Yale Readmits Saifullah Khan After Not Guilty Verdict

Yale Readmits Saifullah Khan After Not Guilty Verdict

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A couple of days ago, during the heat wave, I took a stroll along the ivy covered buildings of Yale University.  I stopped to give directions to Chinese tourists holding umbrellas when I happened to notice Saifullah Khan getting out of a taxi on Elm Street.  I witnessed the paparazzi ambush Khan with cameras. After taking the above photo I quickly came to Saif’s defense and beat the media whores with my goat stick in order to allow Saif to enter Trumbull College with his knapsack.

White college student Nikki Yovino was sentenced to one year in prison in Bridgeport, CT, for falsely accusing two Black football players of rape in order not to look like a slut to a White guy she was trying to date.  Nikki is a Jersey Shore bimbo from Long Island.  The two football players were thrown out of school, lost their scholarships, and had their futures completely derailed, if not ruined.

Fortunately for the football players the Bridgeport cops did a thorough investigation and got Nikki to admit that she made up the entire story.  She had consensual sex with the guys.  Nikki was arrested and charged with falsely reporting a crime.  In the Talmud Nikki would have been sentenced to the same amount of jail time that the football players would have received had they been convicted.  In Bridgeport Superior Court she only got a one year sentence by Judge William Holden, a Black judge, who went easy on her.

Unfortunately for Saifullah Khan, the Yale University Police Department did not do a thorough investigation.  The Yale cops pressured the New Haven cops to make an arrest.  Yale had suffered bad press due to a number of sexual assaults on campus. In six months in 2018 there were 124 reports of sexual molestation, harassment and assault by other students at Yale University.  Khan was arrested in 2014.  Khan was the only guy arrested for sexual assault since 2014 despite the fact that hundreds of sexual assault complaints have been filed with Yale University since 2014.

Yale had to show the public and the Board of Trustees that it was taking action.  Yale had to show the Federal government that it took Title IX seriously.  Khan was an easy target.  Khan is a Muslim from Afghanistan.  There are very few Muslims who live in the City of New Haven let alone the surrounding suburbs. Getting a Muslim on a jury panel drawn from New Haven County is next to impossible.

Yale resorted to all kinds of dirty tricks during Khan’s criminal trial.  Yale completely scrubbed the internet of the complainant’s identity.  I couldn’t find one posting about complainant Anita.  No Linked In profile.  No Facebook.  No Yale profile. Nothing.  It was as if Anita didn’t exist.  A few days after the not guilty verdict Anita’s name appeared everywhere.  I knew  where she lived and where she worked. I got to see numerous videos of her dirty dancing the night away on You Tube.

During the trial of Khan the Yale Daily News ran articles trashing Khan.  The jurors were instructed by the Judge not to read information about the case.  I spoke with one juror.  He told me that the jurors read the Yale trash pieces during the trial and concluded that Yale was trying to influence the deliberations.  He said the jurors could see right through Yale’s dirty tricks.

Yale should have been on trial, not Khan.  During trial it was revealed that Yale allowed the underage students to binge drink, puke and urinate in the streets, and engage in the crime of public drunkedness.  If a townie like myself got drunk and pissed and vomited in the Yale courtyards I would be locked up in the drunk tank for the night on Union Avenue.   Yale dispensed condoms to the drunk students when they hooked up after the parties.  Anita admittedly was completely wasted on the night of the alleged rape. Anita puked her brains out.  Anita’s best friend, who works for the Yale President’s Office, was also drunk that night.  She was taken away in a stretcher by ambulance.

Anita was trying to impress another student that night, a professional gamer and professional gambler named Richard Gaylor.  Gaylor wasn’t very successful at gaming or gambling, but Anita still wanted him.  After she spent the night with Khan she met with Gaylor the next day who helped her file the charges against Khan.  She even spent the night with Gaylor.  The romance never went anywhere.  Anita eventually discovered that Richard was a total loser.  She should have stayed with Khan.

Anita went to the Yale Police Department with her friends and reported Khan.  Yale immediately determined that Khan was guilty.  Yale then proceeded with their investigation.  Rape kit.  Social worker.  Nurse.  Police officers.  Yale called in the New Haven Police Department to seal Khan’s fate.  This was Yale University.  Nobody questioned Yale University. Khan was busted by the New Haven Police Department.  Yale kicked him out of school.  Guilty until proven innocent.

During trial the 23 year old young attractive Anita dressed in rags.  She wore no makeup.  She was pale.  She stared into space.  She looked like she was 40 years old.   She admitted she couldn’t remember exactly what happened on the night in question, which was three years earlier.  All she did was express contempt and anger towards Khan on the witness stand.  This went on for hours.  She never gave a straight answer to any of the questions, all she did was keep repeating, “He raped me.”  One of the jurors told me that she should be awarded the Oscar for her performance on the witness stand.  She wanted the jury to believe that she was raped the night before the trial.  It didn’t work.  Khan was found not guilty on all counts.

Khan is now waiting for Yale to convene a Title IX trial to determine whether he will be able to stay at Yale or get deported to Afghanistan.  In the meantime the Secretary of Education is drafting proposals to change the Title IX laws.  Title IX was enacted under Obama to force colleges to set up guidelines and procedures to prevent sexual harassment on campus.  The Feds can withhold monies to a college that doesn’t comply.  Title IX was not intended to give colleges a license to start busting juveniles.  Making an arrest should be the last resort.  These are just kids right out of high school.

The Secretary of Education just made proposals to make hearings conducted by colleges under Title IX more like criminal trials.  The new rules would allow the complainant and the accused the right to cross examine each other, present evidence and present contradictory testimony.  One of the basic rights of the Constitution is to confront your accuser.

The Trump haters are angry about the proposed changes to Title IX.   They would rather have Title IX continue as it is, which would allow liars and bimbos like Nikki Yovino the right to ruin the lives of fellow students.  Nikki made up her accusations in order to make another guy not think she was easy.  Anita made up her accusations against Khan in order to get a wedding ring from professional gamer and Yalie Richard Gaylor.

The most basic right in the Constitution is the right to confront your witnesses with cross examination.  This right is so basic to criminal law that it was used by the Roman Republic, and is a basic tenet in English common law.  Even Talmudic law guarantees the right to present contradictory witnesses.

The framers of the Constitution never heard of Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Daniel Greer, or Ed Zelinsky for that matter.  They never heard of the me too movement.  The framers guaranteed the right to confrontation based on logic, reason, fairness and common sense.  If Obama forgot to put the confrontation clause into Title IX, and Donald Trump just decided to put it in, what difference does it make that Obama is a Muslim terrorist and Trump is a neo-Nazi?

Trump haters argue that cross examining a rape victim will cause the victim to be re-traumatized, and discourage victims from coming forward.  The Confrontation Clause is so important to a fair trial that even child rape victims get cross examined, no matter how young.  The judge always has the power to step in and limit or modify cross examination in any way that he feels is appropriate. I have seen it done in child molestation cases.  The attorneys are told how to conduct the cross examination in such a way so that the victim is not re-traumatized.  In the Eli Mirlis case against Rabbi Greer the Goat, the victim was excused from attending most of the trial.

A big reason victims don’t come forward is because prosecutors don’t have the resources to take on every case.  These are he-said she-said cases, and tough to prove.  Prosecutors in big cities work with limited budgets.  They are lucky to have sufficient resources to investigate shootings and murder cases.

Trump haters are angry that the new Title IX proposal will make it not apply to off campus student apartments and off campus frat houses.  Frat houses are part of national organizations with lots of money.  Should they not police themselves?  Anyone living on campus or off campus can call the local police and make a complaint of sexual harassment or sexual molestation.  Should the Federal government force colleges to hire private police forces to patrol the streets and enforce Title IX?  They could hire gangs of tznius rabbis from Israel who patrol Haradi neighborhoods enforcing the laws of modesty.

The Trump haters are angry that the Justice Department is supporting the discrimination lawsuit filed against Harvard University by a group of Chinese students.  If Harvard and Yale are forced to accept the highest achievers without any quotas on Jews or Asians, the Ivy Leagues will have to make Mandarin the official language.  Jews will be happy with the new Chinese menus at all Ivy League campuses.   White Trump supporters will have to settle for second tier schools or community colleges.  Whites will be shut out from the big prestigious jobs in government, medicine, law and Wall Street.  I would think that the Trump haters would be happy with such an outcome.

Speaking of Trump haters, while Khan was unpacking at Trumbull College, Yale graduate and New Haven reporter Paul Bass was on vacation.  The New Haven Independent goes into hibernation while Paul Bass is hanging out with his fellow Communists on Martha’s Vineyard.  The last update on the Independent was about a week ago.  In the past week Daniel Greer the Goat wrote a $75K check to rape victim Mirlis.  This is HUGE news in the little town of New Haven.  While the Goat was writing Mirlis a check Paul Bass was stalking Alan Dershowitz on the Vineyard.   You would think that Paul would send me a postcard from the Vineyard.  Nothing!

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  2. He will need to be extra clean because La Kosher Nostra will be looking for any reason to bounce his muslim azz before Yom Kippy. The admin @ too big too fail Yale is almost as upset with this kid as the ziofakemedia is wit the Donald.

    Good Night and L’Chaim

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