesman and in depth scholar of both biblical and Talmudic texts, during his lifetime.” Why can’t the Gerry let Rabbi Gettinger rest in peace? Rabbi Gettinger was recruited by the Goat because Young Israel of Manhattan was struggling and didn’t have enough money to pay the Gettingers. The Goat gladly paid the Gettingers to come to New Haven a few days a week to give the Goat credibility in the Jewish world and allow him to attract more students to rape.

The Gerry couldn’t stop singing the praises of his Goat hero: “Danny voluntarily, and without remuneration, undertook the fiscal responsibilities and maintenance of the schools, as well as being the spokesman of the schools for potential student recruiting. To my knowledge, very few Jewish parochial schools in this country achieved the academic levels of these New Haven schools, with their graduates matriculating at both top ranked colleges, including Ivy League schools, as well as highly regarded post high school Jewish educational institutions. I am personally acquainted with post high school institutions that his children attended, as well as other graduates of the schools that Danny and his wife pioneered and operated. During this time I discussed with Danny a variety of problems in operating the schools in my community in South Bend at both the administrative and academic level. Danny always had excellent suggestions and often quoted from his own experiences dealing with similar problems.” If you are from the South Bend, Indiana Jewish community, G-d help you for having to suffer with the Gerry living in your community. It could be worse, you could be stuck with Goat living in your community. The Goat currently resides in the Connecticut correctional institution in Cheshire. G-d help the poor souls who have to put up with him in Cheshire.

Once again, the Gerry lied to Judge Alander. The Gerry told the Judge, above, that the Goat worked at his schools “voluntarily, without remuneration.” This statement is completely false. I reviewed many years of the Goat’s non-profit tax returns. The Goat and his wife Sarah Greer earned a substantial salary, in the six figures, not the mention all the cash the Goat stashed away. The Goat and his Ewe are still hiding cash from the attorneys for Eli Mirlis who are trying to collect on their $20 million child rape verdict.

The Gerry stuck his neck out for the Goat for no reason. Judge Alander sentenced the Goat to 20 years. Judge Alander told the State marshals to put the Gerry’s letter in the courthouse washroom in case they ran out of toilet paper.

The Gerry concluded his Ode to the Goat: “Danny achieved great things by abandoning his potential legal career and instead turning his efforts to community matters, both in his Jewish community and the greater community of New Haven. While he did not become rich, many people in both of those communities richly benefited from all that he achieved and the effort that he made in making those communities succeed. Although Danny has reached an age of retirement, I believe he still has it within him to continue to be a contributor, because in my many conversations with him, he has continued to display his leadership skills and intellectual superiority, along with experience, that make him fit to be an enormously positive influence in his communities, in the same way that he was in the past.” The Gerry lied when he said that the Goat “did not become rich.” The Goat became very rich lying, cheating and stealing from the City of New Haven. The Goat’s non-profits were a sham. The Goat collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the City to plant and water trees. The Goat’s non-profits avoided paying taxes.

The Gerry used the words “intellectual superiority” in describing the Goat. The Gerry has completely lost his mind. The Gerry should set up an appointment with Dr. Jedidiah Siev and have his head examined. Dr. Siev also wrote a letter to Judge Alander. Dr. Siev wrote: “Greer is incredibly smart – rigid and unable to take others’ perspectives, but the raw intellectual horsepower is amazing. I certainly feared him. He is nothing if not domineering, aggressive, and mean. At times, very many times, I despised him. Greer harnessed fear, shame, and embarrassment to run his school and synagogue. He expertly and strategically mixed in pride and warmth so that one was both terrified to step out of line or disobey, and also eager to please. He was the puppeteer toying with the strings of students’ confidence and sense of self-worth. He humiliates people with the ease that others say good morning. Quite literally it is hard to fathom having the arrogance and disregard for others, both his objects of derision and bystanders, to demean others in public so comfortably. No passion or heat of the moment necessary…”

I wonder if the Gerry has even bothered to visit his Goat hero in prison. The Gerry is not a loyal fan if he didn’t worship his Goat idol in the visiting room in the Correctional institution in Cheshire.

“It is better that the Gerry is cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.


Patrick Baker Larry I am confused everyone knows that goat means greatest of all time so why is this pedophile referred to as the goat please explain

Lawrence S. Dressler He has goats in his garage and thinks he is the GOAT

Patrick Baker Are you serious Larry he literally has goats in his garage come on man

John Dahn

Lawrence S. Dressler 133 west park ave, new haven. You can hear the goats from the sidewalk. He also has some ducks and probably a few chickens. He has hay barrels in the garage. His wife may let you take a look she is nicer than him

  • Stephen Saslafsky Larry remember I told ya that the goat gave me a ride last year from stop at shop and the van had hay in the back were there was storage room. It smelled like a farm.

Lawrence S. Dressler The Goat smells alot like his goats

Stephen Saslafsky you’re right I could not get the smell off of me.

Joseph A. Orlow Urban farming is on the rise. I’m active in the movement. I like to call what I do suburban farming, since we’re not in any city proper.

If done right, the smell can be virtually eliminated. Goat does do not smell if kept clean. Bucks can smell. The biggest challenge is staying on top of cleaning out the waste.

There is little room for error. In suburbia you have neighbors all around. Basically, you have to strive for perfection.

The same thing is true, I think, for rooting out evil from the community. There has to be zero tolerance. That’s why letters of support for Daniel Greer are bothersome, it seems to me. It’s like, “Here is a man with major accomplishments and fine qualities.” Yes, that is worth noting. But major accomplishments and fine qualities don’t erase shortcomings and degenerate behavior.

I can raise well groomed goats that provide fresh milk, but if I stink up the whole block in the process, I’ve really done more harm than good.1

Lawrence S. Dressler The Goat does not milk his goats

  • Joseph A. Orlow I sure hope, then, that the goats were raised for some other legitimate goat use, such as a breed of meat goats raised for slaughter.

    And if not, I sure hope he didn’t keep them in order give his animals the same treatment he reserved for his students.

Jonathan Siegel Hi Larry. People are complicated. They are not all black or all of white. People can be abusive, even criminally abusive, and still have done good. Different people, depending on which aspects of them they’ve seen, can form very different impressions of them. And these impressions, despite their divergence, can be genuine.

  • Lawrence S. Dressler that may be true with most common folk but I expect more from Ivy League graduates with doctorate degrees.

Jonathan Siegel Hate to break it, but it’s just as true for people with fancy degrees.

Lawrence S. Dressler then the education for everyone experiment has been a complete failure. Close down the colleges

Joseph A. Orlow Many schools seem to have long ago succumbed to moral relativism and abandoned the concept that schools should teach students the value of being good people.

Science has its place; but so does art and emotion, empathy, sympathy, and just the simple act of facing reality.

The idea of evaluating something without investigating further has become somewhat of a game. And that’s what’s going on with some of these letters of support. People are implying they were unaware of the abuse. We don’t fault them for that.

But then they proceed to draw conclusions from their ignorance. That is where they trip up. Many schools seem to have long ago succumbed to moral relativism and abandoned the concept that schools should teach students the value of being good people.

Lawrence S. Dressler Today’s schools train students how to memorize facts and formulas and regurgitate them on high pressure tests. They do not teach logical reasoning, independent thought, creative thinking, analytical skills, not to mention morals or ethics. Gerry Lerman, who graduated Yale Law School, is the perfect example of the failure of the American college experience. They goyim know shut it down!

Joseph A. Orlow …and the reason for some of that is exactly what was alluded to above: “the education for everyone experiment has been…a failure.”

To teach students to think logically, to be able to analyze data, and to be independent and creative, and on top of that to be moral, requires teachers who can teach that material and students willing to learn it.

It would require first and foremost a society that values such an education. But we have a society that has other priorities, by and large.

I try to be that teacher who teaches students to think for themselves. Some in the community don’t like it. Ironically, I am accused of running something like a cult of lost people

I embrace that. We call it “The Cult of the Lost People.” But it is not a cult with mind control and thought police. It is just the opposite. I demand that everyone feel free to challenge everything I say or do. And where did I learn this approach? From the Torah! At the Pesach Seder we actually train the children from the youngest age to ask “What in the world is going on here?”


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For G-d, For Yale, For Country, For Yud Shevat, for Moshiach!

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  1. Of course you should have noticed that the late Rabbi Gettinger is connected to Lerman. Rabbi Gettinger junior was Rabbi of the Lerman family in South bend while papa taught in Goat College. Curiouser and curiouser. Allegations of impropriety were made against the administrator of yeshiva of South Bend. Goat’s victim E. M. waited till the revered rabbi died before launching his lawsuit.
    What else is going on here…..

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