Yale Woman Trashed Jewish Man Who Ran For Congress

Yale Woman Trashed Jewish Man Who Ran For Congress

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Democrat Elizabeth Etsy was elected to Congress in the 5th District back in 2012.   She is part of the old money WASP Establishment.  These WASPs made their money the old fashioned way, they inherited it.

The Etsys are active in liberal causes.  It makes them feel not so guilty about the large sums of money they inherited. They advocate for the poor but would never invite the common folk over for dinner. They like to drink Scotch and admire paintings of dogs and horses hanging on their walls.  Only a drunk WASP is able to appreciate a painting of a horse.  WASPs don’t like to spend money unless they are writing checks to their exclusive country club and yacht club where they don’t feel threatened by Blacks, Jews or Catholics.

Etsy graduated from Harvard University and Yale Law School.  Her husband Daniel Esty is also a proud Ivy League liberal.  Danny is a professor at Yale Law School.  Danny’s mother graduated from Smith College in 1956.  Danny’s mother Katherine gave an interview about her experiences at Smith in the 1950s.  This is what she had to say about the Jews:

“I would soon fall into a group of ten people that were kind of friends. Our house had like half Jewish kids and half non, and they were two cliques. They didn’t mix, and I was a liberal so I tried very hard to get them together, I felt it was awful and that there were two groups and they didn’t mix, and it was one of my failures that I wasn’t able to do it.  The college in those days put Jews with Jews and I was mad that some in my group were anti-Semitic. I think it was an undercurrent and I was the flaming liberal that was trying to save the world.”

My advice to Katherine:  1.  Don’t try to save the world, its a waste of time.  2. Leave the Jews alone, they are not allowed to intermarry with the goyim.

Katherine loved Jews so much that she decided to become a psychologist.  She currently lives in the Jewish State of Massachusetts.  She is the token goy at all the Massachusetts Psychological Association meetings.  She is the only psychologist who orders the ham and cheese sandwiches.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Etsy was a lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Washington, D.C., and a professor at American University. She is a member of the Cheshire Public Library Board, a Legal Advisor to the Conn League of Women Voters, the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees for the First Congregational Church of Cheshire, and a member of the Committee on Ministry New Haven Association of the United Church of Christ.

Elizabeth Etsy is a devout Christian woman of high moral values representative of her long line of blue blood ancestors hailing back to the Church of England, “a religious guidepost, superfluative in every way.”  This is how Avi Hack referred to Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat.  Avi Hack would be impressed with Elizabeth Esty.  Had Avi met Elizabeth before he met the Goat, Avi would have had a normal heterosexual relationship with a woman, rather than a homosexual relationship with a farm animal who started to sodomize him when he was 16.

Democrat Elizabeth Etsy narrowly beat Jewish Republican Mark Greenberg for Congress back in 2014.  Just before the election Etsy released a 99 page “personal attack playbook” against Mark Greenberg, in which the Democrats attacked Mark’s “family and religion.”  Etsy implied that Greenberg was a “shady” Jewish slumlord.

Elizabeth Etsy recently announced that she would not run for re-election in the 5th Congressional District. Etsy was forced to bow out after it was revealed that she was a total fraud.  Etsy is morally bankrupt.  Etsy joins the long list of morally bankrupt individuals who have made it to the front pages of the Larry Noodles blog:  Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Rabbi Notis, the Goat, Goat-Copy, Mayor Harp, Mayor DiStefano, Ed Zelinsky, and Harvey Weinstein.

The reason Etsy dropped out of the race is because of her chief of staff Tony Baker.  Tony Baker sent threatening voicemails to Anna Kain, an Etsy staff worker.  Baker told Kain on the voice mail: “You better f—–g reply to me or I will f—–g kill you,”  Kain contacted the police and got a restraining order against Baker.  Kain told Etsy about the voice mail and also told Etsy that Baker punched, berated, and sexually harassed her.  It took Etsy three months before she forced Baker to resign.  Etsy wrote a glowing letter of recommendation that Baker used to get a job with Sandy Hook Promise, a gun control group. Baker was subsequently fired after the gun control group learned about his violent tendencies.

It turned out that Etsy was not a moral beacon for guys like Avi Hack.  Etsy brought shame, disgrace and humiliation to the #metoo movement, the Blue Blood Establishment, Liberal Episcopalians, Yale, Harvard, Skull and Bones, Paul Bass and Mayor Toni Harp.  The only person who still respects Etsy is the Goat, and he isn’t even human, he is a barnyard animal.

Etsy is officially out of the race for Congress.  The Democrats had a convention and decided to anoint Mary Glassman as their new candidate.

Mary Glassman is a born again Jewess.  Mary is the child of Italians Frances and Angelo Messina.  Mary graduated top of her class at St Thomas Aquinas High School.  Mary was a good Catholic.  She went to the confessional box three times a day.

After St. Thomas Mary graduated from UCONN Law School.  During law school Mary met her future husband, a Jew named Andrew Glassman.  Glassman is an attorney and partner at the well connected law firm Pullman & Comley.  Andrew Glassman represents powerful businesses and corporations.  Glassman doesn’t represent criminals who have been charged with Federal crimes, such as Larry Noodles or Moshe Butler.

Andrew Glassman graduated top in his class in Hebrew School and knows every letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  Andrew generously donates to the Jewish Federation, proudly supports the Jewish State of Israel, and avoids eye contact with shvartzas and Arabs when he strolls in downtown Hartford outside of his law office.

After Mary Glassman married her Jewish husband she discovered that her maternal grandmother was Mary Berkowitz, a Jewess.  According to Jewish law, Mary Messina Glassman is a full blooded Jew.  Mary is no less a Jew than the Satmar Rebbe.   Mary rediscovered her long dormant Jewish roots after she got married.  Mary’s husband forced her to join the Temple and take Hebrew lessons with Rabbi Herman.  Mary lights the Shabbos candles, spins the dreidel and davens three times a day.

This top graduate at St Thomas Aquinas High School is what is known in the Jewish religion as a “Pintele Yid.”   A Pintele Yid is a long lost Jew who rediscovered the spark of Judaism deep within her soul. No different than if Mary was kidnapped as a infant by the goyim, ie., a tinok shenishba (תינוק שנשבה), a Jew who was raised without knowing the practices of Judaism.  Once Mary realized she was a Jew she quickly mobilized and started to sing Chanukah songs with enthusiasm and fervor.

I looked into Mary’s soul in one of her pictures on the internet and I did not see a Pintele Yid or tinok shenishba.  I believe that Mary is a reverse marrano, ie., she was forced to convert to Judaism under pressure by her husband.  In public Mary practices the Jewish religion but privately she worships Jesus in her basement.  Mary hides a Christmas tree in her garage.  Mary sneaks into the confessional box and laments why she didn’t marry an Irish or Italian guy thirty years ago.  Living with a neurotic Jewish attorney is too much for her to handle.  Her husband spends all his time at work, and whatever free time he has he spends with his mother.  Plus Mary can’t stand the sight of a cow’s tongue on her dinner plate.

Mary the Marrano is raising her kids to be proud Jews at the Farmington Valley Jewish Center.  The kids had bar mitzvahs and went to Israel on Birthright.  I anticipate big donations to her campaign from Israeli lobbyists, the Zionist Organization of America, the Jewish Federation, Donald Trump, the KGB, and Hassan Nemazee, whom I was locked up with in Otisville Federal prison.

Hassan was a Harvard grad and probably supported fellow Harvard grad reprobate Elizabeth Etsy.  Hassan was active in politics and was close with the Clintons.  Hassan donated millions to the Democrats.  Hassan also stole millions from Citibank, the exact number is $250 million.  Hassan will be getting out of prison in February of 2020 after serving about 10 years.  Hassan was recently transferred to Cumberland prison in Maryland so he could be closer to the Democratic politicians in DC.  I assume Hassan is getting many visitors from Congress.

The infamous lobbyist, and rat, Jack Abramoff was also locked up in Cumberland for a couple of years.  The first to drop the dime gets the least time, and Jack is probably still dropping the dime.  He got VIP treatment in Cumberland.

I don’t expect Mary to associate with guys like Jack Abramoff or Hassan Nemazee, but if she needs an introduction to these guys, I can look into making the shidduch, and collecting a shidduch fee.  Times are tough, blogging is not as lucrative as you would think.

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  1. From a fellow Jew: Mark Greenberg is a horrible slumlord and an embarrassment to our people. I live in one of his crumbling buildings, and the systematic elder-abuse that goes on here is appaling. I am a younger man who advocates for his elderly victims while he tries to drive them from their lifelong homes to flip them at market rate.

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