Yale Suspends Tiger Mom’s Hubby Jed Rubenfeld

Yale Suspends Tiger Mom’s Hubby Jed Rubenfeld

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Yale Law Professor Jed Rubenfeld and his wife Yale Law Professor Amy Chua AKA “the Tiger mom” have been Yale Law School’s power couple for the last 30 years. Jed Rubenfeld was just suspended from Yale Law School for two years because Yale Law students accused him of sexual harassment. When he returns to Yale he will be on probation. Jed will have to practice social distancing with female students.

Jed was accused of sexually harassing female students for the last 30 years. Why didn’t Yale Law School fire Jed Rubenfeld? Is 30 years of sexual harassment not enough to get a guy fired? If Jed Rubenfeld drove the Yale shuttle bus he would be in the unemployment line after the first complaint and arrested. If Jed was a Black bus driver who groped young female Yale passengers he would be shot.

The reason Jed was not kicked out of Yale was because he was protected by the Tiger Mom. Yale loves the Tiger Mom. The Tiger Mom is the poster child for the American meritocracy entitlement society that protects the wealth of Tiger babies who were tutored, tortured and groomed by their Tiger parents to score high on standardized tests. Yale and Harvard are pipelines to the most lucrative jobs in medicine, law and Wall Street. Mitt Romney once said that the “danger that this nation faces is from the encroachment of the Entitlement Society, in a few years we will have created a society that contains a sizable contingent of long-term jobless, dependent on government benefits for survival. Government dependency can only foster passivity and sloth.” Yale and Harvard Law School graduates are overpaid sloths dependent on Federal tax dollars. Most of these sloths work in over paid jobs in the Federal government, such as the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice only hires Ivy League graduates, who get appointed to the Federal Bench, which is top heavy with Ivy League graduates. Federal judges earn a quarter of a million dollars a year, a dream job for Yale graduates, the perfect combination of high pay and prestige. The second best sloth dream job for a Yale Law graduate is law professor. Yale law professors earn $200K a year in salary plus whatever money they can hustle on the side as “consultants.” Law professors teach the same subjects year after year, which they could do in their sleep. Law professors are expected to publish articles on esoteric areas of the law in law journals that nobody reads. Let the good times roll!

The Yale Law School website describes their star law professor Tiger Mom in the following way: “Professor Chua has appeared on Good Morning AmericaThe Today ShowThe Colbert ReportCharlie Rose, and Real Time with Bill Maher. She has addressed numerous government and policymaking institutions, including the Brookings Institution, the CIA, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. Professor Chua was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, one of the Atlantic Monthly‘s Brave Thinkers, and one of Foreign Policy‘s Global Thinkers. She also received the Yale Law School’s ‘Best Teaching’ award.” Give me a break! How much did the CIA pay the Tiger Mom to speak? What could the CIA possibly learn from the Tiger Mom anyway? Entitlement society for the one percent! Your tax dollars at work.

Star celebrity law professors always end up at Harvard, not Yale. Celebrity sloths would rather live in tony Cambridge than grimy New Haven. Harvard Law sloth Alan Dershowitz would never live in New Haven. Dershowitz got the boot from Harvard Law just before his connections to pedophile Jeffery Epstein were exposed. Yale gets stuck with the lesser known sloths like the Tiger Mom and Jed Rubenfeld.

After the Kavanaugh hearings it was reported that the Tiger mom referred the most attractive female Yale Law School graduates to prestigious law clerkships with Federal judges.  These clerkships are the ticket to top paying law firms.  The Tiger mom told Yale law students that Kavanaugh preferred clerks who looked like models.  The Tiger mom got her own daughter Sophia a clerkship with Kavanaugh. The Tiger mom pimped out her own daughter! Sophia just got engaged to a guy named Tim. Mazel Tov! It will be a Chinese-Jewish-Irish wedding. I hope I get invited.

Yale Law students reported to a few media outlets that Rubenfeld was a well known sexual predator. I was told several years ago by Yale Law students that the Tiger Mom was also hooking up with young students. I was told that the Tiger Mom and her Tiger hubby had “reputations” for sexual deviancy but I was unable to get the details. Last year the Tiger mom disappeared from the Yale campus, right after the Kavanaugh hearings. She took a leave of absence for health reasons. The details were kept secret. Was the Tiger mom on top secret double probation? Were complaints made, spurred by revelations that the Tiger mom pimped out students to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, that the Tiger mom victimized law students with her tiger claws? Did the Tiger mom get her tiger claws into the pants of Yale President Salovey, who protected the Tiger mom and her Tiger husband from termination?

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