Yeshiva of New Haven Cooks the Books

Yeshiva of New Haven Cooks the Books


In 2013 the Yeshiva of New Haven reported about a half a million dollars in total revenue.  Half of this revenue came from the old goat’s other non-profit Yedidei Hagan.  And Yeidei Hagan raked in half of it’s revenue from the old goat’s other non-profits.

The business model for the old goat is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  The old goat transfers money from one operation into another for no good reason, other than to inflate the value of the non-profit.  In order to better market himself, the old goat showed potential donors that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But he failed to disclose that the money was just being recycled, and spun around like it was in a washing machine.

The old goat’s wife, Sarah Greer, is named secretary of the Yeshiva of New Haven, with a salary of $61,350.00 per year.  The old goat is President.  Rabbi Gettinger, deceased, is Vice President.  Harold Hack is listed as a Director.  Prominent Rabbi J. David Bleich is also listed as a Director.  How in the world did Greer get Rabbi Bleich involved in this sleezy operation?  Does Bleich even know that his name is listed as a Director?

Harold Hack has long abandoned the old goat.  Why he stayed until the very end still remains a mystery.  He was the old goat’s biggest defender.  The old goat could do no wrong.  Another big mystery, especially when his son Avi had an intimate relationship with the old goat for many years.  How could Hack Sr. be completely clueless for all those years?  I guess what goes on in the compound stays in the compound.  Until now.

Hack Sr.’s good friend Mark Roffman still supports the old goat.  I wonder if Hack Sr. and Roffman are still friends.  Would you stay friends with someone who defends the man who raped your own son?   Quick Draw Darcy McGraw, who is also close with the old goat, told me that Hack Sr. and his wife were inviting her over for Sabbath meals, even though Hack Sr. knew she was close with the old goat.  Why would Hack Sr. have anything to do with anybody associated with the old goat?  Unless Quick Draw McGraw lied to me.

I would like to know more about this odd relationship between Quick Draw McGraw, her husband Mr. Robot and Hack Sr., but I stopped speaking to Quick Draw McGraw after she threatened to rat me out to the Feds.  She didn’t tell me what crime I had committed, but she likes to give off the impression that she is a powerful person in the legal community.

Quick Draw McGraw is close to the old goat, a egomaniac of a tyrant obsessed with power.  Yet her job is to defend the rights of powerless men who were unjustly convicted of a crime and serving long jail sentences.  She is the head of the Connecticut Innocence Project, an arm of the Public Defenders Office.  She defends the oppressed and yet at the same time defends the oppressive old goat, who should be locked up.  At this point she knows Greer is guilty, unlike her clients.  Greer pleaded the 5th when asked if he had sexual relations with young boys.  Yet she continues to wrap her arms around this disgusting degenerate of a man.

The Yeshiva of New Haven tax returns indicate that almost $300K was paid for employee salaries and benefits.  This was a school that consisted of a maximum of 5 young boys.  If you include the elementary school you have another 15 children, most of whom were either Greers, Hacks or Gracks (offspring of the Greer-Hack union).

The teaching staff consisted of a few $10 per hour part time secular teachers, Avi Hack, the old goat, Sarah Greer, and Rabbi Muroff.  Plus the old goat had a part time cook.  Jewish day school teachers are woefully underpaid.  If the old goat paid all the teachers and the cook $100K a year, that would be a lot in compensation.  The $200K that remained must have went to the old goat, his wife and principal Avi Hack.  One big incestuous unhappy dysfunctional family.

Hack was also providing personal services to the old goat as the goat’s personal male prostitute. What could be more degrading and humiliating than to pimp yourself out to a goat?  And these people were not even confined to prison.

The old goat reported that his annual fundraiser, the Gathering, raked in $52,292.00 in donations, with only about $4K in expenses.  Not bad for an evening spent watching the old goat get drunk and talk politics.  In the goat’s mind anyone to the left of Attila the Hun was a bleeding heart liberal.

The old goat reported that 765 Elm Street, the giant old schoolhouse building known as the Nightmare on Elm Street, is worth $441K.  The City of New Haven valued the building at $2.7 million.  From the tax returns it doesn’t appear that the old goat paid a dime in taxes on the building.

The old goat reported that he took in about $60K in tuition from students who enrolled in the Nightmare on Elm Street.  At any given time the old goat probably had about 5 or 6 students who were not Greers, Hacks or Gracks.  Students who actually paid tuition.  $60K sounds accurate for that many students.  $60K for the privilege of getting molested by an ornery goat.

The old goat reported that he spent about $80K a year for utility bills in the Nightmare on Elm Street building.  That comes out to $7K a month in gas and electric bills.  That makes no sense.  The building was always ice cold.  Guys wore down jackets in the synagogue in the winter during prayers.  The old goat was always turning off the lights.  It was impossible to find your way out of there at night.

The old goat reported that he spent almost $50K on school supplies and food for the students.  Most of the students were either Greer, Hack and Grack grandchildren.  The Greer, Hack and Grack grandchildren didn’t pay a dime in tuition yet they got to eat almost $25K in food and use almost $25K in school supplies.

How does one spend so much money on school supplies?  The old goat had outdated textbooks that he used year after year.  The only new supplies he purchased were coloring books for the preschoolers.  You can’t recycle a coloring book.  But I could easily imagine the old goat erasing the coloring books so that they could be used over and over again.





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