Yale Student On Trial for Rape

Yale Student On Trial for Rape

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Evidence was presented before the jury today in the case of the State of Connecticut v. Saifullah Khan.  Khan is charged with sexual assault of a female student.  The rape occurred almost three years ago.  The victim testified today.  Larry Noodles was there, along with mainstream press reporters from the New York Times, the New Haven Register, and others.  Chris Peak from the Communist New Haven Independent was there.  I didn’t recognize any bloggers in the press box.  Nobody tried getting me thrown out of court with a bogus restraining order, as the Goat and his attorney William Ward tried with me in Federal court.

There is a Jewish angle to this story.  Khan and his victim met at a Jewish party before the alleged assault.  The attorneys, as well as the Judge, could not pronounce the name of the Jewish organization where they met.  The name of the organization is Shabtai, after donor Benny Shabtai.  If I donated enough money it would be renamed the Larry Lokshen Noodles Center.  The organization lists U.S. Senator Corey Booker as a founding member.   Booker is not a Jew, but a friend of the Jews, and a friend of the Clintons, but not a friend of the Donald.  The attorneys and the Judge, as well as the victim, called it either “the Jewish Center,” “the Mansion”, “the Jewish House” or “Saabtai.”  Nobody could pronounce Shabtai.  It was called the Mansion because the Shabtai building used to be a mansion owned by the Catholic Church. I wanted to interrupt the trial and explain to the goyim how to properly pronounce the word Shabtai, but decided against it.

The victim testified that over the course of the evening she drank two rum and cokes, two white wines, one glass of hard liquor that a rabbi at Shabtai poured for guests at the party.  She couldn’t remember the kind of liquor that was poured into her glass.  I don’t think it was Manischewitz. At that point she was too drunk to remember much of anything anyway.

The victim was out that night with her friends Tabetha, Asia, Richard, Josh and Kenny.  She eventually split up from her group and was escorted by the defendant to Woolsey Hall for the Halloween midnight concert performed by the Yale symphony.   She said she sat in the balcony and puked all over herself.  Then she went downstairs to the rotunda and puked on the floor.  She said a female security guard saw her puking and told her that she couldn’t go back into the show.  Khan walked her to her dorm located at Trumbull College.

The victim was choked up as she spoke.  She had her mouth practically on top of the microphone.  She referred to Mr. Khan as “the defendant,” much to the anger of Khan’s attorney Norm Pattis.  Norm stood up, shook his head, waved his arms and admonished Judge Fischer, right in front of the jury, and blurted out, “Judge, please, she can call him Mr. Khan, she doesn’t have to call him ‘the defendant.'”  Judge Fischer was not impressed.  Fischer told Norm to sit back down on his tuchos.  Norm is right wing nut job of an attorney.  He defends many criminals.  Most criminal defense attorneys are politically on the left, but Norm likes to rant from the right.  Norm is also 100% goy. Most attorneys are at least a quarter Jewish.  Most Yalies hire the great William Dow, the attorney hired by the Goat to defend him in his child rape case.  I don’t know why Khan hired Pattis. He probably couldn’t afford Willie the Dow.  Khan doesn’t have Goat money.

The victim was dressed in black slacks, a white and black print shirt over her pants, a long black jacket and black high heels.  The defendant was dressed in a dark suit and a blue tie.  The victim is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, while the defendant is over six feet.  The jury glanced at Khan frequently.  The jury consists of 4 white men, four white women, one black man and one black woman.  I couldn’t tell if there were any Jews in the jury pool.  There definitely were not any goats on the panel.

Khan stared at his accuser the entire time and took notes.  He looked relaxed considering he is on trial for his life.  The victim refused to look at Khan.  She stared into space.  She sniffled as she spoke, and wiped away her tears with a white hanky. She took deep breaths that could be heard over the mic.  She wore little to no makeup.  Attorney Pattis frequently interrupted the victim during her testimony with trivial objections.  He was trying to rattle her.  She wasn’t falling for it.  Sometimes lawyers can over do it and come across as obnoxious.  Jurors don’t like to see the lawyers bickering over nonsense.

After leaving Woosley Hall, Khan walked the victim back to her dorm room.  She leaned on him so she wouldn’t fall down.  Yale had security cameras with videos of them walking across campus.

The victim said that Khan opened her dorm room and barged into her room.  They sat on the couch.  The victim said she threw up on herself and on Khan.  She said Khan went to kitchen to clean off her vomit.  She said she passed out.  She woke up at 1 AM and found Khan standing naked next to her bed.  She said that during the night she remembered Khan on top her, forcing himself into her during the night.  She said she told him to stop, but she was too drunk to fight him off.  She said he pinned her down and put pressure on her inner knee.  She said she couldn’t move with him on top of her.  She said she passed out.  She woke up at 5 AM and saw condom wrappers on the floor.  She said she was naked, and doesn’t remember taking her clothing off.  She said she usually sleeps in her pajamas.  She said she noticed bruises on her legs.

When she woke up at 5 AM she saw Khan laying on the couch sleeping.  She woke him up.  She said she was angry with him and told him that she suspects that he raped her.  He told her he did not rape her, that it was consensual.  Khan told her that they were talking all night and she was sober because she puked out all the alcohol from her stomach.  He also told her not to talk to her friends Joella or Tabitha about what happened.  He insisted on having breakfast with her.  She said she agreed, in order to get him to leave the dorm.  He left.

After Khan left the dorm they exchanged the following text messages in the morning:

Khan:   Good morning

Victim:  lol

Khan:  emoticon of winking face

Victim:  get some sleep

Khan:   Lets have breakfast

7:54 AM    Victim:   Yeah, yeah will do.  Did you use protection?

9:54 AM    Victim:  If you can reply to my last text that would be great

10:36 AM  Khan:  I did use protection

Khan:  Lets grab a quick bite

Victim:   You are a piece of shit

Khan:   I apologize for making you feel that way. Is there anything I can do to help

The victim refused to respond to Khan after that last message.  She testified that she felt any response to him would have made him think she absolved him of responsibility.

By this time it was 5 PM.  Court union employees had to punch out.  The judge told everyone to get out of his courtroom.

Judge Brian Fischer would not allow State’s Attorney Michael Pepper to present an exchange of text messages that was made on the victims cell phone when said phone was allegedly in the exclusive control of Khan.  The victim said she gave Khan her cell phone at midnight at Woolsey Hall, and didn’t get it back until five the next morning.  She said her friends sent her text messages asking her to meet them at the orchestra after the concert.  She said Khan sent messages back to her friends saying “I’m good, thanks.”   The victim testified that “although I have a Yale degree I am ignorant of what it means to meet at the orchestra.  I thought it meant meet on the stage. I didn’t realize it meant to meet on the first floor. I would not have responded in that way.”  Judge Fischer ruled that it was too speculative to conclude that Khan sent out the text messages.

Khan was very happy with Judge Fischer’s ruling.  He smiled and turned around and looked at a few supporters he had in the back of the courtroom. I sat next to his supporters.  Khan kept looking at me.  He was probably wondering who I was.  Everyone else in the courtroom knew me, the judge, the attorneys, prosecutors, the marshals, and the court clerks.  Judge Fischer was the judge who ordered the suspension of my law license after I got busted by the Feds.  Everyone recognized Larry Noodles except for Khan.  This Khan guy must have been living living under a rock all these years.

The victim will be cross examined tomorrow.

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